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Conspiracies, prayers for wealth: how to conduct a ceremony, a ritual to attract money

Effective rituals, rituals and conspiracies for wealth, wealth, luck

Having lost a source of money or unsuccessfully struggling with poverty for many years, a person seeks opportunities to rectify the situation and often turns to magic for help.

With the help of rituals and ceremonies to attract money, you can improve the financial situation as a whole or solve current financial problems. The contractor only needs to decide which kind of magic to prefer and what risks he can afford to take.

Unlike love, creative and other energy channels, the position of the cash flow relative to the owner is subtle and unstable. In some cases, financial frequencies are not at all in contact with the subtle vibrations of the aura of a particular person, and this situation needs to be corrected with cardinal measures.

One of the most effective methods of attracting material wealth and forcing monetary energy to submit to the will of the owner is the tuning of the subtle bodies of man.

Focusing on the conditions of the law of opposition, the magician independently decides for himself which sacrifice he is willing to make in order to achieve the goal. The larger the result is requested and the sooner it should be achieved, the harder the return will be and the conditional percentage of the profit will be higher.

If magic is used not as a means of direct enrichment, but as an aid in getting out of a difficult situation, the rollback will result in a minimum of trouble.

A set of simple rules will help the artist to avoid mistakes and protect himself from unnecessary energy consumption while performing magical actions:

  • if the description of the ceremony does not indicate the time of its execution, it means that actions are performed during the rising of the moon, with the onset of twilight;
  • It will be easier to attract money if the wallet has a respectable appearance and gives a feeling of success;
  • the wallet should never be left empty, so you need to ensure that it always has one note of high, medium and small denomination;
  • using magic, you can not give in to the feeling of envy and wish yourself more money than someone;
  • during rituals, one must be able to push aside all extraneous thoughts and concentrate on the main goal;
  • when the financial situation begins to improve, it is necessary to periodically spend gratuitous spending: on charity or in favor of public affairs.

Of great importance in magic, aimed at achieving a specific goal, has visualization. The ability at the right time to reproduce in your mind the details of the expected effect should be trained, giving the process at least 10-15 minutes daily.

The power of sending a message to the general information field, as well as the speed at which a response is received, depends on how fully a person learns to dive into his dream at first wish.

Conspiracies, prayers for wealth: how to conduct a ceremony, a ritual to attract money

Conducting ceremonies involves performing a series of actions, supplemented by texts of prayers or plots or built on the power of visualization. Violation of the algorithm of ritual actions can make them useless or even dangerous.

Beginners who work with money magic for the first time should begin with rites that operate on the capabilities of the Higher Forces or the egregors of the elements. These include rituals of water or fire, as well as church rituals.

Conspiracies, prayers for wealth: how to conduct a ceremony, a ritual to attract money

The rite of the famous clairvoyant Vanga is designed to improve the overall monetary aura in the house.. Suddenly, getting rich with this method will not work, but urgent need or debt will leave the family in a short time.

For the ceremony will need: dried crust of bread made from rye flour and a copper coin of the old sample. All manipulations are carried out at dawn, subject to the main condition — the performer must be very hungry:

  1. 1. With the first rays of the sun magician puts a coin on the table, and on top of it — a dry crust.
  2. 2. Looking at the bread with lust, you need to say: “Bread feeds us, as always, because everything he has a head. Feed you all now, bring the money to us. Let everyone in my house be full and have enough money. ”
  3. 3. Immediately after reading the plot, bread should be eaten without drinking water.
  4. 4. Ritual money is removed in a separate wallet pocket.

The money talisman begins to act already a few days after the ritual manipulations. You cannot show it to anyone or acquaint friends with the secret of your financial success, otherwise the magic will stop working.

Conspiracies, prayers for wealth: how to conduct a ceremony, a ritual to attract money

The ritual works best if it is performed in the first days of the rising moon at Christmas..

On the eve of the holiday, the performer must go to the market and buy any item in such a way as to get a few coins on the deal. They need to be postponed until midnight and with the onset of Christmas, pour into a new ceramic flower pot. At the same time, the performer reads the spell: “Let the month grow young and with it my money grows.


