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Conspiracy for the guy to call

Surely every or almost every girl at least once had a chance to end up in such a sad situation: the guy invited for a date, you met, and everything seemed to be wonderful, and he liked you. At the end he took the phone and. gone

He does not call, does not write, does not send SMS, and generally doesn’t show that he remembers you. And you liked him and you want him to call again and offer to meet, but you don’t want to call him out of pride or because you are afraid that he will not understand, or just awkward.

What to do in this situation? Girlfriends and smart books will advise you to forget it, to tune up a “random” meeting and much more. But there is another way — ancient and strong — to resort to the help of love magic.

Using a plot to get a guy to call, you can open your way to happiness. This plot does not guarantee his infinite and infinite love and your eternal family happiness. But he will make the guy finally think about you and dial your number, strengthen his desire to meet with you again.

And then — all in your hands!

Conspiracy for the guy to call

Rituals designed to make the guy rang are very simple in execution. They all belong to the white magic, therefore, it is unlikely, can harm.

Such effects do not make a person fall in love and do not change the structure of his energy field. But, nevertheless, it should be remembered that it is impossible to experiment with magic and it is necessary to carry out a conspiracy to call a guy only in the case when you really like a person very much and you are trying to improve relations with him.

The conspiracy to the guy rang, can be carried out as follows. Take a photo of a guy and a piece of paper on which write your phone number.

Put this sheet on the photo with the inscription down so that the phone number is opposite the guy’s head.

Then speak three times the spell:

Leave the photo and paper in this position all night. In the morning, remove the sheet with the phone number from the photo and set it on fire.

When it burns, open the window and develop the ashes. If you did the ritual correctly and with great desire, you will soon have to wait for the call.

If you don’t have a photo of the guy you want, you can use another plot to get the guy to call. It is convenient for its simplicity, as it can be pronounced, at any time of the day and in any place.

To get the guy to call, you need to say:

Very often in life there is a situation when a guy and a girl met and exchanged phone numbers. At the same time, it seems that mutual sympathy for each other arose, but the guy no longer calls and does not make an appointment.

In this case, you can remind your chosen one about yourself by conducting the next magical rite.

In the ritual you will need to use any thing that the guy touched. If there is no such thing, then on a white sheet of paper you should write the mobile number of the chosen one.

Then you should take a thing or a sheet with a phone number and in the smallest details remember your meeting with a guy.

After this, nine times you need to say these magic words:

Words need to be pronounced, filling them with emotions as much as possible. This plot is very strong, if everything was done correctly.

A phone call will follow shortly and you need to use this to make a relationship with the guy you like.

There is a rite that will be effective if you have had at least one contact on the phone. You need to take your own phone and remember the voice of a loved one, as well as the entire last conversation with him.

As soon as this can be done, you should say the following magic words:

Such a conspiracy must be read several times, and each time it is necessary to put maximum emotions into it.

Conspiracy for the guy to call

There is a very simple rite that allows you to make a guy think about himself.

The plot sounds like this:

Making the guy think about yourself is possible with another plot. Magic words will sound like this:

After any conspiracy on a phone call, you need to sit in silence for some time and dream about your loved one.

Unlike other conspiracies and love spells, which form a «painful» strong painful affection, a conspiracy for the guy to call, achieves only one simple goal — to make him call and invite him for a date. Therefore, such a conspiracy is easy enough for both the “victim” and the magician and does not impose as much responsibility as other conspiracies.

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