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Conspiracies on the waning moon — getting rid of negativity

Plots on the waning moon for cleansing and healing

The phase of the waning moon is an energetically strong period. Therefore, at this time many magical rituals, of different directions, are held. The question of which conspiracies are read on the waning moon interests many.

The most effective are the rituals that allow you to cleanse yourself of everything alien and superfluous.

Conspiracies on the waning moon - getting rid of negativity

There is a huge variety of rituals that are aimed at cleansing. Such impacts will help get rid of failures and bad luck.

Plots on the waning moon are the best way to overcome the black vital strip. Rituals are widely used, which help to get rid of harmful habits and normalize life.

In the phase of the waning moon, you can use magic to remove accumulated negative energy from your own aura. The rite will improve your energy potential, so all unnecessary and alien will disappear, thanks to him, the vital forces are activated.

It is advisable to carry out the ritual away from the hustle and bustle, so it is recommended to leave the city or find a deserted place in the park. With a need to take a piece of new natural fabric.

In nature, you should lay a cloth on the ground and lie on it. First you just need to lie on your back to look at the sky and the crowns of green trees bending over you.

After that, you should roll over from one side to the side, and then on the stomach. In this position, it is necessary to press tightly with your whole body to the ground and lie down for a few seconds.

Then you need to roll over on your back and say the following words:

During the conspiracy it is necessary to imagine how new fresh forces enter your body, and all that is unnecessary leaves it. The ideal time to conduct such a cleansing rite is the end of spring or the first month of summer.

At this time, the earth is already well warmed by the sun and filled with positive energy.

If you feel that your state of health has deteriorated significantly for unexplained reasons, then in the period of the waning moon you can perform a healing rite.

For the ritual will need the following attributes:

  • A fresh egg laid by a village chicken;
  • Paper or cellophane bag;
  • Blue marker.

The ceremony is held in a separate room, it is desirable to pre-remove from it all the extra things. In the room prepared for the ceremony, you need to leave an egg for a couple of hours.

After the time expires, you should go into the room, undress and lie down on the bed in a comfortable position.

Egg should be rolled all over the body, especially carefully it should be done in places where uncomfortable feelings often arise. In the process, you need to visualize the scene, as the egg absorbs all the negative energy and your body is healed.

After rolling out the egg, write the following words with a blue marker:

Having spoken the words, the egg must be put in a bag and put on trash cans that are installed far from your home. It is important to throw the egg in such a way that it breaks.

When a long period of bad luck has come in life, you can use a very strong magical rite. For the ceremony, it is necessary to stock up with spring water in advance, tap water cannot be used as an attribute.

Having retired in a separate room, you should pour out the water in a wide container and put it on the window sill, and you should open the window first. It is necessary to wash her face, neck and shoulders.

Conspiracies on the waning moon - getting rid of negativity

Next, such a magical conspiracy speaks:

After that, you need to go to bed, and leave water on the window until the morning. She will subsequently be able to wash for some time.

This will strengthen your protective energy.

It is important to understand that most ceremonies aimed at cleansing and healing are very powerful. Therefore, in order not to harm yourself, they are recommended to be carried out no more often than once a year.

In addition, in order for such rituals to be effective, you need to tune in to the positive and, before conducting them, mentally ask forgiveness of your loved ones for accidentally inflicted resentment.

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