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Conspiracies at Easter: Options for Easter Rites

Powerful conspiracies at Easter — the power of spiritual energy

Easter is not only a bright and joyful holiday that helps people cleanse their souls and spiritually revive. It is also one of the best moments of the year for performing effective magical rites.

Conspiracies at Easter have a very great power, because this is the time when a great multitude of people are in prayers and great spiritual tension, which gives rise to a powerful spiritual energy.

In addition, Easter is celebrated on different days, but always in the middle of spring. This is a very important time when nature is reborn after winter stupor and the human bioenergetic relationship with nature is unusually strong.

This was well known to our ancestors, who used this period for pagan holidays and magical rites, many of which have survived to this day.

Conspiracies at Easter: Options for Easter Rites

Easter is considered a purely spiritual holiday, purifying a person from worldly fuss, however, this is the best time to ensure financial prosperity for the year ahead with magic. Conducting any rite for Easter, you must believe in the power of magic — this is the main condition for success.

Conspiracies at Easter for money usually use holiday cakes (or «paski», as they are called in Ukraine) to attract a house-broom into the house.

To do this, kneading the dough, say:

Kulich, baked from this dough, divide into small pieces. A few pieces in the evening on Holy Saturday put a window.

At the same time, pronounce the words:

If the brownie is satisfied with your words and your Easter cakes, he will stay in your house forever. Having settled with you, the house spirit will bring you good luck and attract material wealth to your home.

Conspiracies at Easter: Options for Easter Rites

There is another way to use Easter to raise money. To do this, sitting down at a festive table, speak quietly:

Try on this day to eat as many Easter eggs as possible, breaking them in small pieces.

Many people attend the temple on Easter week. Therefore, you can seize the moment and hold on the third day of the celebration of Easter a special ceremony to attract wealth to life.

In order for the conspiracy to be effective, you need to try on this day to become the first parishioner. It is necessary to put a candle near the icon of Jesus Christ.

And whisper the following plot:

Immediately after this, you must quickly leave the temple.

Since Easter is a celebration of divine and human love, light and goodness, this time is very favorable for love magic. The Easter plots for love are very powerful and, as a rule, have no dangerous consequences.

However, it is important to understand that Easter, like no other day, requires the purity of thoughts from people, the rejection of all that is evil and sinful. Therefore, to engage in love magic for Easter is possible only with a pure heart and good intentions.

A person who tries to bewitch someone on this day in order to take revenge, to laugh, or to get material gain, risks that his magic will turn against him.

If you are quite confident in the sincerity of your feelings and good intentions — act boldly!

When kneading the dough for the cake, say this:

When the cake is ready, gently kiss it and say softly:

Treat this cake to your loved one and, if possible, make sure that he first tasted it. If you do everything correctly and with the right mood, the action of this conspiracy will provide you not only the favor of your loved one, but the opportunity to live with him in love and harmony all his life.

Conspiracies at Easter: Options for Easter Rites

The magical energy of Easter can be skillfully used to attract good luck and all kinds of well-being. For this purpose, conspiracies at Easter for good luck are used, which for many centuries confirm their strength.

To do this, you can use traditional Easter treats — painted eggs and Easter cakes, because they have great magic power. Kulich is not just a sweet muffin.

This is an ancient symbol of the sun, absorbing its energy and power. To attract luck, bake as many small cakes as possible.

And say the following conspiracy over them:

After that, treat with kulichs as many people as possible, both familiar and unfamiliar, while maintaining the purity of thoughts and a good mood. Sincere generosity on this day always returns to the one who pays tribute, and until the next Easter, all important things will work out for him.

Attracting good luck on Easter Day is also possible with traditional painted or painted eggs. To attract good luck, take a non-broken Easter egg in your hand and hold it to your mouth.

At the same time say quietly:

After that, take part in the traditional «fight» on the eggs. If you succeed in breaking the opponent’s egg with your own, conspiratorial, luck and victory will be on your side.

The more eggs you can break with a conspired egg, the stronger the plot will be.

Conspiracies at Easter: Options for Easter Rites

It is at Easter that with the help of magic you can improve your health and improve your overall well-being. This is due to the special atmosphere of the bright holiday.

The rite, which is held on the first Thursday after Easter, is considered to be very effective. It is necessary to retire in a separate room, dial in the water tank.

For this you can use, for example, a wide basin. You need to look into it, kneeling and see your own image on the water surface.

After this, you need to pronounce the following plot:

After the ceremony, you need to immediately pour out the conspiracy water under the tree.

There is a strong Easter conspiracy that improves overall health. It should be read exactly on Holy Sunday, but not in a leap year.

The magic words are as follows:

All conspiracies at Easter are very productive only in the case of a sincere belief in magic. In addition, they should be read in a positive mood and with a bright soul.

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