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Conspiracies and prayers: help of light forces

From time immemorial, plots and prayers have been used by people in a variety of matters, from love and family affairs to finances and careers. After all, situations often arise in life, and it is very difficult or even impossible to find a way out of them on our own, and then the help of higher powers is needed.

People turn their prayers and plots to them. And most often the help really comes.

That is why, over the long millennia of human history, many cultures, civilizations and states have faded into oblivion, but the tradition of prayers and conspiracies has not been interrupted even for a day, and today people resort to them and receive help as many centuries ago.

Conspiracies and prayers: help of light forces

Although conspiracies and prayers are used for the same purpose — to receive the help of higher powers in solving our problems, they have a different essence and act in completely different ways. The plot is a magical rite, prayer is a religious one. A conspiracy can appeal to a variety of forces — the forces of light and the forces of darkness, the elements of nature, to the living and inanimate.

Often, the conspiracy does not use rational forces, but the spiritual and natural energy itself, which the magician directs in the direction he needs. Prayer, however, refers only to God or the saints subordinate to him.

There is another important difference. A conspiracy, like almost any magic rite, although it often looks like a request to one or another supernatural force, is, in fact, an order.

Speaking a conspiracy, a person does not hope for the mercy and goodwill of the forces to which he turns, but hopes that his very words and actions will force these forces to help him. Therefore, in the conspiracy is very important compliance with the form of the ritual.

For the success of the conspiracy, it is important to pronounce the right words at the right time and perform the right actions in the right order.

At the same time, although prayers have a text that has been established over the centuries, praying people hope that the Lord will hear not so much their words as their hopes. The ready text of the prayer simply helps the person to express what he feels and desires. At the same time, the believer is not at all sure that his prayer will be heard and the request fulfilled.

After all, this is not an order, but it is a request and only God is given to decide whether a person deserves its execution.

Finally, it should be understood that conspiracies and prayers should not be confused and resort to their help at the same time. And it is better to make a choice between them forever, since religion and magic contradict each other.

From the point of view of religion, any magic is a conspiracy with the forces of evil and Satan himself. Therefore, a true believer will not resort to conspiracy and any other magical rites.

He expects help in his troubles and problems only from God.

Conspiracies and prayers: help of light forces

Rituals in which conspiracies and prayers are used can be applied in a wide variety of situations; they can be used to solve various life problems.

Very popular and effective are prayers from damage and the evil eye. If you notice what is going on with you, something is amiss, then you should hold a special ceremony with spring water, which uses a special prayer from damage and the evil eye. This ritual belongs to the means of white magic, so it can be performed several times until you feel relieved.

It is necessary to dial in a cup of spring water and, alone in a separate room, read a special prayer-conspiracy on it.

It is necessary to begin it with the following words:

Next you need to throw in the bowl of water three embers and say the following words of the prayer of the conspiracy, which are like this:

Having spoken the words, you should rinse your face with conspired water. After the ceremony, you should carefully observe yourself, listening to your own inner feelings and focusing on your own subconscious.

Such a rite is also allowed to be performed in order to remove damage or the evil eye from a loved one. In this case, you will need to watch him.

If you feel weakness and drowsiness almost immediately after the ceremony, it means that the ritual was successful and the negative leaves you. All that is needed in this case, so it is a good rest and gain strength.

If after such a powerful rite nothing happened, then this means that poor health is caused by other health problems, and it is necessary to be examined in a medical institution.

Very often, children due to natural insecurity become victims of an accidental evil eye or damage. These are very dangerous effects, so they must be removed.

If you notice that your child is often naughty, do not rush to punish him. Most likely, he is under the influence of the evil eye or damage, which led to certain health problems.

To get rid of the alien negative will also help a special rite in which the prayer is used conspiracy from damage and the evil eye. First you need to wipe the baby’s face with holy water from the temple and wipe it with the hem of your own clothes, then lick the criss-cross.

Then you need to read the well-known and very effective prayer “Our Father” three times. After this, the magic words of the prayer-conspiracy should be spoken.

They sound like this:

Conspiracies and prayers: help of light forces

When you fear that you may be spoiled, it is necessary to conduct a special protective rite in which prayer-conspiracy is used. You can write the text of such spells on paper and carry it always with you.

In this case, it will serve as a talisman.

The magic words are as follows:

To prayer-conspiracy was effective you need to be a believer. In addition, you must also be sure to believe in the power of magic.

Equally important is your confidence in the effectiveness of any rite in which the prayer-conspiracy is used.

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