Repeat the procedure, filling the vessel given on the change with trifles, preferably every day before the full moon. When the moon stops growing, a pot of coins is taken out into the courtyard and buried anywhere along the eastern wall of the house.

This plot of wealth is one of the most powerful, held at home. It is held on the 13th, falling on the growing moon (the month of the year does not matter).

  1. 1. In the morning of the 13th, you need to go to the temple and buy 13 candles with delivery. Candles are accepted from the seller with the right hand, and small change — with the left.
  2. 2. The received change is immediately put in the left pocket of clothes.
  3. 3. The purchased candles are distributed as follows: 3 pieces — for the rest (without mentioning the name), 3 pieces — for health (under the same conditions), and 7 pieces — to Nikolai Ugodnik.
  4. 4. It is not necessary to read prayers or texts of conspiracies by placing candles, but you should go home silently.
  5. 5. Returning to the house, you must remove the received change from your pocket with your left hand and throw coins on the floor with a sweep so that they fly away in different directions.
  6. 6. Until the next morning, the performer can not receive guests, and in the room where the money is scattered, should not go to other family members or pets.
  7. 7. At dawn on the 14th, the magician chooses all the trifles from the floor and puts it into a patch of green matter.
  8. 8. The performer laying down the three knots is laid under the mattress on his bed.

If the person conducting the rite does not live alone, it will be difficult to keep the procedure secret. However, even if the ritual becomes known to the older family members, but the information does not go beyond its limits, the magic will remain effective.

This method helps a lot in a situation of lack of money, when you need to “hold out” to paychecks or save up a certain amount for an expensive purchase. For the ceremony, you will have to allocate one bill from 500 to 5,000 rubles (the larger the banknote, the greater the profit) and buy a small mirror on the stand.

The ritual is performed as follows:

  1. 1. A church candle is lit on a table covered with white or green cloth, and a mirror is set behind it.
  2. 2. After letting the candle flare up, the selected banknote is placed on the table.
  3. 3. For several minutes, the performer carefully looks at the money, focusing his eyes on the central part of the piece of paper, and then abruptly looks up at the mirror.
  4. 4. If the mage managed to achieve the right concentration, then at that moment he will feel a slight disorientation and clearly see the bill with his inner eye.
  5. 5. As soon as the consciousness clears, you need to spit on the thumb and index fingers of the right hand and quickly extinguish the candle.

The enchanted money must be spent until the next noon, and starting from the third day various sums in the bills of exactly the same dignity will begin to arrive to the contractor. To maintain the effectiveness of the ceremony and not let the monetary source dry out, it must be repeated at least 3 times during the period of the rising moon.

Preparing for a money rite involves the acquisition of the following attributes:

  • magic candles: green (large), golden (medium) and white (small);
  • dry basil herb;
  • sandalwood oil.

In addition, you need to prepare a few small banknotes and a handful of running coins of various denominations. The ceremony is held in the phase of the young moon or on the day of the new moon and includes the following actions:

  1. 1. At midnight, all three candles are put on the table: golden — on the left hand of the performer, white — on the right, and green — in the middle.
  2. 2. White and golden candles are lit from one match, and at an equal distance from them all cooked money are put in one pile.
  3. 3. You need to take a green candle in your right hand and grease it with olive oil and then generously sprinkle basil on powder.
  4. 4. Having installed a green candle between himself and the money pile, the magician lights it from another match.
  5. 5. Next, the performer needs to enter into a trance and, staring at the money through the candle flame, to cause the full illusion of unity with them.
  6. 6. The magician needs to achieve the feeling that money is beginning to move in his direction, to be attracted to him, like a magnet. As soon as this happens, you need to put out the white candle with your fingers.
  7. 7. After 1-2 minutes of rest, the experience with the mental attraction of money is repeated, after which the golden candle is extinguished.
  8. 8. At the end of the ceremony should be charging the green candle with the energy of money. To do this, take in two handfuls all the notes and coins lying on the table and sprinkle the candle on top of them.

