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Charm — Black sun: the value and use of the Slavs

Old Slavic symbol «Black Sun»: history, meaning, application

I love everything mystical, ancient, unusual. I always try to find more information about them. One of these things for me is the Black Sun charm.

In this article I want to talk about why this ancient Slavic symbol attracted me so much.

The black sun talisman is one of the oldest Slavic and Scandinavian symbols. For the ancient peoples, he had a great sacred significance, which is currently almost lost.

Old Slavic mascot Black Sun is able to expand the birth canal of its carrier. The servants of the gods, magicians and magi used it and are still used to make their connection with the other world stronger.

This allows you to communicate with him most effectively.

Charm - Black sun: the value and use of the Slavs

As a magical talisman, the Black Sun has tremendous potential. This is not just a talisman. It is believed that by meditating and looking at the symbol, you can:

  • comprehend all the mysterious;
  • gain wisdom;
  • learn the hidden meaning.

The symbol removes negative energy, remove from the soul the burden of the past, even very heavy. The black sun helps to push the boundaries of consciousness, to develop their talents and free themselves from false beliefs.

For many centuries, the Black Sun was the privilege of an exclusively priestly caste. Ordinary people, even of high birth, were strictly forbidden to wear it.

Only 50 centuries ago, the priests presented people with this symbol as a protective one, since terrible times were approaching.

Charm - Black sun: the value and use of the Slavs

At the beginning of time, Perun predicted to Svarogov the night at which the world would end. To protect the people, the priests brought to them as a gift not only the Black Sun, but almost all the signs that were previously inaccessible.

Then they claimed that only, thanks to the protection of these symbols, the people managed to survive that dangerous period.

For the ancient Slavs, the Black Sun meant almost inextricably linked with the ancestors. There are two legends:

  1. The first one says that it conveys the wisdom and knowledge of previous generations. At the same time, it was not the progenitors of the owner’s family, but the Ancestors of all four Slavic-Aryan peoples, the egregore forgotten today.
  2. Another legend that has survived to our times is that the Black Sun is a dangerous symbol. The symbol carrier on the invisible level has an energetic connection with the memory of the Sort. But if his blood was mixed with a stranger many times, the talisman is able to destroy his soul, because the owner does not honor the memory of the family and does not live according to the precepts of ancestors.

Meaning of the symbol for the ancient Slavs

The black sun contains great power. As mentioned above, the full meaning of this sign is currently hidden.

However, it is obvious that he not only connects the carrier with the memory of the ancestors.

The ancient Slavs believed that it gives its owner protection and great strength, but the demand will be from the carrier. Therefore, not all decided on its use.

Charm should be used with great caution, otherwise you can incur the wrath of the gods and a lot of trouble.

Now this charm is a strong esoteric symbol. It is common among Slavic, Scandinavian and Germanic neo-pagans.

It can be seen in psychics and «sorcerers.» It can be worn as a personal mascot, and put his image on various things.

It is believed that such items become magical.

«Fascist swastika»

After the war, modern Slavs (residents of the CIS countries) are extremely disrespectful of this insignia. The fact is that he is a symbol of Nazi mysticism, a fascist swastika.

Historical data confirms this information, since it is this sign, and not the familiar swastika cross, that was put in the most famous Nazi castle — Wesselburg in the main hall.

The entire Nazi ideology was created by Karl Haushofer. He was the spiritual mentor of Hitler and had a great influence on him. This man is a rather dramatic figure.

Many consider him a dreamer and a liar because, according to him, he was a student of one of the Shambali sages. He called Shambala the “land of shadows,” but he did not explain where it was located.

Charm - Black sun: the value and use of the Slavs

However, the fact is that Gaushofer was well versed in the symbolism of ancestors, and also possessed an incredible gift of persuasion. However, one cannot say that he knew the true meaning of the Black Sun, since no documents or records have been preserved.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to treat the Black Sun’s talisman negatively. Indeed, despite the fact that it was stained with blood by the fascists, it is, first of all, an Old Slavic symbol.

Is it worth wearing a charm?

The black sun is the amulet of the Ancient Slavs, who worshiped him as a symbol of connection with the blood of the tribe. This sign — the connection of the owner with his ancestors. In addition, it gives incredible strength and protection to the progenitors.

The symbol is able to convey the wisdom that ancestors saved for centuries.

Charm - Black sun: the value and use of the Slavs

However, deciding to wear this sign, it should be remembered that things must be clean and honest. Black Sun does not tolerate lies, violence and other crimes and will certainly ask for them from its bearer.

The consequences can be extremely negative — from simple troubles, to loss of mind or death.


Summing up, we can say that:

  • despite the fact that the Black Sun was used in the Third Reich, first of all it is an Old Slavic symbol;
  • charm enhances communication with clan blood;
  • he gives considerable strength and protection, but from the fact that he does not follow the precepts of ancestors he will be cruelly asked;
  • wearing a charm is only those who are pure in soul and thoughts.

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