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Birthday plots help make life better

Birthday is not just a long-awaited holiday. It is also an important and rare moment from the point of view of human energy.

On this day, another new cycle begins in a person’s life and this is the best moment to try a little, if not significantly, to improve your destiny, to strengthen your health and your protection from bad influence, and also to achieve the fulfillment of some of your desires. The best way to do this is conspiracy on the day of birth.

Birthday plots help make life better

The fact that conspiracies on the day of birth possess great power has long been proven. As a rule, the desire, confirmed by magical action, comes true within a year.

But at the same time it is very important not to ask everything at once, but to choose exactly what you need during a specific life period.

For example, it may be a desire:

  • Give a birth to a baby;
  • Find your soul mate;
  • To gain family happiness;
  • Get career growth;
  • Improve the financial situation.

Security plots, which are aimed at protection from external negative influences, are also very effective on birthday.

In no case can you wish on your own birthday, and confirm this with a magical act, evil to other people, even if you consider them to be detractors or enemies. Remember that in this case, a plot of desire will work against you and bring bad luck and bad luck into your life.

In order for the year ahead to provide themselves with protection from the evil eye and damage, a protective plot on their birthday is used.

At dawn, on their birthday they say:

Birthday plots help make life better

A special conspiracy on his birthday is also pronounced for the fulfillment of a secret desire. It is necessary, having risen in the morning, to wash, to carefully comb and, having closed my eyes, to utter a conspiracy.

A conspiracy for good luck is among the popular conspiracies on his birthday. If you are arranging a festive feast on your birthday, say magic words on the eve of the arrival of the guests.

They sound as follows:

Plots of desire on the day of birth, which contain an appeal to God, are considered very effective. Such spells are more general in focus and apply to all areas of life.

But, as in the previous cases, the appeal to God should not contain the desire of evil or death to other people. In addition, you need to remember that this type of conspiracy will be effective only if you perform the ceremony in a positive mood and with faith in the soul in your own bright future.

Waking up early in the morning on your own birthday, you should go to the window, open it wide.

Then pronounce these magic words:

The ritual must be continued after the feast, which is traditionally organized on the day of birth. To do this, you need to collect in the linen plate the remnants of food from the plates of guests and wrap.

Then on the received packet to speak such magic words:

It is advisable to immediately go and roll this bundle as far as possible from your own home. From this moment on, all the bad will go out of your life.

Birthday plots help make life better

This ceremony should be held only if you have a secret desire or cherished dream. And nobody should know about him.

It can not even be voiced when reading the plot, but at the same time during the ritual of the innermost desire you need to constantly think.

For the ritual will need to use the following attributes:

  • Three church candles;
  • Holy water from the church;
  • A few black peppercorns;
  • Two absolutely white saucers;
  • A couple of cinnamon sticks;
  • A bag of red linen fabric.

At midnight, before your birthday comes, you should retire in a separate room and light the prepared church candles. After that, you need to pray and sit for a while in absolute silence.

It is important to ensure that at this point there is no external interference. This means that from the room in which the ritual will be held, you need to remove pets and turn off all communication devices.

Then you need to perform the following steps:

  • Put peas of black pepper on one of the saucers;
  • Put cinnamon sticks on another saucer.

Birthday plots help make life better

The saucer should be set in front of you and, looking at the flame of the candles, read the following plot:

After that, you need to take a sip of holy water and continue:

At this point, you need to mentally complete the description of what you dream. After that, pepper peas should be poured on the table and crushed by a saucer, and cinnamon sticks should be held over the flame of one of the candles, but not burned.

In the process, you need to say these magic words:

Cinnamon sticks should be put in a linen bag together with crushed peppercorns and stored after the ceremony under the pillow until the wish is fulfilled, and then hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find them.

To attract good luck to yourself on your birthday you can not change clothes several times. In addition, it is important to remember that if during the feast the dishes broke, then it should not be thrown into the bin until the last guest leaves your home. A broken cup or plate should be set aside.

This will prevent financial losses in the near future.

To attract good luck in your life, you need to celebrate your own birthday with friends every year. At the same time, it is necessary to organize a real holiday filled with positive mood and joy.

Positive energy, people who sincerely love you, will push away the negative and fill life with happiness.

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