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A plot for luck will bring good luck

Every person in life really needs luck to achieve success and become successful. And you can attract it with the help of magical rites.

And it is very important that any plot of luck belongs to the means of white magic, so it does not bear a negative and can not harm.

A plot for luck will bring good luck

The main feature of the rites to attract luck in life, perhaps, is their diversity. And the biggest difficulty for a person is the correctness of the ritual choice in relation to the situation.

In order to attract luck, you must first select a room for the ritual. It is necessary to carry out general cleaning and, if possible, remove extra things.

The ritual is performed in the early morning during the rising of the moon.

With the advent of the first ray of the rising sun, you should open the window wide open, set a candle on the table and light it.

Further such text is pronounced:

If you properly prepare and tune, you can hold a ceremony that will attract good luck to you for life. It is very important in this rite, a plot for luck, pronounced clearly and without hesitation.

Therefore, it is better to learn the plot by heart, but it is allowed to write magic words on a white sheet of paper and periodically pry into it.

For the ceremony you need to take thick threads of different colors, namely:

  • Blue;
  • Yellow;
  • Green.

A plot for luck will bring good luck

Having retired in a separate room and taking care that no one is disturbed by you, you need to start weaving a braid slowly.

In this case, the following words are pronounced:

A woven pigtail should be tied on the wrist of the left hand and worn, without removing the bracelet. You should know that the breaking of the threads will be very dangerous, since in this case the plot begins to act with exactly the opposite, that is, the person will be chased by constant failures. If this happens, the braid of the threads must be removed from the wrist and burn.

After that it is allowed to conduct the rite again.

After a special ceremony, you can independently create a talisman for luck. This can be any favorite item, for example, a small toy or decoration.

Having retired in a separate room, you should pick up the item that you plan to turn into a talisman. Next, you need to try to give him all the warmth of his soul, imagining how it flows in the selected object.

After that, you need to turn to the subject, ask him to become your protection and bring you luck in all your affairs.

Then such plot conspires:

There is a ritual that can be performed every day, leaving the house. This magical effect will help you choose good ways to solve certain issues and meet the people you need.

Standing on the threshold just before leaving the house, you need to say these words:

After that, you can go out the door. If you have forgotten something, you can not go back.

If it is extremely necessary, then it is necessary to repeat the ceremony again, but it should be remembered that the strength of the protective effect decreases.

This rite is very strong. Therefore, you can not negatively relate to any events occurring during the day, which are perceived by you as failures.

Consider that the Lord God, thus, protects you from serious losses and misfortunes.

A plot for luck will bring good luck

In the lives of people who are lucky, called lucky. And few people think about the fact that a person’s lucky strip is connected with the fact that he attracts good luck to himself with the help of magic.

You can independently from time to time feed your energy field with positive energy with the help of special rites. Thus, the atmosphere around you will be filled with positive, which is always associated with luck.

To do this, periodically, on Tuesdays, you need to turn in the direction of the east and pronounce these words:

Strengthen the plot can be, if you read it with white candles lit. They need to be put out after speaking the magic words and used next time.

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