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A conspiracy to make money in the house and wallet

Every person dreams of becoming rich. But, unfortunately, not always and not everyone succeeds.

Life situations are very frequent, that money, despite all the efforts that have been made, as if bypassing a person. In such cases, you can use magic and read the conspiracy to make money in the house.

A conspiracy to make money in the house and wallet

There are many rituals that are aimed at attracting money and you can make it yourself. But at the same time, it should be understood that any conspiracy to bring money only opens financial channels at the energy level.

And money is always earned by its own labor and diligence.

In the new moon, you can spend a very strong magical ritual aimed at bringing to life a financial well-being, in which the use of a large dignity note is assumed.

Having retired in a separate room you need to take a paper bill with your right hand. Further, using the left hand, it is necessary to wrap its left corner. So, you need to roll the bill so that you get an isosceles triangle.

Then the money is bent on the vertical axis. After that, you need to put a bill on a chair and sit on it.

Then he says such a slander:

Next, you need to gently smooth the paper bill and say such words over it.:

After that, the bill must be put in a separate pocket in the bag, first three times a cross. Finally, you need to read the effective prayer “Our Father” nine times.

A conspired bill cannot be spent for a year. During this period, you should periodically appear bills of the same dignity.

Every time you mentally need to thank the initially plotted bill for work.

If you feel like a prosperous person in terms of finances, it will not hurt to hold a ceremony that will help protect you from poverty. The ritual is held in the phase of the new month. It is important to hold the ceremony on Sunday on a cloudless night, when the stars are clearly visible in the sky.

You need to go out, holding money in your hands.

After that, looking at the sky, you need to pronounce such a magical conspiracy seven times:

The next day, on Monday morning, you need to take the money attribute used in the rite and add three more coins to it. Money should be put on the windowsill, and there they should lie for a week.

At the same time every day in the morning hour you need to approach the money and pronounce the following magic words:

After the time has elapsed, the conspiracy money should be put in a purse in a separate place and not spend it. They will serve as a talisman, and attract wealth to you.

A conspiracy to make money in the house and wallet

In order not to transfer money, it is recommended to conduct the rite with the use of poppy. It needs to be bought in the period of a new moon from a woman on the market without surrender, or don’t take delivery.

That same night, secluded in a separate room, you should spread a black scarf on the table. And previously from the table you need to remove the tablecloth. On a scarf you need to draw a clear circle with the help of a remnant.

It is important to use soap that was used only by you. In the center of the drawn circle you need to pour poppy seeds.

A cross is drawn on it with the ring finger of the right hand, then these magic phrases are pronounced:

Conspired poppy need to hide in a secluded place, so that no one ever found.

If you sincerely believe in magic, then conspiracies to ensure that the money was brought, will definitely improve your well-being.

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