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Allergy Conspiracy

Allergies always cause great trouble to a person. And, unfortunately, this disease is very difficult to treat. Therefore, magic is very often used to help get rid of the disease.

An allergy plot is an absolutely harmless way to speed the cure of a disease. But it should be carried out only in combination with medical appointments of the attending physician.

Allergy Conspiracy

Allergy is characterized by increased human sensitivity to various pathogens. The reactions of the human body are so serious that they threaten life and a person should always use antihistamine drugs.

But the attitude of magicians to allergies is different from the idea of ​​doctors about it. In the magical environment, the disease is considered a special condition of the body, which refers more to diseases of an energy nature.

According to most magicians, allergy occurs as a result of imbalance of the body and in this case you can restore health with the help of magic plots.

There is a special universal rite that does not require clarification of the type of pathogen. It can be used for all types of allergic reactions.

For the ceremony you need to take an empty bucket and read this allergy plot on it:

Allergy Conspiracy

After pronouncing the words, you need to spit three times in an empty bucket, and then tightly close it with a lid. Then you need to go outside and go to a deserted wasteland, where to bury it deeper, upside down, so that water does not fall into it.

The ceremony should be carried out in the period of the waning moon.

Strong rite, involves the spelling of a special broth. It should be prepared from dandelion roots and burdock, which are pre-ground in a wooden mortar.

For the rite you need to use about two glasses of the mixture. Naturally, this is a laborious and lengthy process. But it is very important to start pounding the roots in the evening in order to have time to finish this process before midnight.

After the mixture is ready, it should be poured with hot water and left overnight. The next morning, boil the mixture and allow it to cool slightly.

After that, the following words of magic are pronounced:

Allergy Conspiracy

Immediately after the spell broth, you should drink half a glass of drink. In the future, every day the broth should be drunk half a glass three times a day: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

When the decoction is over, you should cook a new one.

When reading a conspiracy it is very important to believe that it will help get rid of an unpleasant disease. If your soul has even the slightest doubt about the effectiveness of the ceremony, then you should not even take it up.

Also be sure to follow the general rules of the rite. It is very important to pronounce the magic words by heart, clearly and without hesitation.

Put all your soul into each phrase you uttered.

These rites belong to the magic tools that are aimed at getting rid of all alien, therefore, should be carried out only in the period of the waning moon. Especially effective are the rituals aimed at getting rid of allergies, if the disease is the result of induced damage.

There are no restrictions on the conduct of ceremonies, so do not be afraid of negative consequences. Combined with traditional methods, magic plots provide a good result for a short time.

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