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Conspiracies on the new moon will attract good luck

Conspiracies, read on the new moon, will help make successful any undertaking. Such ceremonies encompass virtually all spheres of life.

With the help of magic at this time you can bring real love to life, improve your financial well-being, find a good job for the soul.

Conspiracies on the new moon will attract good luck

The most popular are conspiracies in the new moon, whose action is aimed at attracting success and improving the financial condition in general. Strong are rituals that contain a specific desire.

For example, this may be a request for help in the conclusion of a lucrative contract or a certain job. Any ritual held on the new moon must be accompanied by a visualization of the target.

Only in this case the magical effect will be effective.

The rite to fulfill the desire is carried out late at night, while it is very important that at the time of the ceremony the crescent of the new month is visible in the night sky.

It is necessary to formulate your desire in the form of a specific request. And it should consist in that something has come to your life.

Immediately before the ceremony, it is necessary to write a wish on white paper with a black pen. It is very important to try to formulate it briefly in the form of two or three sentences.

In addition, you must first prepare a church candle and a glass of water consecrated in the temple.

Before the start of the ceremony, you should fold the sheet of paper in the form of a square and imagine that your desire has already been fulfilled. At midnight, a candle is lit and a sheet of written desire is set on fire from its flame.

While it is burning, you should say the following magic words:

It is enough to repeat such a conspiracy once, and then you need to wait until the sheet of paper burns to the end.

After that, the ashes should be poured into a glass of water and said:

Next you need to say:

A glass of ash should be placed in a secret place, where no one will find it, for a week. After this time, the water should be put out into the street and thrown out in a deserted place.

In the new moon, you can bring love into your life with magic. As a rule, this rite is often used by young girls who have not yet met in the life of a loved one.

You must be alone in the room, take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror. Next to it is necessary to put a wide tank into which you want to pour holy water.

It should also add rose petals.

Next, light a pink candle and say the following:

Conspiracy water should wipe, looking at himself in the mirror. The remaining water is necessary to wipe the door handles on the front door on both sides, and throw out the rest in front of the threshold.

Rose petals should be selected from the water and spread out under their bed.

If everything was done correctly, and the ceremony was successful, then you will meet your betrothed within a month.

Conspiracies on the new moon will attract good luck

For a strong conspiracy to attract wealth can be used in the rite of rice. You need to take a handful of rice in your right hand and stand at the open window, which has moonlight.

The palm with rice must be opened and spoken these words:

Conspired rice should be scattered in all places where money is stored. You need to put them in the pockets of clothes, wallet, bag.

But at the same time it is very important to ensure that the plotted rice grains are not lost. After the onset of the next new moon rice can be removed.

In the new moon, you can read an effective conspiracy for beauty, which will return the skin of the face youth and beauty.

It is pronounced on any cosmetic and sounds like this:

The phase of the moon, which is called the new moon, lasts no more than three days, but the strongest rites are held on the first day of the month. At the time of the ceremony, the performer must be absolutely calm.

Any ritual should be performed with a sincere belief in success.

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