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Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

Rites and plots for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

Magic rituals and strong plots for losing weight in combination with other techniques give a lasting result if a person truly believes that he will succeed. The second condition: to act strictly according to the instructions, to comply with all the marked items.

There are no trifles in magic. Otherwise, the result may be unpredictable. The third condition: rites and rituals should pursue only good goals.

It is impossible to harm anyone with their help, to shift our problems to others.

Magic classes require strict compliance with the rules. It is not enough to find a description of a powerful rite or ritual and perform it.

Each action is preceded by a mandatory preparatory stage. Without prior preparation magic does not work.

Every person who wants to bring white magic into his life should understand that the forces of nature help him in his work. A person who is in union with nature is capable of awakening them.

The use of magical actions for someone evil turns into a misfortune to those who are engaged in this or his relatives. It is impossible to influence a person without her consent.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

A person who decides to do magic should not take alcohol, smoke (vape, hookah, electronic cigarettes are on the prohibited list), use drugs.

  • Before work it is necessary to withstand the post — to clear. The duration of the period of abstinence from protein foods, sex, alcohol, smoking, chemicals can be from days to 40 days. It depends on the complexity of the ritual and the desired result.
  • It is important to wash the body before work. It is preferable not to wipe off with a towel after a shower or bath, but simply to dry.
  • It is strictly forbidden to engage in magic during menstruation. A woman should be absolutely clean.
  • Most rituals are required on an empty stomach. It is best to endure without food for 12 hours.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

The effectiveness of actions depends on what is worn on the magician during work. Some details can not only prevent magic, but also radically change the direction of the force:

  • Rituals and ceremonies must be performed in a dress made of simple natural fabric: cotton, flax.
  • On the clothes should not be buttons, strings, belts. Preferred simple loose-fitting dress.
  • Clothes with girdles and rubber bands should be removed for work. Only wrist crosses and wrist ribbons with magical power are allowed. But bras, panties, pants, skirts at this time removed. Body overhanging parts harm the health of the person carrying out magical rituals, dividing and diminishing his strength.
  • Hair must also be dissolved and carefully combed. Hairpins, rubber bands, ribbons are removed. The longer the hair loose on the shoulders, the stronger the work of magic.
  • If the ritual can be performed with bare feet, then it is better not to wear shoes. The connection with the forces of nature is the stronger, the smaller the barriers between the body and nature. If the magician does not have the ability to stand barefoot on the ground (during the cold season), use shoes without laces.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

Getting to the pronunciation of magic words, you need to abide by the laws. The more accurate the rules, the higher the effect of conspiracies and spells:

  • Saying the words, you should feel their meaning, mentally imagine the result of the impact.
  • You can not laugh during a ritual, talk, be distracted by extraneous stimuli. Therefore, the phone, intercom, doorbell is better off.
  • Most rituals and rituals are conducted in private. If the magician is working in the direction of someone, then the presence of this person is allowed. There should be no other observers.
  • You can not tell anyone about the upcoming or already held ritual to obtain a stable result.
  • Words of spells and conspiracies are pronounced distinctly, quietly, but clearly, in a quiet and confident whisper, better in memory. In rare cases, it is permissible to read the text on a piece of paper, but without hesitation.
  • Most conspiracies read on certain days and hours, turning their faces in the right direction, indoors or on the street — these are important components that cannot be ignored.

Excessive fullness is most often the result of uncontrolled eating, gluttony. A person eats not to live, but to get pleasure, relieve stress, for the company.

Putting the first small piece of edibles in their mouths, many can no longer resist the desire to eat up to the heap, although initially there was an installation just to have a little snack and try some tasty food.

To prevent this from happening, you need to work towards reducing your appetite, to get into the habit of being fed with a small amount of food. This helps plots to lose weight.

This is a prayer addressed to the Lord. This is not a magical effect, so you can use it even deeply religious people who oppose various plots and rituals:

"The eyes of all upon You, our Lord, trust in! You feed everyone in favor, open your generous hand and perform all sorts of animal favors.