If at the end of the ceremony, none of the pieces of paper light up, and the fire does not go out, the ritual was successful. If everything happens like this, then the money talisman is done correctly and until the next new moon we can expect financial contributions to the family budget.

A plot of riches with the use of water is read twice a year — at Baptism and on Pure Thursday before Easter. If it is possible to collect in a bucket of well or spring water, then this can be done on the day of the ritual.

It is better to collect water from the tap the day before and to stand in a dark place for 24 hours.

Shortly before sunset, a bucket of water is placed in the middle of the room, a handful of different coins are thrown at it and slander, standing nearby, such words:

“Water is water, everyone drinks you, everyone loves you. All bless you in baptism. I ask you for the water, forgiveness.

Mother is pure water, forgive me, mother water, help. Like you are many in the lake, in the river, in the stream, in the ocean, in every human glass, so I would have a lot of money: on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, and on Thursday, and on Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. ”

The text is pronounced 33 times, with a recitative, without getting lost and without pausing between repetitions. You need to stand with a meek look, bowing your head to the left shoulder and clasping your little fingers over the bucket. Conspiracy water should immediately wash the entire room, first wiping with a damp cloth, dust from everywhere, and then proceeding to the cleaning of floors.

Unused water is poured into the street under a tree, but it will be better if there is nothing left in the bucket after cleaning.

The situation when money leaves home for nothing and the family constantly suffers need can be corrected with the help of a special talisman that will attract and hold money.

The rite is held alone, at sunrise during the rising moon:

  1. 1. On an uncovered table, you need to light a red wax candle.
  2. 2. On the right side of the candle is put a cabbage with fresh honey, on the left — a white plate with a running note in it.
  3. 3. While the fire of the candle flares up, the magician says the installation text: “As for the candle, and for the red one, the plot is read — everything just as it says, it happens.”
  4. 4. Then you need to scoop up as much honey as possible with a spoon and pour sweetness on the banknote, saying: “Medoc is sweet, honey is sticky, as limes and honey is sweet, and let the money go to the house. To sweetly battered — not difficult to give. To stick, stick — but after not stick out. How sweet honey, and sweet will be the money in the house flow. As the stick honeymoon, and will remain in the house cash flow. By the power of the morning dawn, by the power of honey, money by force, the spoken word will not be taken back — let it be so! «
  5. 5. With the last words of the conspiracy, the candle is extinguished with the fingers, and the coin is wrapped in red cloth and placed on the windowsill, where it must lie until the next morning.

A conspired banknote becomes a family amulet and should be kept in the most secluded place of the home.

Those who are familiar with “sewing” a person to any egregor can successfully apply the method of money ritual with a needle and red thread. The ritual itself is performed on a full moon, and materials must be purchased for it in advance, during the active growth of the moon.

For the ceremony, a new sewing needle with red cotton thread, a red candle made of good wax and a new white spacious shirt made of cotton or flax (1-2 sizes larger than required) will be needed.

  1. 1. After the onset of midnight, the performer lays out all the attributes on the table and, threading a needle, stitches a burning candle through, saying: “I fill you with light, I invoke wealth for myself! «
  2. 2. Then the holed candle is extinguished by fingers and tidied up in a secluded place, and a needle with a wire clings to the headboard of the mage’s berth.
  3. 3. Before going to bed, the performer turns the purchased shirt inside out and puts it on until the morning.
  4. 4. When I wake up the next day, first of all I need to take a needle and a thread with my left hand and say: “I read the prayer, I remember my sins. I ask God of mercy, generosity and mercy. Please, give me Lord, not according to my sins, but according to your mercy and wealth! Amen! «
  5. 5. Do not take off your shirt. On the hem, make 3-5 large stitches (with the left hand). The text is read to each of them: “Like thread by needle, and money for me. The thread is always with a needle, and so is the money with me! Needle for thread, thread for needles, and money only for me. The thread is not separated from the needle, and monetary prosperity is not detached from me. I do not hem hem, but sew wealth! Amen! «
  6. 6. “Tailoring” wealth, you should fix it with twelve knots, then cut the thread.

