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Conspiracy for melancholy and love

A conspiracy for longing is intended to instill from the heart of an interesting person a strong longing for you, which will torment him until he connects with you and does not satisfy his longing with your love. This is a magical tool, as strong as it is dangerous. After all, you condemn him to great mental suffering, and if you do not love him and do not want to be with him, it can end very badly.

However, if you are absolutely confident in your feelings and are desperate to achieve reciprocity from your beloved, a conspiracy for depression is exactly what you need.

Conspiracy for melancholy and love

Plots of longing differ in the way they are held, they are short-term and of longer duration.

It is best to use this magic tool at the beginning of a relationship. Moreover, the advantage must be given to ceremonies that retain their effect for a short time. Such effects belong to white magic and can not harm either the victim or the performer.

In addition, such ceremonies can help reconcile after a quarrel or separation from your loved one.

There are also other conspiracies for melancholy. With their help, you can get rid of unrequited love.

There is an old Russian conspiracy for melancholy, which must be pronounced in the evening, leaving your home.

Becoming on the threshold say:

After that, go on a journey and fulfill what they said. Find the window of your loved one and look into it, trying to mentally send there your magic “parcel”.

Conspiracy for melancholy and love

If you are in love, but you feel that the feelings of your chosen one have cooled a little towards you, then with the help of magic you can awaken in him longing and make him think about you constantly. For the time being he will postpone meetings with his friends and will pay less attention to the work.

Communicating with you will give him great pleasure, since only with you he will feel completely happy.

For the ceremony will need:

  • A sheet of white paper;
  • A pen;
  • Church candle.

The ritual should be performed on a full moon or during a rising moon. At midnight, you need to retire in a separate room, and light a candle on the table.

Next on a piece of paper you need to write the name of your lover.

After such preparatory actions, you should sit for at least ten minutes in absolute silence and think about your beloved one. You can remember all the happy moments spent together. The main thing is not to release your image from memory for a minute.

After the specified time has elapsed, it is necessary to burn a prepared piece of paper in the candle flame.

While it is burning, you need to say these magic words:

The magic words are spoken three times, and the ashes must be collected on the palm and thrown into the open window with the words:

The candle should burn out naturally, forcibly extinguish it is impossible. Wax is also not recommended to throw away, it must be collected and hidden in a secluded place.

The rite is very strong and changes in relationships will become noticeable in a few days. But you have to behave in a natural way.

In order to push the man to the relationship, you can use the rite, which involves the use of water. A prerequisite for the impact of impact is a personal acquaintance with his chosen one.

In addition, it should be understood that if a guy sympathizes with you, the ceremony will be successful. But if your chosen one dislikes you, it may even increase after the ceremony.

Ideally, holy water and a silver spoon should be used for the ceremony. But it is quite possible to replace such attributes with a spoon from any light metal and spring water or water from a well.

At midnight in a separate room should light a candle or candles. In this ceremony, the appearance of candles and their number does not matter.

Prepared water should be poured into a glass of clear glass and put a spoon in it.

After that, you need to speak these words three times, necessarily from memory and without hesitation:

After reading the plot, a glass of water must be left undisturbed overnight. If the moon shines in the sky, then it is good to put an attribute under the moonlight.

Immediately after the ceremony, you should go to bed, preferably not to talk to anyone this evening, and you should fall asleep with thoughts of your beloved.

At dawn, the spoon must be hidden in a secluded place where it will never be seen by anyone, and water should be thrown out in a place where the beloved crossed it.

Conspiracy for melancholy and love

However, there are other conspiracies for melancholy. The purpose of such conspiracies is the opposite — to save your heart from the fruitless longing for a man who does not deserve your love.

To carry out such a conspiracy, you need to pour water into a carafe and, looking at it, say:

Wrap this carafe with a towel so that water is not visible, and hide it in a secluded place for the time being.

Take out this decanter during some kind of celebration when many guests gather. When handing out drinks and meals to your guests, quietly pour this water into them. The more people share the conspiracy, the better.

Thus, your melancholy in small doses will be divided into many hearts that will not even feel it. And your heart will be rid of longing.

Before applying any conspiracy to longing, unless it is aimed at getting rid of it, you should weigh the pros and cons. To conduct such ceremonies is necessary only if you really sincerely love a person.

It should be understood that such effects can bring great mental suffering to the person. Therefore, do not forget that you still need to try to solve your love problems in everyday ways, so you do not regret your act.

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