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Conspiracies to health — the rites of traditional medicine

Plots on health exist as much as humanity itself. Thousands of years before the advent of doctors and “scientific” medicine, healing magic saved people’s lives and restored strength and energy.

It is not by chance that healing magic enjoyed (and enjoys!) Respect everywhere: from Ancient Egypt to Australia, from Slavic forests to China, and healers were not inferior in authority to their leaders.

The healing magic of her strength has not lost even now, despite the abundance of certified doctors, medicines and hospitals. Applied with knowledge and skill, magic can help even where official medicine is powerless.

And even from minor health problems with which the doctors do not want to understand, conspiracies help better than any medication.

Conspiracies to health - the rites of traditional medicine

Health plots can be divided into two main groups: «preventive», protecting the body from the penetration of the disease and conspiracy against specific diseases.

Plots on health are applied in cases where a person is already sick. Moreover, there are conspiracies against a specific known disease (cold, hemorrhoids, stomach ailments, etc.), and conspiracies against an unknown disease.

Conspiracies of the first type can be applied at any time, including in those cases where you feel a slight discomfort of unknown origin. One of these conspiracies is done as follows.

Pour a glass of clean water and, bending over it, say:

Having spoken the plot, drink the conspiracy water in one gulp. You can repeat this conspiracy as often as you feel the need, but no more than once a day.

One of the most common health conspiracies is the old Russian toothache conspiracy.

If you have a toothache, repeat seven times:

This conspiracy does not save you from visiting a dentist, but can significantly reduce pain.

Conspiracies to health - the rites of traditional medicine

Iron can be used to plot from an unknown disease. To do this, pick up any steel object (but in any case not rusty!).

Then say the words:

Kiss this item and gently place in a secluded place. From time to time, approach him with the words:

This plot is recommended to periodically carry out people who have abnormalities in cardiac activity. Of course, that magic can not be replaced by traditional methods of treatment.

But at the same time magic rites can be a good help in the process of treatment. During the ritual, ordinary drinking water begins to speak, which is subsequently used for drinking.

The magic words are as follows:

This plot is recommended to read every month during the rising of the moon. With the growth of the night star after the rite will improve health.

Conspiracy water should be consumed in several sips every day, so it should be enough to last until the next rite. If an unexpected heart attack happens, then you can also drink a few sips of conspired water.

Conspiracies to health - the rites of traditional medicine

Asthma is a very serious disease, for which tremendous efforts are always made. Therefore, magical conspiracies can be used as a significant support, which can strengthen the natural defenses and speed up recovery.

There is a fairly effective conspiracy, which is able to significantly improve the condition of the patient. It must be read in the period of the waning moon.

For the ceremony, you must first prepare a fresh cut branch of mature oak. This ritual should be performed directly by the patient on Sunday.

A person with asthma needs to pick up a branch of an oak tree and speak it.

After that, the conspiracy should be put near the bed and immediately go to bed. The next day, early in the morning, you need to take a branch and leave the house. You should go to the nearest natural reservoir, it is better that it was a river or stream and throw a branch into the water.

This should be done in a special way.

A person with asthma should stand with his back to the river, throw a branch over his head and say these words:

Any ritual of a particular disease or aimed at improving the state of health in general will be effective only with a strong desire to heal and improve health. It is very important to believe in the power of magic, because many of the rites come from antiquity, and, consequently, their effectiveness has been tested by time.

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