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A way to know your aura color by date of birth

Find out your aura color by date of birth

Aura is a subtle energy substance that surrounds the body of every living organism. It is characteristic that in all people the aura has its own color characteristics, from which you can learn a lot about the personality traits of a person, his character, positive and negative habits, and so on.

In this material, we suggest that you set the color of the aura by date of birth using a simple mathematical calculation.

The way to know your aura color by date of birth

How to calculate the color of the aura by date of birth

It is very easy to do — you just need to lay down your birthday, as well as the month and year.

For example, if you were born on 05/25/1994, it means that the calculation will be as follows:

Then we reduce the resulting amount to a single digit (the exception will be the numbers 11 and 22): 35 = 3 + 5 = 8.

And then we turn our attention to the correspondence of each digit to a certain color of the aura:

  1. The unit is red;
  2. Two — yellow;
  3. Troika — orange;
  4. Four — green;
  5. Five — blue;
  6. Six — blue;
  7. Seven — purple;
  8. Eight — pink;
  9. Nine — bronze;
  10. Eleven — silver;
  11. Twenty-two gold.

In this example, we observe the aura of pink. Find out what color variation corresponds to your biofield, and find out what it will be able to tell about the features of your personality further.

Aura red

Indicates increased sensuality, thirst for life and aggression.

Red Biofield characterizes by nature ambitious, purposeful, liberated person, optimist. For such a person it is not typical to show apathy or indifference.

Of the negative aspects — a person can take on increased loads that exhaust him greatly. It may be such that he has to work on the unloved work or suffer from difficulties with his personal life.

It is necessary to have a good rest, eat right and find time to communicate with loved ones.

Aura yellow

Characteristic of creative and intellectual personalities. They have strong communication skills, they actively express themselves through some kind of activity.

It is important that in your life enough energy was given to one thing, choose the necessary sphere and achieve perfection in it, without being sprayed on many things at once.

It is believed that spending just an hour of your time every day for one lesson, after a year you can become an expert in this matter. Therefore, choose a favorite occupation and go for it!

The main task of people with a yellow aura is to give others warmth and positive emotions.

Aura orange

It gives a person sociability, good heart, care and sensitivity. It is important for you to find such an occupation, performing which you will help the world around.

Learn to fully accept your personality — this is your second life task. You may suffer from increased susceptibility, shyness and modesty.

You are recommended to actively serve people, thanks to which you will gain greater self-confidence and will begin to truly enjoy life.

The way to know your aura color by date of birth

Green aura

This is a natural color, and for people emitting a similar biofield, adaptation to new conditions goes very quickly. They are also distinguished by compassion and sentimentality, which probably refers to their greatest weakness.

They love to communicate with friends and relate to life quite easily. In the case when something goes wrong with them, the owners of the green biofield are inclined to shift responsibility for the trouble to others.

At the same time, such individuals are distinguished by kindheartedness, compassion, responsiveness, reliability, compassion and responsibility. They are pleased to care for others.

Aura blue

Typical for teachers, as well as people who love traveling and actively seeking the truth. People with a blue biofield are inborn adventurers with creative inclinations, well-developed imagination and well-developed logic.

In their souls they are always young and open to adventure. New emotions bring them pleasure, as well as contact with people of other nationalities.

The negative point is that it is typical for people with a blue biofield to adhere to an active life, it is difficult for them to relax, which is why they suffer from the negative effects of stress.

Aura blue

Demonstrates to our eyes a true benefactor, a very caring and humane person. In most cases, the owners of the blue aura believe in themselves, differ in responsibility and tend to take care of the people who surround them.

Thanks to the latter, they are very attractive to others.

If you have determined that the color of your biofield is blue, then it is important for you to learn how to believe other people, and to show your feelings more openly. Constantly listen to your inner voice — it will help you to establish contact with those around you.

But at the same time remember about the importance of sufficient rest and hanging out for the soul.

Aura purple

Speaks of increased spirituality, well-developed intuition, paranormal abilities. People with a violet biofield have an aggravated sensitivity, always come to the aid of others, are notable for restraint and tact.

When it becomes hard — the carriers of the violet biofield turn to their faith. They do not like to ask something from others, tend to rely only on themselves.

In the case when a person with a blue aura does not implement his natural program, his biofield decreases and loses its expressiveness.

The positive moment — the situation is quite reversible. If, for example, you feel indifference from others, try to formulate your thoughts more clearly.

It is also likely that you find it difficult to meet accepted standards of behavior. Persons with a violet aura often have pronounced inclinations toward literature, artistry, and drama.

They, as a rule, have a developed imagination and creative inclinations.

It should be noted that a very small number of people have violet radiation and this is one of the reasons why “purple personalities” tend to consider themselves exceptional.

The way to know your aura color by date of birth

Aura pink

Talking about materialism, dedication and high diligence. People with pink aura are distinguished by tenderness and care.

Despite this, if necessary, they will actively defend their beliefs.

For carriers of the pink energy glow, it is characteristic to always act as they see fit. But at the same time they find time to take care of others.

If a person does not realize the positive properties of his pink background, the aura becomes not so bright and saturated. This is often observed in cases where others impose their opinions on a person and he has to act in order to assert himself.
Often for people with a pink aura, timidity and indecision are characteristic. If you have noticed such things behind you, increase your faith in your own strength and actively express your will to the world around you.

Bronze Aura

Describes a humane person, ready for self-sacrifice. For carriers of the bronze glow is characterized by tenderness, care, but also determination.

They are willing to help others, but in an unobtrusive manner.

Most people with a bronze aura think positively and usually feel happy.

But there are negative points. People with a bronze biofield are distinguished by vulnerability and responsiveness.

For this reason, others often use them for their own selfish purposes. You also need to learn to do good, without expecting a response.

You by nature have a developed intuition, are distinguished by idealism, dreaminess, fantasy. Often you suffer from emotional overload and remain in constant nervous overstrain.

Learn to relax yourself using meditation, yoga exercises or the technique of self-hypnosis.

Golden Aura

Indicates the daring thoughts of a person, as well as exceptional ability and increased responsibility. Such individuals easily succeed.

They have high ideals and life goals, realizing that they achieve happiness.

The bearers of the golden aura are inborn charismatic leaders who charge their energies around them. It is very difficult to find a negative person who would have a golden aura.

Now you know how a person’s aura is established by date of birth. We invite you to finally watch the informative video on the topic