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A money plot will increase your capital.

Effective money plot — the path from lack of money to wealth

Money plot is one of the most interesting and useful magic rituals. After all, life is not only love, hate and death. It is also a constant concern about where to make money.

After all, money is both the daily bread for the man himself and his relatives, and the opportunity to fulfill his innermost dreams, and, finally, money is freedom.

So, in the desire to earn as much money as possible, there is nothing shameful or harmful. That’s just to get a big income, little desire and work. I also need luck.

Without luck, you can spend a lot of effort, getting in return only a penny. This is where magic can help, offering many different monetary plots.

A money plot will increase your capital.

Despite the fact that conspiracies to attract money are presented in a huge variety, they have common features. And in order for rituals to be effective it is imperative that you follow the recommendations and rules.

It is believed that Wednesday is the best day for ceremonies. On this day it is recommended to conduct ceremonies in case you need to receive an urgently determined amount of money.

Also, the rites performed on this day, aimed at the return of debt, differ in high speed.

As a rule, the rites for raising money are held in the period of the waning moon. In this phase, the night star helps to improve and stabilize the financial situation of a person.

Speaking conspiracies aimed at attracting money is needed only in solitude and silence. In addition, it is important not to inform anyone about the plans for the ceremony.

The magic of money is a very delicate matter, so if someone knows about the rite, the directional effect can have the exact opposite result and can worsen the financial situation. And, of course, it is very important to believe in magic.

The slightest doubt in the soul reduces the effectiveness of the ceremony.

With a huge variety of rites, all of them can be classified according to individual types.

You can highlight:

  • Conspiracies that contribute to the return of the debt;
  • Rituals that attract material well-being into the house;
  • Rites for a certain amount of money.

It is advisable not to postpone money problems and to conduct the ceremony in the shortest possible time.

A money plot will increase your capital.

One of the simplest and most effective money plots is, surprisingly, based on their distribution. On Sunday morning, shake out all the little things (not only small change, but also small bills) from your wallet and walk around the city, handing out this money to the poor.

When giving out alms, repeat to yourself such a money conspiracy:

The essence of this conspiracy is to charge the distributed money for a quick return to you in the form of much larger bills. And giving alms is a good deed that gives your conspiracy a powerful energy charge.

If you buy something, you can also charge money for a quick return, but not for growth, because, unlike the first situation, you don’t give away, but you get some benefits. Therefore, only really large bills should be charged for a refund upon purchase.

In this case, paying the price, mentally speak a short money conspiracy:

But the conspiracy in money is not necessarily associated with the request-order to return to them as soon as possible. You can attract and the money that you have never been before.

To do this, buy a beautiful new wallet, in which the money would be the most convenient and tidy.

Take this wallet in hand and say this:

Saying the last words, put a new, nice and clean bill in your wallet. Make sure that your money in your wallet is never crumpled, torn or dirty.

Then they will always strive to get into your wallet!

A money plot will increase your capital.

You can attract wealth by conducting a special magical rite at an intersection. For its implementation, you need to pick up a pre-twelve yellow coins, they can be of various denominations.

After waiting for the descending phase of the moon, you need to go to a deserted intersection and take the coins in your palm, substituting them under the moonlight.

After that, you need to say these magic words:

Words need to say after three times and immediately go home with the coins. They should be put in the wallet and spent in the near future in a natural way.

In order to quickly attract a certain amount of money, you need to perform a ceremony using green candles. This rite is held at noon in a separate room with curtains.

In complete solitude and absolute silence, you need to put two green candles on the table and light them.

Looking at their flames should say the following words:

The magical conspiracy must be read three times, and then sit in silence and wait for the candles to burn out. A small piece of wax needs to be wrapped in a napkin and worn as a talisman.

This will enhance the effectiveness of the rite.

A money plot will increase your capital.

There is a strong rite with which you can attract wealth to your own home. If the impact is successful, then your home will soon become not just rich, but luxurious.

For the ceremony you will need to use a piece of natural fur, better than sheep.

On him need to say these words:

A piece of plotted wool must be kept in a secret place so that no one ever finds it. It will be like a magnet to attract wealth to your home.

There is a conspiracy for exactly a year, and after a year you can repeat it.

Such rituals are very popular. Their essence is that a special magic words spell coin or bill, which is subsequently stored in a wallet and attracts money.

Under no circumstances can you spend it. A coin or bill is usually spoken when a green candle is lit.

For one of the effective rites you should also use:

  • A piece of magnet to be crushed into powder;
  • Pine oil;
  • Powder of dried fern leaves.

At the beginning of the ceremony, you need to light a candle in a separate room in complete solitude. From it you need to collect some melted wax and mix it with other ingredients.

After that, a coin or bill must be poured with such a wax mixture.

Next, say eight times the following words:

A conspired coin or bill must be kept in a wallet in a separate compartment. Only in this case, it will attract money to you.

Money gives a sense of confidence in life. Therefore, in order to remove the lack of money from your own life, you need to carry out the next rite.

In the period of the growing moon, you need to go outside and go to the pre-selected young spruce. It is necessary to take a coin, knock it on a tree trunk.

And say twelve times these words:

After pronouncing the magic words, the coin should be buried at the roots of the tree, and then leave very quickly, without looking back. It is very important to choose a tree, so that the district does not have witnesses of this action.

A money plot will increase your capital.

With the help of a new broom you can bring wealth to your own home. To do this, you need to buy a broom in the period of the waning moon, it is important that it be plain and natural, and not synthetic.

They need revenge to the center of the premises of the house from all angles.

In this case, pronounce these words:

All swept up garbage needs to be collected in a separate package and taken directly to the trash. This conspiracy for greater efficiency needs to be repeated several lunar months in a row.

It should be understood that the rite aimed at attracting money can help only enterprising and not lazy people. If you expect that money will simply fall on you from heaven, then you will not succeed. Magic opens the way for the receipt of money, only in cases where a person makes an effort for this.

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