Do not allow to live in gluttony in me, learn to cope with your desires, to pacify them for good".

So that you do not want to eat, you must necessarily pray in the morning, in the evening, before each meal and after it. It is impossible to eat crumbs without prayer.

Only then will the prayer have its power.

This is a very good habit. It helps to focus the brain on eating.

Thanks to prayer, a person regains his ability to chew uncontrollably between times, forgetting about it in a minute.

Regularly before breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to send thanks to the Lord for the available treats, as has been done by believers for a long time in the past. The famous prayer is suitable for this. "Our Father". After it follows the addition:

"O Lord, I appeal to you with gratitude for giving us food, air and water! Do not let the same Almighty suck on me, the servant of God (proper name), immensely. So that food does not become a burden and burden for me, but only joy and strength, so that it does not hang fat on my sides.

Teach me, Father, to be satisfied with little, stop when I begin to indulge in sinful gluttony. Save me, Lord, from the evil passion, grant grace, tame the immeasurable womb.

I know that you will never leave your suffering person. Thank you, our good Father!"

Installation to reduce food intake is fixed in the brain for two weeks. This ritual reminds the person that excess food is harmful to the body.

The habit of giving thanks to the Lord for the meal teaches us to treat food intake deliberately, focusing attention on the process. Thanks to this ritual, a person will reduce or even be able to get rid of snacking and chewing while working, watching movies, without noticing it.

This conspiracy has come down to us from the strongest fortune-teller Vanga in the world. It is necessary to read it from the full moon during the period of decreasing night light.

The power of the spell is great, only you need to pronounce it before going to bed in the open air: on the street or on the balcony. You should turn your face towards the decreasing month and look at it, without being distracted.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

If in one rite to remove the fat completely fails, the ritual is repeated next month.

It is important to select such conspiracies in which the word is not used. "thinness", "lose weight". These words take root from the words "bad" in meaning "badly", "to hurt".

It is better to replace them with synonyms. "get rid of fat", "to get slim".

Plots on products help to get the desired harmony. These methods relate to white magic.

This effective method is based on the fact that a person who wants to lose weight gains products with positive energy, which are then eaten.

It is recommended to whisper magic words in the evening before bedtime. You can pronounce them mentally.

Products must be in front of reading the words of the plot. Cleaning them after this ritual is not necessary.

They must lie so all night, filled with force.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

This ritual works as a self-suggestion. If a person believes in the magical power of conspiracies, it will definitely help him.

No evil consequences of the rite will not entail.

This is an effective method of charging your favorite dish by whispering while cooking at home.

You can not start talking purchased semi-finished products, but only made with his own hands, starting from the process of kneading dough and cooking stuffing to the very modeling of each dumpling by hand. During cooking, the food product is charged with magical energy using a whisper:

"I’m meshing up, mixing up my witchcraft! One dumpling eat — like a hundred pieces, they pledge, turn away from the others!"

Just need to make 144 pieces. They are then placed in a freezer so that no outsider uses the conspirator. Take out daily in the morning and cook 12 dumplings.

The ritual takes 12 days.

It consists of 4 stages in which a whisper is used:

  • when kneading dough — 12 times;
  • when cooking minced meat — 12 times;
  • during modeling — once for each dumpling, and then blow on it;
  • during the meal for each pelmek blow and whisper 1 time.

After 12 days you need to weigh. If the changes are noticeable, then everything was done correctly.

If desired, the ritual is repeated after 3 days. Do not use the conspiratorial drink or food with the aim of influencing another person.

It will not work.

Cooked do-it-yourself products are much more useful than factory-made products. The habit of making dumplings at home and giving up the convenience foods offered by outlets will subsequently only benefit the body.

This powerful spell is performed once on the waning moon. On a piece of bread whisper the words:

"Bring, bird, bread in your beak to the edge of heaven and earth! As the sky does not embrace, the earth does not go around, so the dumb bodys do not take me, but leave the entirety superfluous!"

