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Conspiracies on the New Year for all

Magic plots for good luck and wealth in the New Year

Conspiracies for the New Year have a special depth and great power. Whatever the conspiracy, he will be stronger than at any other time of the year.

When the New Year’s Eve is called magical or sorcery, they usually mean its romantic holiday atmosphere, but in fact this night and the whole New Year period can be called magical in the most direct sense. After all, this is the period of change of the annual cycle, when not only the calendar numbers change, but also the eternal renewal and rebirth of all being takes place.

In addition, during this period there is a sharp surge of hopes and aspirations of people. Consciously or subconsciously, they are in suspense for a miracle.

On the one hand, it makes them more open and sensitive to magical effects, and on the other hand, it creates a powerful energy that a person with at least minimal knowledge of magic can skillfully use to his advantage.

Conspiracies on the New Year for all

It is very important to remember that all the New Year plots should be directed at themselves. The rituals in which you ask external forces for benefits for your loved ones, the rites will not be effective.

Conspiracies can be read throughout all the New Year holidays, that is, a week before the holiday and within a week thereafter. But especially effective are rituals that are held on New Year’s Eve. It is at this time that one can be asked to realize the most seemingly impossible dreams.

It is very important to emphasize in the plots that all the bad should remain in the past year, and in the coming year only good should pass.

You can enhance the effectiveness of any conspiracy if you mention in it the symbol of the upcoming New Year. During the New Year holidays it is recommended to wear a talisman as a New Year symbol. It will attract good fortune and enhance the effectiveness of the rites used.

Such a talisman must be kept for a year, and before important life events it must be taken in hand, and when squeezed, imagine how your wish comes true.

New Year is an amazing holiday. And this holiday is not only children, but even adults believe in miracles.

Therefore, magical conspiracies and are very popular rites. Universal faith, soaring in a festive atmosphere, that on a fabulous night, all desires come true, creates real miracles.

Therefore, deny yourself the pleasure of improving the quality of your own life with the help of magic.

Conspiracies on the New Year for all

Plots on attracting good luck are very popular on New Year’s Eve. After all, it is at this time that the atmosphere is filled with special energy, which can bring to life a positive, which will help to successfully cope with any problems during the year.

Effective plot on New Year’s Eve to attract good luck in the coming year is pronounced in the last seconds of the year. It fits well with our tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve to the chiming clock with a glass of champagne in hand.

At the same time, the chimes themselves do not play any magical role, but they help to keep track of time.

At the last minute of the year, holding a glass of champagne in your hands, say to yourself:

Having finished these words, at the first moment of the New Year, spill some champagne on your table from your glass and quickly drink the rest. Spilled champagne is your sacrifice to the coming year.

If the conspiracy for the new year has reached the goal and the year really will be successful for you, do not forget your promise and sometimes (no matter what days) “feed up” the year, pouring it out of your glass again, while uttering a conspiracy to yourself.

In the afternoon of December 31, you can hold another strong rite. For this you need to retire in a separate room.

For a conspiracy to be effective, you need to forgive all your enemies. It is important to let go of all your grievances and thank God for everything that happened last year.

After this, it is necessary in any form to ask the Almighty to support you in all your endeavors next year.

After that, you need to take the lit church candle in your hand and read the following plot:

Conspiracies on the New Year for all

Many people turn to magic on the New Year for wealth and money. And such rites are always very effective, they allow you to improve the financial situation, and sometimes get, for example, an inheritance.

For this rite, go shopping early in the morning of the first of January, while you can buy anything. The first trifle received in the new year to surrender, throw as high as possible into the sky.

Before saying this:

Throwing coins, do not wait until they fall to the ground, and leave, without turning around, with the thought that in the coming year your well-being will improve significantly.

This rite is held early in the morning of January 1st. A prerequisite for the effectiveness of the rite is that you must be the first person to wake up in the house after the New Year. After that, you need to take a non-metallic container and go to the well or spring.

But if there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to pre-stock up with holy water from the temple.

Having brought the water home, you need to cross it with a cross and say the following conspiracy twelve times:

After that, you need to sprinkle yourself with spring or holy water, and then go through the whole house and sprinkle with water all the rooms. The remains of water need to splash out in front of the threshold of your own home.

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