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Birthday rituals — performance features, examples

Birthday rituals — how to properly conduct, examples

Birthday rituals are diverse — some of them will help you fulfill your most cherished wishes, attract money and good luck to your life. And with the help of others, you can find your soul mate or establish existing relationships with your loved one.

Birthday magic is very strong, because the day when a person is born and begins to lead an independent life will strongly influence him energetically. In this article we will look at the most popular rituals performed on the birthday.

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

Birthday Rites

Ritual of changing one’s destiny

On the day when you were born, you have an amazing opportunity to change your destiny for the better. The energy flows of the universe now give you life force in such large quantities that you can not just make improvements in your life, but also direct it to the desired direction.

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

On your birthday, you are able to dispose of all the forces of the Universe, sincerely asking her to fulfill your most secret desires. If you strongly dream about something, have some plans for the future, all this needs to be written down on sheets of paper.

In this case, the correct wording is important — be sure to indicate what you want in the present tense, as if you already have it.

For example, you can write this:

«I (your name) receive 100,000 rubles every month, my annual income is 1,200,000 rubles, my profit is constantly growing, which makes me happy (happy).»

You can portray your desire as a picture of what you dream. When performing a ceremony, concentrate as much as possible on your dream, visualize how your desire becomes reality.

Try to feel the feelings and emotions that will bring you the realization of the desired.

Also, to perform this ceremony, you will need to stock up:

  1. If you belong to the fire element, that is, you were born under the constellation Aries, Leo and Sagittarius — red matter, five candles of orange or yellow colors.
  2. If you are a representative of the earth element — that is, you were born under the signs of the Zodiac Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you must prepare a green matter and five candles of white or silver colors.
  3. For representatives of the air element — Gemini, Libra and Aquarius take blue matter and five golden or red candles.
  4. And people whose element is water (Raki, Scorpios and Pisces) prepare blue matter and five purple or green candles.

Then you need to do the following:

  • Fumigate the room with incense, sprinkle with holy water, spread matter on the floor, chalk out a circle sprinkled with rose petals.
  • In the circle you need to put a table that is covered with white matter.
  • A straight star with seven rays is drawn on the fabric with a felt-tip pen of orange or red color (a candle is placed on each ray). Also put a photo on the star.
  • They put a vase on the table, three carnations fall into it. And leaflets with innermost desires must be put on the table.

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

It turns out that in the ritual there are symbols of all four elements:

  • Holy water — personifies the water element;
  • Salt — symbolizes the element of the Earth;
  • Twelve candles — indicate the element of Fire;

Incense refers to the Air element. You will need to choose the right incense, based on your zodiac constellation.

  • For Aries, mint, bergamot and cedar scents will do;
  • For Taurus — use cinnamon, ylang-ylang and bergamot;
  • For Gemini — taken orange, sandalwood and rose oil;
  • Cancers — you should buy rose and rosemary oils;
  • Leo — suitable oil of lemon, rosemary and grapefruit;
  • For Dev, cedar and ylang-ylang oil is taken;
  • Libra — worth stock up with oil of incense, thyme and ylang-ylang;
  • Scorpios choose pine oil, as well as sage and clove oil;
  • Sagittarius — ylang-ylang, grapefruit and lavender oils will do;
  • For Capricorns — choose coriander oil, cloves and fir;
  • Aquarius — should be stocked with nutmeg oil, pine and rosemary;
  • Fish — choose lemon, grapefruit and ylang-ylang oil.

After that, you need to include pleasant music and light candles with incense. When you light candles on a star, make this speech:

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

Then light twelve candles of red color (standing in a circle around the star). Before lighting each of the candles, you should say the spoken words:

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

After this, read the following hex twelve times:

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

After completing the reading, you should take the leaflets with your desires in your hands and begin to actively visualize, as if they were already embodied in reality. At the end of this work, you need to read the conspiracy twelve times, express your gratitude to the Creator and the Supreme Powers, as well as to the Guardian Angels and the Patron Spirits.

Wait until the candles burn out.

Ritual for luck on the day of birth

Important conditions — the rite is performed at the approximate time of your birth. To hold it, you will need to stock up on three soft wax candles (but not church candles).

Stay alone in your bedroom, make a secret wish. For a couple of minutes the candles are held at chest level, and then they are intertwined with each other from top to bottom.

The resulting combination of candles should be put on a white saucer on a table covered with a white tablecloth. Light it, turn your face to the east and read the magic spell twelve times:

Birthday rituals - performance features, examples

Wait until the candles are completely burned out, at this time do not leave the room and do not let anyone in it. It is forbidden to use a saucer and tablecloth for domestic purposes, until the next birthday.

Now you know what birthday rituals can be done to change your life for the better. The main thing is to sincerely believe in their power and thank the Higher Forces from the heart when your desires become reality.

Watch also an interesting video on this topic.

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