Then the bread is thrown into a small piece of pigeons or crows. Birds should be large, sparrows are not suitable for this mission. Seeing that the birds have attacked bread, they say quietly:

"You fill the womb — I excess to complete the excess!" After that, silently turn and leave. Until the house can not talk to anyone.

Coming home you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. After that, you can communicate with other people.

During the ritual, the goal setting method is included. However, the way itself will not work, if you refuse other options proposed by nutritionists and doctors.

For the ritual they use a ripe apple that is not spoiled by worms. The variety of fruit, its color and size do not play a role.

The main thing is to eat it after a whisper in one sitting. The apple is brought close to the lips and the words of the conspiracy are whispered:

"She took an apple from the garden of the Lord, brought it to our mortal world. Like no fat on an apple, there’s no fat on me!

I eat fresh apple — I gain normal weight. From now on, I am prettier, slimness add yes and heal!"

Then you need to eat an apple and bury the stub in the ground. You can use pots with a house plant.

This ritual is very much recognized as useful not only from a magical point of view. Nutritionists recommend regularly replacing the evening meal with an apple.

A dinner of fresh fruit helps cleanse the intestines, nourishes the body with vitamins.

This strong rite is held regularly several times a day. Before drinking green tea, whisper the words of conspiracy over a cup. Very important:

  • drink tea 15 minutes before lunch, breakfast, dinner;
  • do not use any desserts with the magic drink;
  • a slice of lemon in tea will enhance the effect of whispering;
  • per day you need to drink at least 3-4 cups of a magic drink.

The plot words are simple: "I drink tea, tea is hot, let the greyachy fat go. My word is strong, like a stone on the bank of the Ora River".

According to reviews of those who used this method in practice, for a month it is possible to lose up to 15 kg.

In this ritual there are important psychological attitudes that help you lose weight. This method sets a person to a healthy lifestyle, developing good habits:

  • refusal during tea drinking of desserts, especially sweet and flour;
  • drinking before meals;
  • eating lemon in the diet.

This magic drink is prepared once a year from the first snow. It is collected from the branches of trees in glass or china with clean hands.

Must gather at least half a cup.

Having brought into the house, the vessel is hidden in the palms and whisper a spell on the contents:

"The first snow from the heat of my hands is melting, and let my fat melt from the melt water. How easily snow became water, so easily my fullness will become thin!"

After uttering these words, they wait 9 times for the snow to melt completely. You can help the process with warm breath.

Then water is drunk in small sips.

In moments of sneezing, hiccups, man’s need, a channel opens through which he communicates with the Universe. Therefore, it is important to control yourself in these moments and try to make them work for themselves.

At such moments, forces are activated in the body. They increase dozens of times and act purposefully.

Therefore, thoughts and words at this time become particularly significant.

Remembering that the most important goal at the moment — getting rid of fat, during sneezing, you need to think that. If you manage to recall this at an unexpected moment, you should thank the Lord with a short phrase:

"Thank you, Lord! Peace and happiness to my home!"

If a person is suddenly attacked by hiccups, you should take a glass of warm water, whisper a plot to him:

"Voditsya possesses great power: It can flow, it can become a stone or steam. May make me slim again, beautiful, and return to the stately proud to become!"

Then, sip the water slowly in front of the mirror, staring intently into his eyes.

The place of use of the ritual is a regular toilet. His strength is great.

Few people understand that this process is the real sacrament during which a person unites with nature.

During a great need, the words are pronounced:

"She came to the place of the latrine, brought her fat body. Let the fat-fat come off me, leave the mother earth with shit, and henceforth does not increase on my sides, but only goes away and decreases.

Let my body be healthy, and beauty-attractiveness will come. I whisper-whisper not for a day, but for a century. Let it be so!"

The plot is repeated during each visit to the toilet for a long period.

Daily repeated actions can be used for magical rituals. It should only make special actions with objects.

