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A conspiracy to love a guy in four versions

A conspiracy to love a guy is a very powerful magic tool. With his help, you can attract the love of a person you like.

But to use such effects should be very careful. It is very important, first of all, to make sure that the heart of the chosen one is free.

It is impossible to destroy someone else’s love with such rites.

A conspiracy to love a guy in four versions

A conspiracy on a guy can be applied in various life situations. The safest rites are those that allow you to gain love in order to build strong relationships in the future.

For the success of the effects you need to desire to love. Experimenting with magic is impossible.

If you like a guy and you are sure that he sympathizes with you, then you can awaken stronger feelings in him with the help of a magical rite. This will speed up the construction of harmonious relationships.

During the growth of the moon you need to read this plot:

Such a conspiracy will help not only to attract love, but also to protect the relationship from outside influence.

A conspiracy to love a guy in four versions

To protect your love feelings, you can also hold a magical rite.

The following attributes should be prepared for the ritual:

  • New tablecloth;
  • Three church candles.

Having retired in a separate room you need to lay a table with a tablecloth, put candles in front of you and light them. After that, some time you need to sit in silence and think about your beloved.

When you feel an invisible connection with him, you should speak such magical words with feeling:

After the text is read, the candles must be extinguished and tied together. They need to hide in a secret place.

Such protection will work as long as the hands of others are not touched by the candles.

You can attract the love of a guy, even if you are not sure about his feelings. But it should be remembered that such an impact is fraught with danger.

If in the future it does not turn out to awaken the natural love feelings of the chosen one or you fall out of love with him, this will lead to serious negative consequences for both of you.

There is a strong magic conspiracy during the rising moon in the morning dawn. It is advisable to pronounce the words on the street, looking to the east.

If it is not possible to do this, then the ceremony should be carried out near an open window.

The following magic words must be pronounced twelve times:

This plot must be repeated for twelve days in a row. Any missed day will make the ceremony ineffective. After such a ritual, your chosen one will soon have an interest in you.

But the fact how harmoniously your relationship will develop depends only on you two.

A conspiracy to love a guy in four versions

You can wake up strong love feelings with your chosen one towards yourself with the help of a special ritual involving the use of a photo of a loved one.

Speak the words you need, looking at the picture, and putting into each word your sincere feelings and the desire to be with your chosen one.

The magic words are as follows:

This plot must be pronounced late at night during the rising moon. It is possible to strengthen its action if a ceremony is held with lit church candles.

It is allowed to perform a ritual every day for a week.

Of course, a magical conspiracy is an effective means to attract the love of the guy you like. But when deciding to use magic, you need to be aware of all the responsibility for it.

It is important to carry out the ceremony in full confidence in their case.

The words of any conspiracy should be pronounced clearly and deliberately. During the ritual must comply with all its conditions.

In addition, it is very important that in the process of conducting the ceremony, nothing should distract you. Only with full focus on the goal impact will be successful. Also important is being in a positive mood.

It should be remembered that negative emotions scare love. An important condition for the success of the rite is the sacrament of the rite.

In this regard, no one should be informed about their plans.

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