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An overview of the benefits of yoga for the human body

What is the main benefit of yoga

Yoga is already more than 4000 years old, and over the past centuries practically no one doubts the benefits of yoga, because this system regularly has newer and newer followers and followers. There are various styles and exercises of yoga, but they are all united by three main components: body position, breathing practices and meditation.

In this article we will consider the benefits and harms of yoga for the human body.

An overview of the benefits of yoga for the human body

The reasons why yoga is good for health

Before you start to consider the obvious benefits of yoga, it should be noted that it is not a special kind of sport, but is simply a set of separately taken exercises for the development of strength, stretching and endurance.

Also, yoga is a whole philosophy of the life path of the spirit and body, following which a person not only improves his health and can rejuvenate his body, but also gets tempered, learns to effectively relax and control his nervous system.

Adherents of yoga are convinced that the system benefits immediately the mind, body and spirit of man. Due to the meditative yoga practices achieved complete relaxation of the body and it becomes possible to relieve stress.

Thanks to systematic exercises designed to eliminate the stress that most people suffer from today, blood pressure decreases, it becomes possible to prevent heart disease, the risk of depression is minimized and sleep improves.

In a world where everything changes too quickly, being able to concentrate on your breathing and on your body positions means releasing your mind and preparing for external pressure by receiving a supply of new energy and attention.

Also, considering the benefits of yoga, we must not forget about the improvement of flexibility. Performed in the process of practicing yoga poses are designed to increase the flexibility of the human body and at the same time strengthen weakened muscles.

A combination of these qualities helps to increase the range of motion of the joints and improve overall muscle tone.

In addition, the beneficial properties of yoga are due to the reduction of chronic pain, more rapid healing of fractures and stretch marks. Plus, yoga classes save from repeated damage to the joints.

And yet — help to maintain mobility during the recovery process after serious injuries.

Due to the soft combination of stretching exercises and strength exercises, blood circulation is improved, and more nutrients get into damaged tissues with areas of the body that suffer from pain. When we become more enduring and flexible, coordination of movements is normalized, which means that the risk of injury is reduced.

An overview of the benefits of yoga for the human body

How yoga affects the hormones

The adoption of various postures during yoga exercises enhances the intensity of blood flow in specific parts of the body, in which various endocrine glands are located. That is, there is a stimulation of the work of the gland, because due to the enhanced blood flow, it receives more nutrients and oxygen.

Various asanas have a positive effect on the pituitary, thymus, thyroid, sex glands, pancreas with adrenal glands. Already after a few months of regular practice, a noticeable improvement in hormonal levels occurs.

Reflex action of yoga asanas

There is a close connection between skin areas, muscles and organs and nerve fibers, as well as the segments of the spinal cord. In yoga practice, these segments are related to the chakras (or human energy centers).

Thanks to the study of certain parts of the body, one or another segment of the spinal cord is activated at the reflex level. In addition, there is also a link between each muscle group and areas of the cortex.

If you constantly work on a specific group of muscles, there will be an increase in peripheral impulses to the brain, which will have a very positive effect on its activity.

Psychosomatic Effects of Yoga

It’s no secret that the human psyche greatly affects physical well-being. But here you can go from the opposite and mention the fact that working with the physical body actually affects the personality and psyche.

At the same time, the chakras will become the connecting component between the physical body and the energy shells of the person. By acting on them you can improve your psycho-emotional state.

How is yoga useful for women?

The fair sex is more plastic in nature than men. This means that it is much easier for them to practice yoga asanas.

However, the female body needs more energy than the male one, because it is seriously affected by cyclical changes.

And yoga is an ideal practice that allows girls to quickly and efficiently restore their strength, replenish their personal energy, without making serious physical efforts.

In addition, many ladies are beginning to become puzzled by the question of fullness (especially with age). Part of yoga asanas (for example, «butterfly», «plow», «goddess pose») allow women to save themselves from the problem of excess weight.

There is another problem from which most beautiful women suffer — instability of the emotional state, regular tantrums or depressive states. Against them, the practice of yoga is priceless!

After all, different asanas are meditative, fairly smooth and measured practice, yoga, like no other activity, allows you to strengthen the nervous system, improve the quality of sleep, normalize the blood circulation process, and as a result — increase women’s self-esteem and strengthen self-confidence.

An overview of the benefits of yoga for the human body

Why can yoga be harmful?

Speaking of a system of physical exercises, yoga implies a reasonable approach to practice. This means that it can cause harm only in those cases if you do not follow its rules and warnings.

So, before you enroll in a yoga group, you should make sure that you do not have contraindications for this. After all, although the benefits of yoga are hard to overestimate, they are prohibited in some cases, namely:

  • In the presence of any acute pathologies of internal organs (pancreatitis, appendicitis, and the like), and more — any other acute pain conditions;
  • In case of defects and serious cardiac abnormalities;
  • With severe blood diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • In the first six months after a person has suffered a stroke or heart attack;
  • In the first two or three months after any surgery;
  • With increased intracranial or blood pressure;
  • In the presence of inguinal hernias;
  • In the case of intervertebral hernia and displacements, injuries;
  • The ban on the implementation of part of the asanas is imposed in the case of hyper mobility of the joints;
  • With infectious lesions of the joints, arthrosis;
  • In the case of infectious pathologies of the spinal cord or brain;
  • With the flu, colds, SARS, elevated body temperature;
  • With serious mental disorders (schizophrenia, psychosis, and so on).

In addition, yoga should be abandoned by women after the third month of pregnancy and not started earlier than three months after childbirth. The ban applies to critical days.

Also note that yoga is prohibited without medical permission. It is important that yoga brings pleasure and relief, and the disorders listed above make all this impossible.

If you started practicing yoga, but you encounter discomfort after each session, stop practicing and go through the examination.

If you are a beginner yogi, independent study and performance of new asanas is not recommended, because there are very high risks of damage to the ligaments, joints and muscle strain. It is most dangerous to injure the spine, and not the name proper preparation will make it very easy.

You need to bring a logical conclusion that deciding to practice yoga, you should remember that it is not just gymnastics, like fitness, but acts as a whole system of spiritual and physical exercises, which for more than a few thousand years and the actions of amateurs here will be absolutely inappropriate. If you do not want to be in the same position for a long time, listening to the internal processes of your body, it is better to stop jogging or jumping rope.

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