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Choosing a bright image for the New Year 2019

Choosing an image for the New Year 2019

Without exaggeration, every woman wants to look great at the New Year celebration. Therefore, in this article we choose the image for the New Year 2019 and understand the peculiarities of its creation.

Choosing a bright image for the New Year 2019

The main trends of winter 2019

For you, it’s probably a long time ago that it’s not a secret that the upcoming 2019 will be, according to the Eastern calendar, the year of the Yellow Earth Pig.

At the same time, Chinese predictors call such a happy palette of colors for the New Year’s dress:

  • different variations of yellow;
  • shades of gold;
  • brown tones;
  • gray shades;
  • black color scheme.

In addition, among the “lucky” plants for Mumps can be called lavender and acacia — they provide businesslike piggy personality growth. The strongest talisman is the ruby, responsible for the maintenance of vital energy, inspiration and the storming of new peaks.

Therefore, you can safely use the New Year’s clothing listed shades.

Regarding the basic trends of this season, designers in 2019 fashionable such dresses:

  • the basis for the sewing of which is a transparent fabric;
  • related to variable ultraviolet colors;
  • decorated with sequins and glitter;
  • having drapery, different asymmetry;
  • attributed to the romantic style — decorated with voluminous sleeves, cubs, ruffles and frills;
  • which depicts a tiger print;
  • options of double-breasted blazer dresses with straight cut;
  • Classic variations of little black dresses.

What is the best thing to wear on New Year’s Eve?

Ideas about what to vest in the New Year’s Eve can be a lot. I suggest you continue to get acquainted with the most popular options.

Dress for the New Year

In the case when you plan to celebrate the New Year at a magnificent celebration, it is better to stay on an evening dress.

Based on where your event is taking place, choose which of the options would be best to help you create the right New Year’s image.

So what can you stop for?

  • on an elegant dress with maxi length;
  • on a short black dress ala «Chanel»;
  • on the magnificent dress having an average length;
  • on an unusual, but seductive knitted dress.

Evening dress with maxi length

Have you been notified of the obligatory evening dress code at the New Year party? Then, without further doubt and hesitation, go shopping for a luxurious dress «on the floor.»

In the current season, both variants of monophonic models and traditional variations with decoration in the form of spectacular prints, embroidery or sequins are relevant.

The combination of thin lace and light iridescent fabric is very fashionable now, plus decor with natural fur and feathers of exotic birds.

You can also shock the public at the expense of such additional elements:

  • deep cut, showing your beautiful back;
  • high slits skirt;
  • asymmetrical cut.

If you are afraid to freeze in a summer-like light dress, then by all means stock up with an exquisite fur boa or delicate lace stole, which, firstly, will warm you, and, secondly, they will perform an unusual accessory.

Seasoned new year dress

Do you dream to create a stylish bow, but at the same time serious enough? Stop your choice on a universal short dress in black or dark blue colors.

Choosing a bright image for the New Year 2019

But in order not to look too boring, it is recommended to add to the image of bright blots: colored scarf, bright shoes, clutch or gloves.

Lush dress is average in length

It is safe to say that this will be the most popular solution for young persons in a given year. This is not surprising — with the help of such a dress, you will profitably select your figurine, but it will not interfere with your merry New Year’s dances.

Plus, shops and boutiques offer a huge variety of similar dresses: the list begins with a classic cocktail variations of the A-silhouette, and a large pea or a floral print completes the retro dresses in colors.

Knitted dress

The use of knitted things contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and, of course, in winter they are as relevant as ever. In addition, if you know in advance that the New Year’s party is held in a not too warm place — think about buying a warm and beautiful knitted dress.

Interesting coveralls

Are you looking for an alternative solution for the New Year 2019, which will save your femininity, but add an image of playfulness?

Take a closer look at the options for fashionable overalls, which designers offer us this season.

Choosing a bright image for the New Year 2019

Trouser suits

Pretty good decision for a New Year’s party — buy a beautiful trouser suit. Of course, an open business suit is not too suitable for a noisy party, but you can stay on a more interesting model with bright colors.

Or, for example, to make an addition to the image in the form of a strict jacket, an unusual transparent blouse or a stylish tie with a New Year’s pattern.

Skirt with blouse

You do not plan to spend a lot of money to buy an expensive evening dress? No problem!

It is quite possible to create a spectacular festive image of those items of clothing that are already in your closet.

So, for example, in the 2019th of the fashionable skirts, you can call such options:

  • Pleated or corrugated;
  • variations of transparent patterns;
  • volume skirts-packs;
  • versions of strict models of the style «pencil».

But do not forget about the fact that such a bow should definitely be “revived” with stylish accessories. For example, to a skirt of a simple cut that does not attract attention, you can add a bright colorful blouse.

And to the spectacular skirts, on the contrary, fit plain blouses.

Costume party

You were called to a costume party for the New Year, and you are guessing, what is the point of going to it? We advise you to opt for one of the three basic directions:

  1. Pig Costume. This decision is not for the faint of heart girls, because in order to add to the symbol of the coming year of femininity and sexuality, considerable effort will be required.
  2. The heroine of a famous fairy tale. Remember the most attractive characters for you from children’s cartoons and fairy tales and try to try on their image.
  3. Myths. Very interesting solution: you can unexpectedly turn into a Greek goddess or a little mermaid (these images can be effectively played with a beautiful evening dress).

And to make your image even more mysterious and attractive — put on a Venetian theme mask. Then the men at the party will puzzle over what kind of beauty this stranger in a mask?

In conclusion

You can summarize the topic:

  • Choosing the right dress for the New Year is a difficult task, but it can be solved.
  • The basic colors in 2019 are all shades of yellow, golden, and also purple, violet and brown.
  • There are many outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve. But remember that if a dress or suit is rather strict — you must necessarily dilute them with the help of additional accessories: bright shoes, a jacket, handbags, hats or gloves.
  • The most important thing is not a dress at all, but a real New Year mood. Let it be sure you will!

And finally, be sure to check out an interesting video on the topic:

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