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By tradition, which finger should wear a wedding ring

Which finger traditionally wear wedding rings

Wedding and engagement rings are one of the most significant symbols in human life. Both the first and the second symbolize that the beloved begin a completely new stage in the love relationship. What finger wear wedding rings, and on which engagement?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand when the groom makes a wedding proposal to the bride, and then this ring is replaced by a wedding ring already at the wedding itself.

Where does the tradition of exchanging wedding rings come from and what does it symbolize? If you do not know the answer to the question, be sure to read this article.

By tradition, which finger should wear a wedding ring

Historical information on the occurrence of wedding rings

But before giving the answer to the question: “On which finger are you wearing a wedding ring?”, Let’s read a little about the history of the wedding tradition to put a wedding ring on each other’s hand.

How did the wedding ring appear?

The original versions of wedding rings appear about four thousand eight hundred years ago in the distant North Africa among the inhabitants of ancient Egypt who occupied the fertile lands of the Nile River.

At that ancient time, improvised rings with bracelets were made of sedge, reed and shoots growing on the shores of the reservoir.

The ancient Egyptians had a circle that had no beginning or end, a symbol of eternity. In addition, in ancient Egypt, the sun and the moon were revered, very similar in shape to the circle.

It was believed that the space in the ring — the personification of the gate to the world of everything known and unexplored.

Based on this knowledge and guesswork, the idea arose for lovers to exchange rings at the wedding. The ring also acted as a symbol of eternity, and the exchange process was associated with undying love and close connection between the beloveds.

Natural wear process

The first wedding rings that appeared in Egypt served, as a rule, for one year, and then wore out, since the material of their manufacture was rather fragile.

To increase the period of operation of jewelry, the Egyptians began to take more reliable types of materials as a basis for rings: leather, bone, ivory.

And when the era of metal began, with the improvement of craft metallurgy, only metal was chosen for the production of rings. Of course, the most original examples of metal wedding rings had a rather clumsy and uneven appearance, but progress never stops and with time the production of the little rings improved, and accordingly the resulting product was also improved.

Subsequently, precious and semiprecious stones, symbolizing a rich life, were added to wedding rings. We can learn about all this by studying the frescoes that adorn the tombs of the Pharaohs.

Roman steel engagement rings

The inhabitants of ancient Rome of all metals gave the greatest preference for steel. Steel acted in Rome as a symbol of great love, and if a man gave his lady a steel ring, he wanted to show his passionate feelings to her beloved.

The main problem with steel rings was their constant rusting, but even so, the period of their wearing was quite long, plus the rings had an attractive appearance.

At that time, the tradition of offering and accepting a ring is already becoming obligatory and becoming legal. At the same time, from one position a woman here turned into the “property” of her spouse, but from another position her rights were protected and no one except her lawful husband had the opportunity to possess her.

The emphasis is on precious metals.

In the 3rd century, wedding rings begin to produce gold and silver. This implies that the bridegroom trusts his bride all the most valuable that he has.

At that time period, the rings are in the shape of a key; they do not yet have such an ordinary round shape as they are now. Also, the difference with the present day lay in the fact that it was customary to present the ring not at the wedding itself, but only when the groom brought his bride over the threshold of their dwelling.

At the time of the Middle Ages, when coins turned into exchange currency, gold comes first in the list of metals from which wedding rings are made. Also, products often begin to inlay with precious minerals:

  • rubies — a bright red tint which is associated with the heart;
  • sapphires are blue like the heavens;
  • diamonds — the most popular stones, acting as a symbol of eternal love and lasting relationships.

If it’s not gold, then it will lead to failure.

This phrase gave the world Irish folklore. One can say even more — the wedding was categorized as illegal if the wedding rings were not gold.

By tradition, which finger should wear a wedding ring

Of course, this was nothing more than just superstition, but despite this, there is a tendency throughout Europe to borrow gold wedding rings to those who were not able to purchase them on their own.

Modernity: wedding rings, on which hand and on which finger are they worn?

At first glance, this question seems very simple. In the Russian Federation, as well as in a number of other countries of the world (Greece, Spain, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia), it is customary to put wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand if a person enters into a formal marriage.

At the same time, in a number of states in Western Europe, in America and some other Catholic states, the marriage process involves the exchange of rings, which the newlyweds put on each other on the ring finger of their left hand.

In some of the African nations, it was customary to exchange bracelets instead of a wedding ring.

And Gypsies have a custom to place a wedding ring on a chain and hang it around their neck.

But we will return to domestic customs. In ancient times, the wedding ring was put on the ring finger on his left hand in cases where the spouse or widow widowed.

Often, it was customary for widows to wear two rings on one finger — their own and their deceased husband.

If the couple divorced — wedding rings should be removed from the hand.

To date, there have been some changes. For example, now a wedding ring, worn on the left ring finger, indicates that a person is divorced and his heart is ready to let in a new feeling.

However, if we consider this from an energetic point of view, then the attribute of an obsolete marriage union should be hidden far away, because the empty ring finger, and so in itself, symbolizes the social status of a person.

What will the shape and design of the wedding ring tell?

Today, when the jewelry industry is highly developed, wedding rings are no longer just a symbol of love and marriage, but are becoming valuable jewels.

