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Cleansing the aura with prayers from negative energy and evil

Purification of the aura with prayers from negative energy

Cleaning the aura with prayers is the easiest way to remove energy blockages. It is necessary to remove them in order to allow the energy to move freely through the energy channels.

Congestions lead not only to a deterioration of the emotional state, but also to illness. Let’s talk about what methods of aura purification exist.

How to clean the aura of negative prayers?

Different events occur in the life of a modern person. They are always neutral, but not all people are aware of this, giving the incident a negative or positive tint.

But if the positive «works» for the benefit of your energy, then negative thoughts and emotions can seriously affect the state of the aura.

Cleansing the aura with prayers from negative energy and evil

What negative phenomena prevent energy from flowing freely:

  1. Quarrels and conflicts. The anger and irritation that you experience will surely affect the health of the thin body. As a result, the energy state suffers
  2. Unforgiven resentment. The most dangerous kind of negativity, because insult is an emotion that leads to oncology. Of course, one little insult is not terrible. But if you save old emotions of a similar plan, keep them in yourself for years, it is very bad
  3. Negative events experienced in the past. If you have past experience, you can not let go of the thoughts of some experienced situation, lose energy. Need to get rid of these emotions.

Cleansing the aura with prayers helps to cope with a load of negative emotions, freeing the mind from the burden of past problems. With the help of regular reading of a repeating text, you will be able to completely live through negative emotions and get rid of them.

Daily prayer, cleansing aura

This prayer must be read every day. It is believed that regular readings of sacred texts operate on a subtle level.

They help to release positive energy, to throw out the negative from their own consciousness, to find contact with the higher light forces.

Cleansing the aura with prayers from negative energy and evil

Reading prayers every day, you tighten your biofield and restore the aura. To conduct a session of religious meditation should be three times a day.

What are the rules on this subject:

  1. Choose a basic prayer appropriate to your religion. For example, an Orthodox Christian can read “Otchenash”, and a Muslim should choose a suitable text from the Koran
  2. Read the text of the main prayer belonging to your religion, should be 7 times. Seven — the magic number, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the sacred ritual
  3. If you do not consider yourself a follower of a particular religion, you need to find the seven prayers of different religions and read them.

“I pray to the Most High” — cleansing the aura with a Muslim prayer

This is a very strong and effective Islamic prayer that helps to clear the aura of not only a person, but also his home. We recommend using it: what kind of atmosphere prevails in your home, and affects the energy state of all households.

With the help of the Higher Forces, you protect your home, your loved ones from all the negative that can only come. Of course, you must trust God completely, read a prayer sincerely and with hope.

Then he will respond necessarily.

For the purification of the aura, it is the Muslim Duas that were taken from the Quran that are used. In rare cases, the sacred texts are read by the spiritual leaders of Islam.

The Muslim prayer for cleansing the aura of the house is as follows:

Cleansing the aura with prayers from negative energy and evil

Important: read the prayer from the computer screen or phone display is strictly prohibited. It is better to memorize the text in advance.

Read it sincerely, pondering every word. Tune in a positive way.

Cleaning the aura with prayers by Lucien Shamballani

Lucien Shamballani is a well-known magician who developed special and, if you can call them that, professional prayers and conspiracies. They help any sufferer to achieve the desired goal.

The peculiarity of such prayers is that they are read for 27 minutes. During this time, you may first experience discomfort. Do not be afraid of this feeling.

Thanks to the exit from the comfort zone, the desired result is achieved. At the end of the session, the person experiences incredible relief.

Watch the video about how this prayer is read:

  • You should be grateful to the Higher Forces for helping to get rid of energy problems. Feel sincerely grateful, even if you do not feel the result from the first time.
  • You need to conduct a session for three days in a row — do not limit yourself to just one time
  • Before the session, 7 times read the prayer of the religion to which you belong
  • Think beforehand what you need, what you are going to ask.

Only sincere faith in the power of religious rituals will ensure success. So do not hesitate, do not criticize.

Try to act in the mindset of goodness.

To enhance the effect of prayer, you can light wax candles purchased in the church.

What else helps to clear the aura

Prayers are sure to help. But it is necessary to secure their action with their correct thoughts and actions. For example:

  • Avoid criticism, condemnation, anger and irritation. If you feel that you are «covered», first try to hold back. And then release the negative energy using the methods available to you — go to the gym, get creative, clean the house
  • Do good deeds. Find someone who needs your help and support. Help him, not expecting gratitude in return
  • Thank the Higher Forces for all you have now

It is useful to carry out the practice of gratitude at bedtime. Remember what the new and good brought to you this day, sincerely thank for everything.

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