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Conspiracies on Christmas time — the most popular

Plots on Svyatki — very ancient, very interesting and very strong magic. The Christmas season, which falls in the middle of winter, has a special unique energy.

This is the time when one annual cycle ends and a new one is born. For a while, nature seems to freeze in anticipation before starting a slow but irreversible turn towards spring.

It was at this time that the Slavs and other nations decided to perform the most important religious pagan and magical rites. Some of them have survived to the present day and still successfully help in solving love, financial, family and other everyday problems.

Conspiracies on Christmas time - the most popular

There are conspiracies at Christmastime, both intended for the entire Christmas season (from January 7 to 19 according to the modern calendar) and those used on certain days. Most of the conspiracies associated with Christmas and Epiphany — the culminating days of Christmas.

But there are special conspiracies for other days.

A conspiracy on Vasilyev Day is held on the night of January 13-14, that is, on the Old New Year. This conspiracy should protect the house and its inhabitants from damage, evil eyes and all sorts of misfortunes.

For this you need to take three lit candles in your hand on Vasiliev’s day.

Then, bringing them to the threshold of your home, say:

Repeat this ceremony, alternately bringing candles to each window of the house. After such a conspiracy, no evil spirits will enter your home.

It is important to remember that the protective force of the rite on Vasiliev day lasts exactly one year. Next year the rite will need to be repeated again.

Another day when conspiracies are applied at Christmas time — January 17 (Feklistov day). Plots on Feklistov day are also aimed at protecting against evil forces.

To banish evil spirits, devils, and all kinds of evil from your house and yard, you need to wear a sheepskin coat (this should frighten evil spirits) backwards and, picking up a frying pan or poker, drive evil forces from all angles, pronouncing a plot.

And his words are:

In addition, according to the ancient tradition on this day, you need to sew a thistle in your amulet and wear it around your neck as a talisman to protect it from damage.

The most powerful love spell conspiracy is held on the night of January 7-8. With this rite, you can always bind to a person you like. Therefore, this ritual can be performed only if there are strong feelings.

It should be understood that the chosen one must have an interest in you, since this ceremony is not aimed at subjugating another person.

Its action is manifested in such a way that it simply accelerates the natural course of certain events related to the construction of a trusting relationship. In other words, the rite can become a base for true and sincere love.

On the first Christmas night from January 7 to January 8, you need to retire in a separate room and comb your hair with an ordinary comb.

In the process, you should say the following magic words:

The plot is very simple and very easy to remember. It is important to read it nine times in a row, very clearly and without stammering.

After combing hair comb should be put under the pillow and go to bed. In the morning, waking up, the first thing you need to get the scallop from under the pillow and remove his hair and burn, so that they were only ash.

According to the condition of the rite, this ash must be collected and added to the chosen or chosen food or drink until the end of the Christmas period. But if it is not possible to do this, then you can simply throw the ashes into the pocket of your chosen person’s clothes or under the threshold of his house. But, of course, in this case, the impact will be less effective.

To enhance the ritual, you need to arrange for the man to comb his hair with a magic comb used in the ritual.

Conspiracies on Christmas time - the most popular

Congratulations are very effective at Christmas time, whose action is aimed at promoting health. It is noteworthy that such a ceremony can be carried out both on oneself and on another person.

Such a conspiracy allows you to leave in the past illness. A magical conspiracy must be read early in the morning on one of the Christmas days.

His words are as follows:

“I fell asleep, the Slave of God (my own name) in a dark evening, it was dark in the street; I, the Slave of God, (my own name) got up, early in the red dawn, when it was light-bright outside; I, the Slave of God, (my own name) washed my face with fresh and cool water; I, worn out the servant of God, (my own name), with a white handkerchief. I then left the door in the door, from the gate to the gate. I walked along a long road — by land — right up to the ocean-sea, where the island is holy.

I turned east to the red sun and I saw a clear field.

On it saw the house a large seven-tower, in which the red girl sits on a golden chair. She persuades illnesses and diseases, and on her knees she holds a silver saucer, on which sharp little knives lie, forged from strong damask.

I, the Slave of God (my own name), went into that house a seven-tower, humble and bowed head. She bowed low to the red girl, her heart resigned to her, and the word was said: “Take the girl, the red girl, from her silver saucer, sharp damask knives, cut them off that black unhealthy flesh.

Cut off from him (her) all the sorrows and sorrows with illnesses and ills heavy connected. Tighten the power of his magic all his wounds (her).

And after that, protect him (her) from any evil intent of an evil person, be it a woman-witch, a bare-haired girl, a fellow peasant or polygamist, red-haired or black-haired. And having done this, close your deeds, the maiden is beautiful, to twelve castles. And put all twelve keys on the bottom of the ocean-sea, the strong stone Alatyr poses.

Your locks will not be open to anyone and no one will wash the keys. The Slave (s) of God (s) (the name of the sick person) will no longer be sick from this moment and never. As the evening dawn goes out, so all ills will disappear.

My word is strong, nobody can change it. It will be so now and forever.


It is important before reading this conspiracy to wash in the shower, and even better in the bath. Be sure to dissolve the hair and wear clean, spacious, light-colored clothing.

The conspiracy can be strengthened by reading it with a lit church candle in one’s hand.

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