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Black Thursday salt — plots and rituals, how to apply

Black Thursday salt: features of use, benefit and harm

Black Thursday salt is a special product with a mass of beneficial properties. It is harvested on Pure Thursday, sanctified in the church, and then used to promote health, attract love and wealth, preserve youth and beauty.

What is black Thursday salt?

The fourth salt differs from the usual one not only in its rich black color. It is special because it has healing and magical properties.

Therefore, it is an ingredient of folk medicinal potions, an attribute of white rites and rituals.

Black Thursday salt - plots and rituals, how to apply

Salt is harvested on Pure Thursday, and then consecrated in the church. It is advisable to prepare a large supply to last for a whole year.

You can do it yourself, or you can buy the holy salt in the church shop.

Classic recipe:

  1. Salt is fried in a pan or put in a Russian oven. Sometimes add a little rye flour.
  2. Then wait until the mixture acquires a rich black color.
  3. After that, add a little kvass ground, evaporate the excess liquid (dried in the sun)
  4. And finally, black lumps are crushed with a wooden mortar.

In this article, we talked about other methods of making Thursday salt available at home.


How to use the Thursday salt:

  1. After being consecrated in the church, they are put in a place behind the icons of the house and left for a whole year. It is believed that this action will help save the family from trouble and protect against enemies.
  2. For the treatment of damage and the evil eye. Salt is mixed with powdered incense powder. The mixture is sewn into a bag of natural fabric and worn around the neck. It is believed that this charm removes all the consequences of a negative magical effect on a person.
  3. To increase the yield. There are two ways. The first is to mix salt with ash and fertilize the fields. The second is to water the plants with a weak salt solution so that they grow faster and produce better fruits. Salt also protects the crop against insect pests and drought.
  4. To preserve peace and love in the family, black salt was scattered in the corners, sentencing the words of the conspiracy: “Just as salt does not germinate, so will the seeds of discord in the family wither away.”
  5. To attract money abundance do the rite to the full moon. It is very simple: pour salt on the window sill on the night of the new moon, it is charged with positive lunar energy. In the morning, collect and use in food.

You can not make any magical manipulations, but simply replace the black salt cookery. This will already provide tremendous benefits for physical health and protect against negativity.

Benefit and harm

You should know how helpful Thursday salt is before you begin to actively use it.
So, how does it affect your life with regular use:

  • You cleanse your body of all harmful: you will remove toxins, slags, decomposition products, harmful cholesterol and heavy metals. It is in some way a natural adsorbent, but it only cleans the physical body, but also the soul.
  • Salt lotion has healing properties. They relieve inflammation, accelerate tissue regeneration.
  • Gastrointestinal function normalizes.
  • Pressure returns to normal
  • All excess fluid will leave the body. As a result, the edemas will pass, the work of the cardiovascular system improves.

It is almost impossible to harm your body by using black salt. But, of course, no need to abuse.

If you use it too often, you will get the same problems that arise when you immoderately use regular table salt.

Last year’s salt

What to do with the Thursday salt, if it has remained since last year? There are no special instructions — apply it as well as the “new” one that has been prepared this year.

It will not lose its beneficial properties in a year, on the contrary, it will only strengthen them.

But some sources indicate that last year’s black salt can only be used for medicinal purposes: to give saline to sick people, to add to food, to make compresses, or to wash.

When her holy

Hallowed salt is consecrated in the temple on the day it was cooked. The most appropriate time is Holy Week, Pure Thursday.

After the consecration ceremony, our ancestors folded the black salt into a small bag of natural fabric and kept it in a secluded place behind the icons (“the goddess”).

Sanctification prayer

With the help of this prayer, you will be able to self-sanctify the Thursday salt at home, without attending church.

Black Thursday salt - plots and rituals, how to apply

Important: when you read the text of the prayer, make sure you do it sincerely. Words must come from the heart.

Your faith will charge the salt and give you incredible energy.

To make the rite of consecration even more effective, put some salt in a bag and go to church, read the prayer before the icons. And then store this bag at home, in a secluded place.

Watch the video about Thursday salt:

Conspiracies and rituals

There are many conspiracies with the use of Thursday salt. Tell you about the most common.

For the treatment of joints:

Black Thursday salt - plots and rituals, how to apply

This plot is read on Pure Thursday morning. You need to pronounce the words three times.

Pour salt into the water, which then needs to be poured into the ground.

Another popular ritual is aimed at eliminating negative magic programs — damage or love spell. What do we have to do:

  • Prepare a weak saline solution: 5 g of salt per liter of water. Use only water taken from a natural source, or thawed. Plumbing is not suitable.
  • Give the cooked mixture a drink to a man who has been bewitched or “spoiled”. He should drain the tank with salt water completely within half an hour.
  • If a person begins to feel sick after the ritual, the ceremony should be repeated the next day. Unpleasant symptoms — a sign that the damage goes out of the body.

There is a very simple conspiracy against alcoholism — you must wait until the alcoholic falls asleep, shower salt on his body and say the magic words: “Vodka is bitter, as people do not salt it, and it does not enslave you. Let it be so».

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