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Broom conspiracy — houseguard

Broom as an additional attribute is often used in magical rites, which are aimed at adding success and success to a person’s life. This is due to the ancient belief, which stated that sweeping near someone else’s court meant taking a person’s life success.

In addition, there are many signs associated with a broom. For example, it is believed that in order to attract good luck to your home and protect yourself from demons, you need to keep a broom with the handle down.

Very often, this attribute is used as a talisman, for this it is customary to hang souvenirs on the walls, in the form of decorative brooms.

Broom conspiracy - houseguard

And now the magic properties of a broom are recognized by many nations. For example, hardly anyone knows the omen, which says that if you sweep the garbage out of the house during sunset, you can sweep away good luck and luck with it.

It is also known that you can not allow strangers to clean your home. And in order to preserve the welfare of the family intact — in the house you need to use only one broom.

Only after it becomes unusable and is thrown out, can another broom be used.

Magic offers a huge number of ceremonies of various orientations. All of them are simple, and you can spend them yourself, thereby invoking good luck, happiness, luck, health or wealth into your life.

If you feel that a black stripe has come in your life, then you should conduct a special ceremony in which a broom plot is used. In the ritual, you need to use only a new broom, which should be bought in the period of the waning moon.

At any time, a new broom should sweep all the rooms of his home, pronouncing these words:

Collected garbage must be taken out on the street and must be burned. Used broom should be taken to the nearest foot intersection and discarded at the intersection of roads.

That is why if you see a broom thrown away, you should never touch it, as you can take away other people’s misfortunes. It is also impossible to step over it, it is better to bypass such an attribute.

Broom as an additional magical attribute can be used in the rite, aimed at attracting money to life. For such a ritual, a broom is acquired during the growing moon.

New broom should be tied up with a beautiful green ribbon.

The rite begins with the fact that coins of various denominations are laid out throughout the dwelling. This should be done in the evening and leave the coins until the morning.

Early in the morning you need to sweep the house with a broom and collect all the coins on the scoop.

In the process of such improvised harvesting, one should pronounce the following words:

Collected coins must be poured into a jar and closed with a lid. It is necessary to hide the jar so that it does not catch the eye of anyone.

You cannot take coins from a jar. Such a bank with money is a kind of money magnet.

The broom used in the rite can be used in the usual way in everyday life.

Broom conspiracy - houseguard

Using the rite with a broom can significantly accelerate the sale of real estate. In the ritual in addition to the new broom will need to use the water, consecrated in the church.

It is important to buy a broom for the rite on Friday, without bargaining and without surrender. A conspiracy on a broom should be read on any of the days at the wee hours of the day.

At first, the broom is sprinkled with holy water, and then the following words are spoken to him:

After this, a conspirator with a broom must carefully sweep the entire apartment or house. It is important not to forget about all the hidden places and the corners of all rooms.

Soon you will have buyers, but this is on the condition that you have conducted preliminary work and advertised in newspapers and other media. If this is not done, it is unlikely that potential buyers will be able to find out what can be profitable to buy a house.

There are many other useful rites using a broom. So, in order to protect the house from natural disasters, in particular a fire, it was necessary to walk around the built house with an old broom in hand. To prevent drought, broom twigs were scattered around the intersection.

Also, this attribute was used to protect the crop, in which case it had to be stuck in a garden bed. The healing properties of a broom for improving health are also known.

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