Some ceremonies involve the use of familiar household items as a talisman. Others require the purchase or manufacture of special items.

To hold it you need to buy a wooden comb or comb on Saturday. Speak thing should be on a waning moon or a full moon after sunset.

Having imagined himself in the new desired image, without being overweight, three times the words of the conspiracy are clearly but quietly pronounced.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

After this, the comb is hidden under the mattress or pillow in its bed. Be sure to daily comb her hair.

Woolen red thread is tied on the wrist and not removed until it breaks itself. But first you need to charge this amulet with a conspiracy.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

In the event of a thread breaking, the rite is repeated, speaking and tying another.

For the ritual you need to make a human figure from plasticine. She should imitate a fat woman.

During the ritual, alternating the right and left hands, pinching from the sides, waist, and other problem areas with fat accumulations of the voodoo dolls makes small pieces of clay.

At the end of the ritual, all the torn pieces are put in a handkerchief and thrown into the fire. The transfigured doll is hidden in a secluded place at home so that no one from her family can find it.

No one can share the fact that the ritual of losing weight was performed.

The text of a strong weight loss conspiracy is:

"Boca sting — fat kill, fat burn — gluttony expel. Gluttony — a sin, contrary to God, and a small food — the belly for good!"

This method is the strongest. He will help to become slim very quickly.

There are many rituals, conspiracies, prayers, rituals, in which the role of water is great. The ablution process is a powerful ritual that can affect the entire body.

Water is able to remember information. Getting through the skin inside the person, it passes it to the cells of the body.

In childhood, many adults during the bathing watered the children, saying: “From the goose the water is from (name) thinness! «Thus, the brain is given the setting for the work of the body: a person should not be thin and slim. In ancient times, this was relevant because with a lack of food, the fat ones survived more often.

But today, many are worried about the opposite problem: how to remove excess weight.

Dramatically change the direction of a strong installation from childhood can only be just as powerful anti-conspiracy. It is quite simple, easy to remember: "With goose water — with me fat forever!"

You need to pronounce the words seven times during a shower, swimming in a river or a pool. At this time, you should imagine the process of melting fat under the skin, as it is washed off with water and carried away by the flow or sewage.

Lovers soak in the warm water helps a special whisper. There are rules for conducting this ritual:

  • To spend it is necessary only on the decreasing moon.
  • The magical bath is taken after sunset or before sunrise.
  • Pure water without soap, gels, shampoos is used.
  • Before the ritual you need 12 hours to eat nothing. You can drink plain water.

Lying in the water, rub a problem with new washcloth and say the words:

"Voditsa light, wipe me off! The Queen is clear, take away all the excess!

Body run off, dissolve the fat! Take it with you — do not give it back!"

Repeat words need 12 times. After the ritual, clean the washcloth before repeating the procedure.

It is simply not recommended to use items that are used during magical actions — the result is unpredictable.

This ritual came from ancient times. The noble ladies used it in order to keep their slimness, beauty and youth for a long time.

Spend it in the full moon once a month three times. That is, the course will take three lunar months.

The composition of the ablution liquid is also important. For the ritual to add to the bath:

  • a glass of fresh rustic milk;
  • a glass of consecrated water;
  • your pectoral cross with a string or chain;
  • petals of three roses of different shades;
  • 15 cm long string or string.

Then a plot is uttered over the bathroom and immersed in water.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

After taking the magical bath comes the second stage of work:

  1. 1. The cross is taken out of the water and put on.
  2. 2. A string or string is tied on the wrist while it is wet.
  3. 3. Petals of flowers are collected in a package and buried under a dry tree away from the house.
  4. 4. Water is drained from the bath, saying magic words above it.
Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

This ritual is repeated every three days during the entire period of decreasing moon. Crossing the threshold of the bath, pronounce the spell:

"Heat is strong, steam is strong. Body sweat, losing weight and health.

Let my beauty be filled, let my dreams all come true! I will become more beautiful and younger, slim and handsome!"

