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Conspiracies, rituals and rituals on the Old New Year to attract money, health and good luck

Rituals, rituals and plots on the Old New Year: for good luck, money, health, love

January 13 and 14, and especially the night between them — an extremely favorable time for all sorts of witchcraft. On the old New Year work any conspiracies, rituals and rituals.

This day is suitable in order to improve your health with the help of magic, to attract financial flows and good luck in all your endeavors. This is a time of magic, when dreams come true and you can get a powerful charge of luck, which is enough for the whole coming year.

Conspiracies on the old New Year always act more efficiently than on other days. External factors, such as the day of the week, the lunar phase, the time of day can influence the result.

In addition, magic can significantly weaken the intervention of other people, even if it is unconscious. To increase the likelihood of success, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Day of the week. Men, if they conduct a ceremony for themselves, should be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Women are more suitable Wednesday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday magic is not worth it, these days of the week are more suitable for reading prayers.
  • Lunar cycle. Spells designed to get rid of disease and misfortune, removing the negative will work better during the waning moon. Rites to improve the financial situation and improve health, on the contrary, should be carried out when the moon is in the growth phase.
  • Secret. Do not tell everyone around about the rites and secret rituals. Their thoughts, skepticism or jealousy can disrupt the action of subtle energies and can distort the action of spells and conspiracies.
  • Exact execution. A misplaced conspiracy word will ruin all the work. You need to learn in advance all the texts and prepare the necessary tools and ingredients.

If during the rite everything falls out of the hands, and the words of conspiracies and spells are confused, this is a sign that this ritual is not worth doing right now.

If you wish to hold a magical rite from January 13 to January 14, you need to find out what the cycle of the moon is now, take into account the day of the week and select those rites that are best suited for implementation at this time. No need to worry about the result, the effort of will should focus on correctly performing all the planned actions.

Conspiracies, rituals and rituals on the Old New Year to attract money, health and good luck

The beginning of the new year is the best time to get rid of the negative accumulated over the past year. It is necessary to clear from negative energy both housing and all living in it. Until January 13, the broken, outdated and damaged items in the house should be selected and prepared for disposal.

After sunset, the cooked is taken out into the street and left there.

For additional cleaning, you can spend the ritual of getting rid of damage and negativity. It will require:

  • salt;
  • two containers with water: one for washing the floor, the other for washing;
  • candles (one in each room);
  • incense.

Shortly before midnight, they put a lit candle in each room, fumigate all corners with incense, read a short prayer over the water:

"Our heavenly Father, bless this water, let him cleanse this house, its owners with children, from all bad things that were adopted last year, give all the blessings to the house and those who live in it in the coming year. Amen".

Slander on salt like this:

"The power of salt, the strength of the earth, as you save from all rotting, decay and deterioration, so clean and preserve this house and those living in it (the names of all inhabitants), so be it".

Salt poured into containers with water, do not stir. From one dish they wash everything one by one, with another they wipe all the floors in the house with water.

The remaining water is poured. Cleaning and washing must be completed before midnight.

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