The needle with the remaining piece of thread is carried away from the house and buried in the ground, and the shirt is hidden in the house. From time to time, you need to get it and hold it in your hands, visualizing dreams of wealth.

The difference between conspiracies and spells from rituals is that they do not spend much time and there is no need to consistently perform several actions.

The key point is not the talk of the talismans and not the impact on the external energy of objects, but the person’s turning to his own settings, creating an invisible link between himself and wealth.

This conspiracy to riches is read on the full moon, when its disk is clearly visible and is just opposite to the window behind which the magic action will be performed. The executor needs to prepare in advance a handful of shiny coins of fresh minting and scatter them on the windowsill, and put 2-3 new bills on top.

A conspiracy that is pronounced over money: “Queen of the moon! You are gold and silver, you grow and grow. Wash my money with my light so that they grow and grow.

Moonlight is drinking my money, it’s growing by the hour, gaining strength, my purse is filling. ”

Then you need to leave the room for 2-3 hours, and after returning, collect money and put it in your old wallet, in a separate pocket. The entire amount of the conspiracy must be spent in a month and then the lunar rite will be held again.

On any day of the hot summer season, you need to come to a wasteland and find a place where the earth is very cracked from the heat. Having chosen the widest and deepest crack, the performer pulls out a handful of yellow metal coins from his left pocket and reads a spell on them three times:

“Mother of the cheese Earth, come to the rescue, me, the servant of God (name), help. As the sun illuminates the clear sky, you are blessed by all who live on you, you have plenty of water on your seas, so give me that the money is carried, the wealth is not transferred, but it rises and multiplies.

From now on, I will not be in the poor, and my silver-silver to grow. ”

Then the coins are shifted to the other hand, and the text is read three times again. Then follows, already silently, drop money one by one into the crack and leave this place without looking back.

In order to attract “easy” money into his life, such as a lottery prize or a large gift amount, the performer needs to perform an uncomplicated rite using a note that he inherited without effort. This conspiracy is very effective on the birthday of the magician, when the guests instead of a gift give money.

In advance, the performer needs to find an old, old wallet in the house that no one has used for a long time. After sunset, left alone, the magician puts the bill in a wallet and reads the plot seven times:

“As a lost puppy rushes to its mother, as a lost dog tends to its owner, as an excommunicated cat returns to it always, so all lost, lost, excommunicated money and money would hurry to me today, tomorrow, always! Let it be so».

Then the money must be removed and folded with a triangle, as shown in the figure, and in the process of folding, read the ritual text three times.

Conspiracies, prayers for wealth: how to conduct a ceremony, a ritual to attract money

A conspiracy banknote is kept in a wallet separately from the rest.

Plotting the dough to get more money in the house, and empty costs no longer absorb the budget, read early in the morning in the first days of the rising moon. First, the hostess puts the brew, and when it comes time to do the batch, light a church candle on the table and say to the fermenting thicket: “A stream, a stream, cash flow will not pass by, it will turn into my pocket! «

Next you need to put the usual bread dough and bake a large round loaf. When the hot loaf is on the table, it is covered with a white woven napkin and a plot is read:

“Bread loaf turned out well! Bread loaf distinguished!

Boca ruddy, soft crust! A single, bread piece. He will give strength, he will not give the abyss, everything should work out.

With each piece my legs will get stronger, I will rise from my knees. Money will be found in the house every day.

Let the hand of the giver not be scanty, the hand of the giver will be firm. Amen! «

For successful trading throughout the day, it is important to serve the first buyer with honor, so that he willingly gives money with joy. The funds received in the general cash desk do not put, and, holding them in his right hand fan, baptize and fan them at the commodity counter and cash register.

The words that the merchant says for the first morning profit: “I am a seller, and you are a buyer, I am a good fellow, and you are a prospector. Try, come, get my goods! Amen!

Amen! Amen! Buyer, not a prankster!

My prosperity is a conductor! The product bought and left, and another came after him! My heart and soul is sweet that I always have it!

