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Barley Conspiracy: Proven Recipes

Among the large number of magical rites associated with human health, conspiracies from barley are among the most sought after. They allow very quickly without much effort to get rid of the manifestation of a cold, which manifests itself unpleasant education in the century.

Barley Conspiracy: Proven Recipes

There is a huge variety of rituals that use barley conspiracy. Some of them involve only the spelling of special words, others involve additional actions.

In certain influences the emotional component of the ritual is very important.

In this regard, before choosing a rite, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with it. You should choose the ritual that is closest to you both in meaning and in action.

Perhaps we can safely say that the conspiracy from barley to fig is the most famous and popular among the people. Long since the fig is considered an effective popular way of counteracting evil spirits.

In order to rid a person of barley, one should show him a cookie and say these words:

You can also perform another rite. During the ritual should twist the fig, spit over the left shoulder.

Next, the cookie should be carried around the sores on the eye and pronounce the following words:

Then cross the diseased eye and be sure to spit over the left shoulder.

Barley Conspiracy: Proven Recipes

This ritual is quite complicated, it is carried out in the case when it is not possible to get rid of barley quickly. It is also recommended to be carried out if barley appears one by one, causing chronic inflammation of the eyelid. Very often, such a manifestation is associated with the evil eye, which can only be removed using magic.

This rite can be used to remove barley from both an adult and a child.

For the ritual, you must prepare in advance:

  • Wax candle;
  • Dried leaves of wormwood;
  • Ceramic pot;
  • Holy water.

A person suffering from barley must be seated in the middle of the room, facing east. Then you should light a candle and set fire to the leaves of wormwood from its flame, previously placed in a pot.

It is important that the grass smolder, emitting fragrant smoke.

Taking the pot in your hand, you must go around with him sitting a man three times in the direction of clockwise movement. Each time, passing behind a person’s back, you should definitely spit three times over your left shoulder.

With this action, you protect yourself from the fact that the disease is not transmitted to you.

After such a crawl, the grass should fade completely. Any prayers should be read at this time. At the end of the ceremony it is necessary to moisten the fingers in holy water and cross them over the patient.

This will speed up healing.

If there is a suspicion that eye barley is the result of the evil eye, then you can use the rite with the use of bread. This is a very effective tool to combat barley in a child.

For the ceremony, you must first prepare:

  • A slice of black bread;
  • Some salt;
  • A glass of ordinary water.

It is necessary to clamp a piece of bread with your fingers and cross the water in a glass.

In the process, you must say:

After that, the bread should be dipped in a glass. Next you need to take a pinch of salt and repeat the action. Salt must also be thrown into the water.

Alternately with bread and salt, such actions are repeated three times.

Further, with the conspiracy of water, one should splash three times on the sore eyelid, repeating the same phrase. After this procedure, each time you need to spit over the left shoulder.

The remaining water in the glass must be thrown out beyond the threshold of your own home, with it all the collected negative energy will go.

Barley Conspiracy: Proven Recipes

Magic offers a universal rite, a conspiracy in which is pronounced in combination with some physical action, for example, with a cookie or spittle.

The magic words are as follows:

Any ritual in which the plot is used to fight with barley must be read in full confidence that it can really help you. But, using magic, you should not refuse from medical methods of treatment.

If the barley does not pass after several magic sessions, it is better to consult a doctor for advice.

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