At the same time, their form and design are given much more attention than it was done before. If you carefully study the metal of the wedding product, its size and design features — you can draw conclusions about the financial situation of the couple, how they perceive marriage in principle, and how they relate to each other.

And, of course, this is not all the information.

Australian psychology expert Tim Wenley studied the relationship of 1,500 married couples and found many interesting patterns regarding the theme of wedding rings. In particular, Tim has revealed that in the form and design of jewelry you can learn a lot of interesting things about the relationship between spouses and how they perceive their marriage.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with its findings:

  • The classic version of smooth rings (whose width reaches up to five millimeters) is chosen by those people who have confidence in each other. The ring for them has no special meaning as a symbol. Families of such people are distinguished by their strength and durability, but with the passage of time, the relationship runs the risk of becoming a routine.
  • Classic versions of smooth rings that do not have “frills”, but rather wide and massive, will indicate doubts about the strength of the relationship, as well as distrust of their partner. Choosing for themselves such a heavy and durable wedding attribute, the husband and wife seem to be trying, with its help, to fasten their marriage alliance, to protect themselves from the probable rupture.
  • A partner who chooses a wedding ring decorated with a precious mineral, or has an engraving, notches, small precious inlays — with such a choice he tries to make his relationship more vivid. Or does he even want to have more intense feelings and emotions than those that exist in his pair.

By tradition, which finger should wear a wedding ring

Due to such an unusual and original choice, he tries to demonstrate his desire to eliminate boredom and make his love relationships more ardent and passionate. Often there are situations when one of the spouses as a wedding attribute stops on a simple classic ring, and the second one chooses an unusual decorated version of the product.

In this case, we can talk about instability in the relationship.

  • Surprisingly, you can also meet such couples in which the spouses do not burden themselves with wearing wedding rings. This also happens for a number of reasons.

So, Tim Wenley came to the conclusion that a very small part of people completely neglected the symbol of marriage, as he seeks to show his freedom and remains ready to bring new acquaintances into his life.

In the majority of cases, the tendency not to use a wedding ring indicates that one (or even both spouses) at a subconscious level tend to relieve themselves of the obligations assumed by the official marriage, as if in this way they eliminate “family oppression” from themselves.

That is, roughly speaking, if there is no wedding symbol on the spouse’s finger, then this is evidence of a kind of protest. Although separately it is necessary to mention about the category of people who are purely physically incapable of carrying any foreign objects on their bodies and therefore refuse to wear the marital decoration almost immediately after the wedding.

In this case, the fact of the absence of a ringlet does not concern the contact with its other half.

According to the observations of Tim Wenley, it becomes clear that wedding rings provide a lot of information regarding the internal relationships in a couple, as well as those deep feelings, emotions and experiences that are used to enter into marriage.

And based on this, if you are engaged in choosing the main wedding attribute for your wedding, it will not be superfluous to observe your choice and the choice of your second half. It is possible that you will be able to get for yourself some kind of new useful information on this subject.

Which finger is the engagement ring?

Having dealt with the question: “On which finger are you wearing a wedding ring?”, I want to talk separately about the engagement rings. On which hand and on which finger is it customary to wear them?

The engagement shows that from now on the beloved ones officially accept the status of bride and groom. This is the first and most important step before marriage. And as a proof of his ardent love, the future husband presents an engagement ring to his beloved.

But where to wear it?

The groom places the ring on the ring finger on the bride’s right hand on the day of the engagement. This ring symbolizes eternal love, the kind that originates in the very depths of the heart: ardent, hot and passionate.

The bride is supposed to wear the product until the day when she and the bridegroom officially fix their marriage in the registry office.

By tradition, which finger should wear a wedding ring

And in the morning of the wedding ceremony, you should remove the jewelry, since it is believed that on the wedding day there should be no rings on top of the most basic ones. The engagement ring is traditionally hidden in a casket and not used, and from time to time it is simply used as decoration on any finger, but only after the wedding was celebrated.

Useful recommendations

Finally, I want to give you a couple of interesting recommendations regarding the selection and purchase of the most important wedding attribute:

  1. Modern statistics of jewelry production suggests that every year there are more and more new trends of wedding rings. And the peak of demand for products of this group begins in the summertime of the day, as well as in the first autumn months.

Therefore, by the specified deadline, manufacturers are launching new versions of their product range on the market, and are seeking to update existing collections.

From this we can conclude that even if the date of your wedding falls in the winter, it is better to be puzzled by the acquisition of rings since the fall.

  1. Already consisted in the marriage union from which the visible expensive ring remained? In no case can not use it as a wedding, if you will again stand at the altar. Even if the teaching about the energy of objects is alien to you, just convince yourself that this is a very bad omen that does not bode well.
  2. If you do not have a large amount of finances before the wedding, you can purchase silver wedding rings as an alternative. You can find quite budgetary, but very attractive and stylish silver products offered by many jewelry manufacturers. Often they are performed in a very popular vintage style today.

And the more expensive versions of wedding rings made of gold, you will present to each other, for example, by the first year of joint marriage, and then they will become a real symbol of your sincere feelings.

Now you know on which finger women and men are wearing the wedding ring, as well as some secrets for choosing these most important wedding attributes.

Finally, it remains only to wish that your life together with your beloved person only pleases and nothing can darken it!

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