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Conciliation plot — rituals to relieve resentment

A powerful conspiracy to reconcile will return the world to a relationship

A reconciliation plot is a magical rite aimed at bringing peace, understanding and warmth into human relationships. Such conspiracies can be aimed at settling love and family affairs, which are so often poisoned by useless quarrels and petty offenses, as well as at building peaceful and friendly relations with friends, neighbors, colleagues and other people.

Often, a conspiracy to reconcile is the only means by which you can quickly and relatively painlessly settle an inflaming conflict, especially if it is caused by someone’s evil magic.

Conciliation plot - rituals to relieve resentment

Rarely in which family life is absolutely cloudless. But constant quarrels and omissions can destroy the strongest family relationships.

Therefore, if it is impossible to solve the problems by household means, it is quite reasonable to turn to magic.

Also absolutely no need to quarrel with close friends or girlfriends. And if it happened, then you can also use special plots to quickly restore relations.

For reconciliation with the spouse, you should use a special tablecloth. To do this, in the happiest moments of family life, purchase a new tablecloth and organize a family feast using it.

It is important to make sure the table is very beautiful, that is, you need to use the most beautiful dishes that you have in the house. Dinner itself should be organized in a romantic setting.

At the end of the evening, the dishes should be washed and cleaned.

And on the used tablecloth to say these words:

The plotted tablecloth should be folded and used only in moments of despair or in moments of strong quarrel with her husband. To do this, you need to lay the table and organize a family dinner.

Soon after, the situation will definitely change for the better.

When there are constant scandals in the family and the relatives cannot reconcile with each other and find a compromise, it is necessary to try to fix everything and restore the relationship with the help of a conspired honey.

To do this, take the honey and, secluded in a separate room, speak it with these words:

After that, you need to organize a family tea party and quietly add the conspiracy honey to everyone in the cup and to yourself as well. After tea drinking in the near future, reconciliation in the family will come and successful trusting relationships will be restored.

Conciliation plot - rituals to relieve resentment

Sometimes quarrels in the family are associated with the presence of negative in the house. Therefore, in order to restore agreement between loved ones, it is necessary to initially cleanse the house of negative energy. The plot of reconciliation in the family is often combined with the cleansing of the house with church incense.

For this you need to bring incense from the church, ignite it and go around every corner of your house with it, expelling evil and evil spirits from it.

In this case, you need to read such a conspiracy:

If you want to re-establish good relations with an offended friend or friend, colleague or business partner, you can use the following plot to reconcile. Take three pieces of paper.

On the first, write your name, on the second — the name of the person with whom you want to reconcile. On the third, write a few words: “enmity,” “resentment,” “anger,” and other words that can describe your conflict and the unkind feelings associated with it.

Put this last piece of paper between the sheets with your names.

And say the following conspiracy:

After that, tear the piece of paper with the “conflicting” words to shreds and develop it in the wind, and put the pieces of paper with the names one on another and hide in a secluded place.

Rituals aimed at reconciliation with the beloved are very popular. As a rule, they are very effective and allow you to quickly restore relationships, the main thing is very much to want it.

If suddenly you felt cool with your beloved, and it happened against the background of small quarrels, then you can solve it with the help of ice magic. This rite is held in the period when there are icicles on the roofs of houses. One of them must be brought home in a warm room, and put on a plate.

While the icicle will thaw it is necessary to sit next to and focus on the desire to reconcile with your loved one.

We must strive to imagine how your grievances against each other melt like ice. At this time, you can speak any words that will come from the depths of the soul. If there is no spiritual need, then during the melting of the ice should be just silent.

After the ice has melted, it must be added to the water used to make tea or coffee. After that, under any occasion you need to organize a tea party or invite your loved one for a cup of coffee.

Conciliation plot - rituals to relieve resentment

If you feel that you cannot return to your previous relationship with your loved ones because of your own offenses, you just need to freeze them with the help of a magical conspiracy. To do this, you need to retire in a separate room, sit down and try in total silence to analyze the existing relationship with your beloved. If you understand that you can’t restore relations because you have a lot of resentment inside you, then try to imagine them as a ball of black thread.

By an effort of thought, one must separate it from oneself and place it in an imaginary snow cover.

The following should say these magic words:

After that, your thoughts will come in order and you will quickly manage to reconcile, getting rid of unnecessary grievances that interfere with successful relations with your loved ones. Frozen magic offense will never be able to interfere with your love.

For quick reconciliation with her husband, you can use the fried eggs that are conspired for peace and harmony. To do this, take a couple of eggs in your hand and say the well-known prayer “Our Father” three times.

After that, you need to cook the eggs and dine with her husband. At the same time add some salt to the egg intended for the husband directly in the pan, pronouncing the magic words.

Human attitudes are very valuable, as they fill the world around with positive emotions. Therefore, conspiracies to reconcile people, those who are in a quarrel, belong to white magic and you can use them without any danger to harm yourself or other people.

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