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Conspiracy against thieves — protection against theft

Theft is a fairly common crime in the modern world. Therefore, many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to defend against thieves with the help of magic.

And is it really possible to reliably protect your property using conspiracy against thieves?

Conspiracy against thieves - protection against theft

Any conspiracy from thieves is a special magic formula that rearranges the energy field around you and prevents possible theft.

The entire line of data conspiracy is quite simple to conduct, so the rites are easily performed independently. Due to the huge variety of rites, you can choose the ritual of the desired direction.

For example, you can talk the door of thieves or make a universal amulet of theft.

To protect your own house from thieves? it is necessary every time, leaving the house, to pronounce special magic words.

So, holding the doorknob you need to say three times:

In order to scare off thieves who still get into the house, you should put an empty glass and a salt shaker on the table before leaving the house.

After that you should say:

It is believed that after such a conspiracy, even if the thief sneaks into the house, someone or something will surely frighten him away.

Conspiracy against thieves - protection against theft

If you plan to leave your home for a long time, for example, on vacation, then you definitely need to perform a rite against theft.

During the ritual you will need to use the knife that you most often use. You need to sharpen it beforehand.

In the process of sharpening, you need to repeat these magic words:

The plotted knife must be stuck in the hallway, so that its blade is directed toward the front door.

If you have really valuable things in your house or you keep a lot of money at home, you should put up a reliable defense of your home, using the rite that you need to spend seven days.

To do this, you need to purchase a white church candle and make seven notches on it at an equal distance. Every evening during the week it is necessary to light a candle and make sure that it burns to a certain point.

While the candle is burning, this plot is pronounced:

Seven days later, when the candle burns to the last notch, you need to wrap the rest of it in a napkin and hide it under the floor covering.

Conspiracy against thieves - protection against theft

If the theft is still done, then, without wasting time, you need to hold a rite to return the stolen. To do this, you will need to use all the knives that are available in the house.

They must be placed in a container and filled with water, so as to cover them completely. Capacity is placed on the gas.

While the water is warming, you should once say these magic words:

After that, the water must be drained into another container and taken out in front of the porch or at the wicket. Soon, the stolen good will return to you, and this can happen in the most unexpected way.

For example, the police will find your things or they will simply throw them in a mysterious way. This rite should be performed no later than three days after the theft; later the ritual will be simply useless.

All conspiracies from thieves belong to the means of white magic. Therefore, they can be used without fear of negative consequences. You can also speak charms to protect the house.

And they can be a variety of subjects. For any rite, it is important to believe that with magic you can provide reliable protection against thieves.

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