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Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness

Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness

Rituals and ceremonies of various kinds on a birthday can have completely different directions, however, most often it is the fulfillment of different wishes, the attraction of material goods, money and good luck in your personal life. Such magic has an incredible effect, since birth is the time of the appearance of a person, on such a day each begins his own life.

Because such a day for a person has incredible energy.

Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness

Working rituals and rituals in the birthday

A person can love a lot or even love his own birthday, but this does not change the fact that it is on a given day that the greatest opportunities to control his destiny and the world around him are open to him. With the help of a huge energy connection of a person with the Cosmos, on the day of birth the best option is to perform special magic rituals for the fulfillment of desires.

Before you begin to perform a certain ritual of desire, you should very accurately realize your own dream and express it in one phrase. In this case, such a phrase should fully demonstrate the desire, not leaving room for options. For example, if a person wants to find a job, then you need to formulate the following: “I want to find a well-paid job,” you can even call the desired field of activity.

The more concrete is said, the sooner the wish can come true.

Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness

Fulfillment of desire

  • On your birthday, you should try to allocate more than an hour for the implementation of the ritual. To do this, be alone, close your eyes and very clearly imagine, as if from above rays of gold spill overhead. We must try not only to see them, however, and feel. You should feel how the rays warm the skin, filling the body with magical energy.
  • After you need to say it very quietly: «I (the name) and Cosmos are one. I (name) is Cosmos«. Then you need as clearly as possible to imagine that the rays of gold acquire density and brightness, completely enveloping the human body. So he can feel that the energy of such rays falls under the skin. At this point, we must think about the most intimate desire.
  • Having said the phrase clearly and hearing these words, a person needs to imagine how desire immediately responds around the world and the words gain their strength. Need to concentrate on desire, mentally turning it into a real piece of energy and sending it upwards — in the direction of those very rays. After you open your eyes, the ritual will be over and the desire will be delivered to the addressee.


  • This birthday ritual should be performed. all alone. It is then that the effect will come on time.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that no one noticed, and then three times bow to each part of the lightand in the following sequence: east, west, and then north and south. Then you need to turn back to the east and say these words four times: “I worship, servant of God (name), to the east, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I bow to (name), and to the east, and to the west, to the north and to the south. To all these parts of the world I say: call together the powers of the heavens and the powers of the earth. Let them fulfill my secret wish (then the prepared phrase is pronounced with the desire itself). Let it be as it is said. Amen. (three times)«.
  • After you have to bow again to all sides of the world, all in the same manner, throwing four identical coins at the intersection and pronouncing «Paid». After the person turns away from the intersection, closes his eyes and very clearly imagines that he has already managed to get the desired.
  • It is necessary to try not just to contemplate what was thought, but even feel the whole list of all those positiveof emotions, which, in the actual fulfillment of a dream, would have been wondering. The brighter and richer the presented picture is, the stronger the person feels the joy of “such” fulfillment of desire, the sooner it will come true in truth.
  • Followed by walk away from this intersection, however, never look back. On the way home you shouldn’t talk to anyone, answer, and also have different conversations. Better not to look at people.
  • During the implementation of such a ceremony nothing should prevent. The crossroads should be empty of cars and people, so you should find a place on the outskirts in advance, which is almost always empty. If during the implementation of such a ritual something interferes, it will be interrupted, and it will only be repeated at a very different intersection.

Out of trouble

The fire has long carried a very positive energy. That he will assist in the implementation of the ritual of trouble.

Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness

  1. On a birthday, you can not only fulfill your desires, but also forever overcome various troubles and negative energy. In the best way, such a ritual is suitable in order to restore well a shaky state of health, to strengthen one’s own energetics and to get rid of negative influence. The ritual is performed in nature alone.
  2. It is necessary to kindle a small fire, cross it, and then yourself. After looking at the fire, you need to say the words of the conspiracy three times: “Like you, King of Fire, you burn branches and logs, as everything on the way you burn and all barriers pass, so you and my diseases burn, all diseases, take away my pain forever. So be it that said. Amen«.
  3. Then you need to wipe your face with a damp napkin or towel, throw them into the fire (the fire should be quite large for the cloth from the napkin to burn), and then say the words: «To you, King of Fire, I will add all diseases and afflictions. Go away, my pain, into a holy burning fire. Take me away from this, take my illness with you, Fire. Amen. (three times)«.
  4. The warm ash left over from the fire must be carefully collected and buried in the ground along with the coins. After you should go out without turning.

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