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Ayurvedic Nutrition — Rules and Recommendations

Ayurvedic nutrition: perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner

Nutrition according to ayurveda helps not only to think over a healthy and tasty diet, but also to improve health. The selection of products for each time of day is based on the influence of different types of energies; therefore, both the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person is normalized.

Breakfast is the most important meal. Those products that you consume in the morning should give you enough energy to actively interact with the outside world during the day.

Ayurvedic Nutrition - Rules and Recommendations

Important Ayurvedic Rules:

  1. Leguminous products should be excluded. This is what you eat at 6 am (the most favorable time for breakfast). You can not eat bread, cereal and sandwiches.
  2. Fresh fruit in summer and dried fruit in winter is ideal for a morning meal. Also be sure to eat dairy products and milk. But only until dawn.
  3. If you drink milk, add spices to it and heat it. In its pure form is not recommended to use, you can also use sweeteners.
  4. Women in the morning must eat something sweet. This does not harm the figure, so feel free to include in your diet your favorite candy, gingerbread or chocolate. You can not completely abandon the confectionery products — it negatively affects the female hormonal level.
  5. Breakfast should be light. Do not place too large portions on the plate. Food should saturate, but not weight the stomach, otherwise you will spend the whole day in a half asleep state.
  6. Fruit salad, seasoned with low-fat sour cream, kefir or light yogurt is ideal for a women’s breakfast. Tasty, useful and filled with energy, which is enough for the whole day.

How to determine that breakfast was suitable for your body? It’s very simple — after it you feel cheerful, full of strength, drowsiness disappears.

To maintain energy levels, eat often during the day, but in small portions. This is useful for both shape and health.

The ideal time for lunchtime ayurveda is up to two in the afternoon. This meal should be the most high-calorie and dense among the rest.

You can eat anything, but do not arrange a feast of the abdomen — you should feel full, but not with a full stomach.

Ayurvedic Nutrition - Rules and Recommendations

It is very important to have lunch before noon, because during this time active solar energy helps to digest food. She will not give extra pounds.

But if you eat in the evening tight, it will definitely affect the figure.

According to Ayurveda, you need to have dinner until six o’clock in the evening. Do not forget to arrange light snacks between main meals.

Quench your hunger will help nuts or fruits.

Ayurvedic Nutrition - Rules and Recommendations

Recommendations for dinner:

  1. Exclude leguminous products, they can only be eaten at lunchtime (from 12 to 14 hours). If you try porridge, bread or buns in the evening, they will only be digested the next day. You will wake up with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and deprive yourself of proper rest at night.
  2. Vegetables — ideal for dinner. It is desirable that the heat treatment was minimal. Prepare a light salad, in extreme cases — extinguish the vegetables. Exclude potatoes and tomatoes. These are «heavy» products that are poorly absorbed by the body in the evening.
  3. Everything that you eat in the evening is digested with the help of lunar energy.

At night, be sure to drink a glass of warm sweet milk with spices. The most «ayurvedic» healthy seasonings are cinnamon and cardamom.

They will help you enter a calm state before bedtime, give your body a good rest and gain strength for the next day.

Animal products

Ayurvedic teaching negatively relates to animal products. These are fish, eggs, meat and poultry.

But if you are not ready to become a vegetarian, do not force your body. Eat your favorite foods at dinner, then the harm from them will be minimal.

Other products that are not recommended in the Ayurvedic diet:

  1. Coffee and any tea, except herbal. It is believed that caffeine is highly addictive and is a real addictive drug. Such drinks clouded the mind, interfere with thinking and feeling clear. Try to give up all caffeine, survive this breakdown, and soon notice that you began to feel and look much better.
  2. If you want to try switching to vegetarianism, do it gradually. For example, at first give up only meat. Then reduce the amount of fish in the diet. But if you feel that you are subconsciously not ready to give up animal food, you should not do this.

Watch a video about Ayurvedic nutrition:

Rules and Recommendations

To feel good and painlessly switch to a new diet, follow these guidelines:

  1. If you do not experience hunger, do not force yourself to eat by force. Restrict a little snack. Gradually, the body will get used to the new regime.
  2. Fruits and fresh juices are a separate meal. They can not be mixed with other products to avoid the process of fermentation in the stomach.
  3. Drink plenty of water, but only warm. Be sure to warm all the drinks, because the cold has a negative effect on the digestive system.
  4. Follow the principles of separate nutrition: do not mix carbohydrate foods with protein. Try, for example, to eat fruit in one meal, and cottage cheese or fish in another. Kashi also allocate a separate snack.
  5. Do not overeat. You have to leave the table with a feeling of fullness, and not with a full stomach. Overeating is fraught with drowsiness, lack of efficiency and loss of energy. You can not live an active life during the day, because the body spends all the energy to digest food.
  6. Chew food thoroughly. It is not recommended to read, watch TV or be distracted by something else during the meal. Fully focus on the process, enjoy the taste of food. Do not eat on the run and in a hurry.

Proper nutrition in Ayurveda helps a person to always feel energetic, full of energy. Such a system favorably affects not only the health of the physical body, but also the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Over time, you will experience the full effect.

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