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A plot from bedbugs — a solution to an unpleasant problem

When the bugs start up in a dwelling, the life of a person in it becomes unbearable. Today, there are many chemical means by which you can get rid of these insects. But, of course, they are not all safe and can threaten health.

Therefore, it is better to try to overcome the bugs with the help of magical rites.

A plot from bedbugs - a solution to an unpleasant problem

A conspiracy from bedbugs does not require special preparation, so any person can conduct such a ceremony. But in order for the impact to be successful, you need to sincerely believe in magic.

It is very important to pronounce the plot from the bugs clearly and without hesitation, putting in each word its desire to get rid of unpleasant insects.

It is considered that if the ceremony is conducted by a man, then the most appropriate days will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Women must read the plot on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the magic action, it should not be planned on the last day of the waning moon.

If nothing is specified in the recommendations, the ceremony can be held at any time of the day.

It is believed that the most effective is the rite against bugs, held on Semenov day. This day is celebrated on September 14 and is considered the first day of autumn.

The ritual begins with the fact that in the morning the house should open all the windows and doors. Then in each room you need to install one church candle.

After that, you can begin to pronounce the conspiracy from bedbugs, and this must be done as many times as there are rooms in your house.

The plot words are as follows:

A plot from bedbugs - a solution to an unpleasant problem

After the pronunciation of words, you can do your household chores, but the windows and doors should be kept open until the candles burn out. After the last candle goes out, it is necessary to close windows and doors in turn.

And each time you need to pronounce these words:

At this ceremony is considered completed and soon the bugs from your home will disappear by themselves.

When you suddenly got bugs, then one of the days in the period of the waning moon you need to conduct an effective internal rite.

Immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, you need to utter the following conspiracy:

After that, you need to carry out general cleaning, destroying all the bugs in a physical way. Those that you did not notice, will leave your home themselves.

A plot from bedbugs - a solution to an unpleasant problem

There is a strong ritual in which a dead insect must be used as an attribute. The ceremony is held at midnight in the period of decreasing moon.

In a separate room, a saucer with water is placed on the table, and six church candles are set around it. Then put a dead insect in the saucer and light the candles.

Then in the left hand you need to take a small mirror, which should be held directly above the saucer. A comb in the right hand needs to draw a cross over the mirror in the air.

In the process of such manipulations need to pronounce the following words:

Then you need to wait until the candles burn out. Cinder should be collected, immediately taken out into the street and thrown away from home as far as possible. This rite should be carried out three days in a row.

After that, the bugs will disappear by themselves.

Professional magicians warn that in order for the rite against bedbugs to be successful, it must be carried out by a non-drinker and non-smoking person. In order to prevent plots from bedbugs is not recommended, they can only be used to solve the existing problem.

Of course, it should be remembered that magic does not tolerate a comic attitude, therefore, rituals aimed at fighting bed bugs should be taken seriously.

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