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A hernia plot is an additional treatment

Hernia is a very unpleasant disease that is very difficult to treat. It has long been used plots from a hernia, that is, it can be argued with certainty that the effectiveness of these magic tools has been proven by time. But it should be understood that the main treatment should be carried out by the methods of traditional medicine under the mandatory supervision of a physician.

Magic rites can only be used as an additional means to accelerate recovery.

A hernia plot is an additional treatment

Each specific hernia plot should be read in accordance with the recommendations for the rite. But all the rituals of a given orientation should always be carried out in one of the days of the phase of the waning moon. When reading a conspiracy it is very important to believe in the power of magic and to imagine how your recovery comes to you.

Without faith, all rites will be useless.

In order for the ceremony to be effective, strangers should not be attracted to it, and, consequently, it is necessary to keep plans for conducting the magical effect in secret.

In adults, vertebral hernia often develops. This is a very painful pathology, which hinders the movement of a person and does not allow to live a full life.

Along with the methods of traditional medicine, you can use a special hernia plot. The ceremony provides for the conduct of special actions that are quite difficult to perform independently, but it is very important that this is a close person to whom you fully trust.

In the ritual will need to use:

  • A piece of refined sugar;
  • Scalded nettle with boiling water;
  • Some hot water.

A person suffering from vertebral hernia should lie on the stomach. On a sore spot on the spine should put a piece of refined sugar.

On it you need to very carefully drop a few drops of hot water, so that it starts to melt.

After that, this magic spell spells out nine times:

After the last time the plot is pronounced, the back must be wiped with scalded nettles. Such a ritual is performed for three days in a row and there is always a noticeable relief after it.

A hernia plot is an additional treatment

From ancient times came a powerful conspiracy that allows to recover from a hernia. But this can only happen if you have a naturally strong energy.

But in any case, it can be a good help for the traditional treatment of this pathology.

It is important to utter conspiracy words clearly, without stammering, so you need to try to learn them beforehand.

The text of the plot is:

Spells out such words lard and milk. Subsequently, they must be mixed with such a healing ointment, enhanced magic, to lubricate the sore spot several times a day.

All the prayers and plots from the hernia belong to white magic, therefore they cannot harm. Such rites can be safely used for additional impact on unpleasant pathology.

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