The buyer to the buyer, and the money to the money! May they always be, forever and forever. The buyer to the buyer, and the money to the money! «

The conspiracy is considered effective in any lunar phase, so it is most suitable for monetary assistance in an emergency situation when financial receipt is necessary in the coming days.

After sunset, you need to empty your old wallet from the contents and attach the largest banknote in the house to its outside. With a needle without a thread, the performer imitates the usual basting movements, as if stitching a bill at the corners to the wallet, but in reality only sticking a piece of paper.

During the manipulations, the following words are pronounced: “I sew money into my wallet: I will not let my wealth go anywhere. So that every day it will grow stronger and bring good to the house ahead of everything.

My word firmly, like steel, now execute! Let it be so».

Exactly a week, the plotted money is kept in a separate wallet pocket, and the needle is pinned to clothes. Seven days later, you can get rid of the attributes: money is spent, and the needle is buried in the ground.

For a conspiracy we need coins, obtained by chance and effortlessly — found on the street or donated. On Saturday or Sunday on the growing moon, taking 2-3 such coins, the performer goes to the forest or to the nearest natural area and searches for a large anthill.

A trifle needs to be immersed in the loose top of an ant heap, and then, extending the right hand over the disturbed ground with the palm down, quickly read the spell: All is not considered.


On the outstretched hand, you must put the second one so that the brushes are a “+” sign and repeat the text of the plot. From the ritual place they leave, without looking around, on their way home without greeting or talking to anyone.

The red color of the candle is an energy stimulator of the thin field, which is required to have an impact, in this case the monetary one. The object of energy concentration in this ritual is a ceramic pot for baking, but you can take a simple jar, and any other convenient vessel.

Before going to bed, the performer needs to light a red candle and place a ceramic pot on the threshold of his room. Dropping a coin into the tank, you should say: “Arrive at the money to me, multiply in my house and never run away from me.

Amen». Conspiracy can be pronounced as many times as desired (optimally — 21 times) and with each word «Amen» throw into the container by a coin.

Having started talking the money pot to increase wealth, it is covered with a clean cloth, tied around the neck with a green cord and put in a home cache for a month. This time will be enough to improve the financial situation.

A plot of wealth, readable on sheep’s wool, is good for active people who make money by trading or providing services. For the ritual, the performer will need to get a shred of real sheep wool and after sunset, fluff it in the open palm, read the following text:

“Sheep-sheep, went around the world, wore a fur coat. The fur coat is warm and rich, it came to my house itself, it brought warmth and wealth to me. So be full, my house, with gold — silver and all good!

Be my home, rich and abundant, all for the good, all for wonder. Be my words, strong and sculpting! «

Conspired wool is hidden in the house and stored for exactly a year.

Magic with wheat grains will not lead to quick results — incomes will grow gradually, but constantly. The contractor is required in the market without buying to buy a handful of wheat, which is suitable for germination, and wash the grain well at home and wrap it in wet gauze for swelling for a day. This should be done on the last day of the growing moon.

In the full moon, you need to plant the wheat in the seedling box or flower pot. Together with the grains, a coin of yellow metal is lowered into the ground.

Before the appearance of the first sprouts, the seeds are watered abundantly with warm water, and when the greens come, the plot is read to it: “Bread, bread, head around. Mother, mother you are ours. No table can do without you, neither the child nor the old man eat without you.

From your grain, let me be one, and from a coin — the money will grow. I will water and care, and she will bring me fruit. Amen! «

While the wheat grows, it is thoughtfully looked after, talk to it, ask for material prosperity, share dreams of imminent wealth. By the time the plants reach maturity, the financial position of the performer will recover and become stable.

On the way to the expected effect, a person may encounter a problem in his mind. Need and lack of money are firmly seized in their fetters, and in order to get rid of them completely, it will not be enough to say the right conspiracy or perform a ritual.

With the resistance of such a powerful financial egregor as Poverty, you need to fight at the level of their own fears and indecision.

Only the inner conviction of a person that he must be rich will be able to break his inner framework and change the life program into the desired one. For this reason, the main condition for obtaining the desired result from money magic is absolute faith in the power of the actions performed.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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