When splashing water on the heater, over the bucket say:

" Water, ferry become! Stand up for my body.

Do not be fat to me, carry the fat, throw over the mile! Versta in a wild field — not to see, split off!"

During the rinse, the plot continues:

"Alive the water, run down the stream from the body! Dead water — stupid take away the fullness. Rush, waters, into the bowels of the earth, into underground rivers, deep places.

My fat, do not be friends with me, for me, my fatness, do not hurt! Get away from me forever, lie under a heavy stone."

This ritual consists of several stages. Perform it on a decreasing moon.

The best venue will be a country house, where you can go out in the morning in a nightgown without fear of prying eyes.

First, in the evening, wash over the basin. For greater effect, sponge wipe the abdomen, thighs, forearms.

Then in a glass beaker collect water from the basin. He is put at the head of the bed saying:

"What filled me up — you got into the water, the glass from the body got into the glass. Tomorrow will go to the ground — the fullness will come down from me!

I really want this, for the harmony of my money I pay." Then the coin is lowered into the glass.

Waking up in the morning the first thing, without even combing their hair and not changing clothes, go out into the street. The glass is held in the left hand and pronounced:

"Wind-brother, smart shalunishka! I urge you, I invite you to. Bypass around me, take my zhor, take it 33 miles away, block my way back to me!

So that he did not embarrass my brain, didn’t call to the table once more, didn’t rumble in my belly, didn’t torture with food flavors, didn’t tear my guts. Like this water, spilled on the ground, it dries out, so let my hunger wither, melt, burn, my soul does not interfere. Let it be as I say!"

Water and coin are thrown over the left shoulder to an open place, where it dries quickly, saying the word: "Paid!" During the day, this place needs to be dug up so that the coin is in the ground, but you cannot touch it with your hands.

This ritual is carried out daily for 12 days. Water can be spilled in different places.

The magical power of rituals increases on certain days. Big church holidays give special power.

Especially strong are the rituals aimed at the return of harmony, held before the Annunciation, on Palm Sunday, on Pure Thursday. Just do not forget to combine the conspiracy with prayers.

To work, the mage needs to prepare:

The order of magical acts is as follows.

  1. 1. First prayer is read five times. "Our Father".
  2. 2. On the window where the moonlight falls, put lighted candles.
  3. 3. The person who reads the plot, picks up the soap, goes outside, becomes his back to the window, turns his face to the moon.
  4. 4. Circular movements outline problem areas counterclockwise.
  5. 5. At this time, the plot itself is read five times.
  6. 6. Having entered the house, it is necessary to continue work on burning candles. About them the same conspiracy is read until the candles burn down to the ground, but not less than five times.
  7. 7. Candle wax is thrown away.
  8. 8. Soap from this point on, you need to actively use the whole family, trying to spend it quickly.

It is impossible to plan a bar, cut it with a knife — it imitates the human body. Shrink a piece of soap should only under the influence of friction and water.

Conspiracy words are best learned by heart, rather than read by appointment.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

On this day, willow buds have great power. It is only necessary to have time to consecrate the twig in the church. Necessary for the ritual to stock up on holy water.

This ritual is especially useful for those whose fullness is painful, and not the result of the habit of overeating. Willow on this day has the power to expel from the body all sorts of ailments.

Before the rite, a prayer is said three times. "Our Father" and thrice "Mother of God".

Then, on an empty stomach, three buds are eaten with consecrated twigs and washed down with holy water. Then utter the words of the plot.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

After this ritual, you must pass the rite of communion.

Prepare spell-charged water in the evening. She is poured into a transparent container and whisper a plot, almost touching the surface of the liquid with her lips.

Conspiracies and rituals for weight loss: a quick way to remove fat

Then the glass is placed in the head of the bed for the whole night. In the morning on Pure Thursday, just waking up and not getting out of bed, they drink the charged water.

From this point on, the body adjusts itself to getting rid of fat and diseases associated with excess weight.

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