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Conspiracies for Christmas — available ways to conduct ceremonies

Strong conspiracy for Christmas for prosperity, success and love

Plots for Christmas are an important part of the Slavic Christmas and winter magical traditions in general. Christmas night — one of the most mysterious, mystical and exciting in the year.

In the Christian tradition, it is filled with the magic of the birth of a new life and a new world.

In pagan times, the New Year’s Eve fell on the mystical period of the winter solstice — one of the turning points of the annual cycle. All this betrays the Christmas period and, especially, the very Christmas night, the most powerful energy that can and should be used for magical purposes.

That is why a lot of magic will be associated with Christmas, will take magic rites in which magic plots are used.

Conspiracies for Christmas - available ways to conduct ceremonies

There is a huge variety of Christmas plots. Each person can choose a ritual to solve their specific problems.

All the rituals performed on Christmas are effective with a sincere belief in magic. During the Christmas week it is allowed to read plots of the most diverse orientation.

For example, with the help of magic, you can overcome addiction to alcohol or protect yourself from loss.

It is noteworthy that the conspiracy at Christmas can not be harmed. Just if in the soul there are the slightest doubts about the power of magic, any rites performed will be useless.

From time immemorial, our ancestors have been popular conspiracies around Christmas for good luck. After all, Christmas marks the birth of a new life and new hopes.

This is the moment when everything can start over. One of these conspiracies is done as follows.

In the evening on Christmas Eve, turn off the light in your house, leaving only a lit candle by the window facing east.

Stand at this window and, having waited for the first star, speak three times:

After that, blow out the candle and, firmly saying:

Then turn on the light and go to the holiday table.

No less frequently used are security plots for Christmas. Such conspiracies should protect from misfortune, misfortune and damage throughout the next year.

To get such protection, it is necessary, sitting down at a festive Christmas dinner, to utter a conspiracy.

Repeat these words exactly one hour, and then again after the same period of time. After that, go to bed, trying to maintain the purity of your thoughts.

There is another very strong conspiracy against all ills. The ritual is very effective, so it can be noted and held at Christmas every year.

To conduct such a rite is necessary in the next cross. During the talk is pronounced on the threshold of his own house, turning his face inside the premises.

The magic words are repeated nine times and are as follows:

Conspiracies for Christmas - available ways to conduct ceremonies

On Christmas Eve, it is recommended to take a small flower pot with the ground and stick there coins of different denominations. It must be placed under the Christmas tree for the night, and in the morning it must be put away in a secluded place and kept there for a whole year.

Such a magical Christmas attribute according to popular beliefs will attract money to your home throughout the year.

In addition, it is recommended to plant a room flower on Christmas night, it is better if it is a money tree. At the same time a few coins should be buried in the ground.

Each of which is pre-pronounced such a magical conspiracy:

The planted houseplant needs to be put under the Christmas tree for the night, and the next day put on the window sill in the place reserved for it.

There is also a very strong rite of attraction of wealth to life, which is held at Christmas when the first star appears in the sky. The ritual is performed in complete solitude with lit candles.

The text of the plot must be written down on a sheet of white paper and memorized. It is important during the ceremony to pronounce the magic phrases with deep feeling, not stammering.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a sheet of paper with the words of the plot written down must be burned in the flame of a candle, and the ashes must be collected.

In it you need to roll a few coins and speak them in the following words:

Conspired coins must be put in a separate compartment in a wallet and stored there for a whole year without getting. And next year at Christmas you can repeat the rite.

Conspiracies for Christmas - available ways to conduct ceremonies

Many Christmas signs are associated with the desire of people to draw into their own life real, and bright love. To accelerate such an event in the coming year, you can, using a special conspiracy.

For the ceremony you need to take two thin church candles. They need to be very carefully, so as not to break, twist together and set on fire.

While they burn, you need to repeat the following words:

A glow stub, obtained after burning two intertwined candles, should be stored for a year, it will attract your lover’s love to you. If you feel that a crack has appeared in your relationship with your beloved, then you should get a magic candle and hold it in your hands, focusing on thoughts of love for your chosen one.

Relations after this will soon be adjusted and become cloudless again.

Before Christmas, you can also speak any thing for a loved one. It should later be presented as a Christmas gift to your beloved.

There are other conspiracies around Christmas. It is impossible to fit everything into one article, but we will tell about them on the pages of our site. However, it is important to remember that the plot on Christmas should in no way be directed against other people or have any unseemly goals.

This is a great sin that can be very costly to the one who commits it.

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