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Conspiracies on Valentine’s Day

Conspiracies on Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day (February 14) are always love plots. The energy of this holiday is such that neither financial, nor family, nor any other magic, except love, will be effective on this day.

A great number of people all over the world have strong feelings on this day — for some it is happiness that a loved one is there, for others — the bitterness of loneliness and despair of unrequited love, for the third — hope that day to win the heart of a loved one. All these feelings, one way or another connected with love and passion, create a huge amount of spiritual energy.

And this energy with the help of a magical conspiracy can be used to achieve their love goals.

Conspiracies on Valentine's Day

Those who suffer from unrequited love can be helped by plots on Valentine’s Day with the transfer of the “Valentine’s Secret”. If a person reads an ordinary valentine’s eyes and analyzes, first of all, with the mind, then the “secret valentine”, with the help of magic, is addressed directly to his feelings. To carry out such a conspiracy, you first need to make a valentine itself, that is, a small postcard (or even a simple sheet of paper), on which you must state your feelings.

When writing a valentine all the time, think about your loved one and what you feel for him. The “charge” of the valentine and the success of the conspiracy depend on your sincerity and the strength of your feelings. Light the finished valentine from the flame of a candle and say such a slander:

Put a flaming valentine on a white saucer and let it burn to ashes. If the valentine is only charred and turns black — pound it into powder by hand.

Mix this ash with a handful of grain. Sprinkle this grain in the yard in front of a flock of pigeons and say:

If the pigeons, pecking grain, fly away — this is a good sign. So, your plot succeeds and soon your loved one, subconsciously catching your message, will pay attention to you and give you a chance.

For those who already meet or are with their loved one in marriage, and wants to consolidate and preserve their happiness, conspiracies on Valentine’s Day at the holiday table may be useful. To do this, invite your loved one to a festive romantic dinner (if he himself has not already done so).

Do not be afraid to be active, because it is about your love. Take care that dinner was by candlelight, because fire is a powerful source of energy. When the candles are lit, quietly whisper:

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