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An overview of how to remove the generic curse and save their loved ones

Three effective ways to remove the tribal curse

The generic curse is one of the most powerful curses. As a rule, it is induced with the help of special ritual actions. Knowing the main features of the generic curse, you can quickly calculate on yourself this negative program and get rid of it.

How to remove the generic curse yourself will tell you this article.

An overview of how to remove the generic curse and save their loved ones

Features of Generic Curses

The generic curse is the target kind of negative influence that is put on the whole gens through one of its representatives, who has committed some serious misconduct.

The purpose of the clan curse is to destroy this clan, that is, it is death. Curses of such a plan may begin to manifest immediately, and may unexpectedly arise after several centuries.

Often, to diagnose this type of negative program is quite problematic.

The main signs of a clan curse are the sudden death of one man after another. In this case, the causes of death can vary — it can be pathology, and accidents, and so on. Incidentally, this may be the traditional version of the curse: in one year, all the representatives of the stronger sex die, which means that the genus is dying out, because there is no one else to continue the family name.

But there are also other variants of disastrous programs, you can read more about them in a separate article on our website.

Next, we will consider why such a terrible curse can be sent to the family and how to get rid of it.

Reasons for sending ancestral curses

To make it clearer, let us consider the principle by which generic curses are made on a specific example. Suppose there is a genus in which everything is more or less normal, but suddenly all of the representatives of the strong half of the genus die for no apparent reason.

Then one of the members of the family decides to go to the sorcerer for a solution. The sorcerer enters a state of trance and reveals the presence of a generic curse with its root cause.

And it consists in the following: some ancestor (relative) once committed a terrible crime. He entered into sexual contact with a neighbor girl, who after that turned out to be pregnant, and he decided to abandon his own child, thereby relieving himself of responsibility for his act.

The girl could not endure this strong emotional experience and committed suicide, at the same time killing the future baby.

Of course, the relatives of the deceased are seeking justice, they are trying to appeal to the legislature, but they cannot help them, since the young man has influential relatives who have bribed the law enforcement bodies and they have closed their eyes to this crime.

The grieving native girls, not finding the truth, decide to resort to an unconventional solution to the problem. They go to the magician, ordering from him the rite of the curse of the family, thereby restoring the disturbed justice.

For what reason is the curse called generic? This is due to the fact that the clan, when it hides the criminal and does not betray him under the fair trial of the law, accepts the full degree of responsibility for himself and all the guilt of this person. That is, by hiding the offending member, the clan automatically becomes a criminal itself and begins to collect bad karma.

When the scales of karma are filled to the top, the curse begins to unwind and as a result the race quickly dies out.

An overview of how to remove the generic curse and save their loved ones

Methods how to remove the generic curse

Advises you to resort to three methods that will help eliminate the generic curse. Their effectiveness is confirmed by a large number of positive reviews.

Method One

For him, you need to stock up on three copper coins. But you can not take those coins that were given as change — be sure to barter them with your profit (this includes wages, pensions, winnings, scholarships, and any other).

Put money on a sheet and sleep on it for three nights. It is important that while you were missing any clothes, the only exception is underwear.

After three nights, coins should be handed out to poor people (one coin per person is obligatory), saying the following speech:

“I do not give a tribute, but I pass the curse from hand to hand, from Soul to Soul. Let it be so!»

Second method

It is necessary to cut a small piece of your own hair from the head and bury it under a tree. It is recommended to do this under poplar, apple or willow. And when you bury, say these words:

You, the tree, to flourish, and I (my name) to health. Let it be so!»

An overview of how to remove the generic curse and save their loved ones

Method three

Take an ordinary nut, bury it under a nut tree, and having said these magic words three times:

“As your roots are strong, so will my health be strong. Let it be so!»

It is allowed to perform all these manipulations for the same three days. In this way, you can give your negative to a beggar (through coins), and get in touch with the energy of the trees.

And also you can give your preference only to one method, refusing to do the other two.

There is one important point that should certainly be observed in the process of carrying out all these ceremonial actions — be sure to change all bed linen in order to sleep on a new bed.

Also, the rituals for the removal of patrimonial curses can be resorted to when the moon enters a descending phase.

And, of course, be sure to adhere to the principle of magical secrets and do not tell anyone about the acts you commit.

In addition, when such a heavy negative program is removed, it is necessary to adhere to the post, refusing the use of alcoholic beverages and meat products. Only fish with boiled eggs is allowed.

Also, the effect will be greatly enhanced if at this time you will not have sex.

If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better not to engage in “self-treatment”, but ask a healer for help, because the family curse is not a joke, but is a very serious thing that can wipe off any species from the earth in a short time.

At the end of the article we advise you to find out more information about the removal of the generic curses from the following video material:

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