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A conspiracy to bring love into your life

A conspiracy to attract love is a special program that allows you to attract the love of a particular person. Most often, such rites are enjoyed by girls who are tired of being alone and dream of reliable male support.

It is important to remember that to carry out any conspiracy to attract love is possible only with sincere feelings for a person who you really like. Such rites belong to the means of white magic and by their nature are not love spells.

A conspiracy to bring love into your life

To be able to choose a partner who is most suitable for you and with whom the desire to build sustainable relationships will arise, it is necessary to create conditions so that representatives of the strong half of humanity are around you. If you feel that you do not have enough male attention, then you need to correct the situation with the help of magic.

If a girl doesn’t manage to meet her husband in life, then you need to make a special magic talisman that, like a magnet, will attract new men to life. Therefore, the likelihood that love will arise with one of them is greatly increased.

The rite in which such a talisman will be made must necessarily be carried out in the phase of moon growth. On one of the lunar nights, you should leave your own 3 * 4 photo on the windowsill.

Pre-shot must be wrapped in fresh basil leaves, which are fixed with a green thread.

The next morning, a photo charged with lunar energy must be wrapped in a rag of green cloth and put in a handbag. Such a talisman is not durable and it will act no more than a month.

If during this period it was not possible to meet the betrothed, then the ritual must be repeated in a month.

A very effective talisman made from apricot stone. It is necessary to take a stone from a ripe and not spoiled fruit.

It must first be washed and dried. After that, the bone should be carefully divided into two halves, remove the nucleolus from it, and then glue it again.

The fruit must be eaten, saying with these words:

Apricot kernel should be fed birds with the words:

Glued bone is painted in red light. In it you need to then make a hole and thread the cord.

This bone is a talisman and you need to wear it around your neck like a medallion.

When you put on this talisman, you should say these words:

After that, the talisman should be removed and hidden in a secret place so that it never caught the eye of other people. When you like a guy from your surroundings, the talisman should be pulled out and re-read on him a magical plot.

The very nature of a woman has a desire to have a happy family, to become a good wife and a caring mother. Therefore, the rituals that attract not only love, but also a quick marriage, are in great demand among young girls.

There is a strong rite that allows such a desire to come true. For the ritual, you should first purchase a small whisk and a yellow scoop. Such purchases must be made on Wednesday or Friday.

Moreover, acquiring such an attribute cannot be taken change.

On the way home you need to imagine how much you need a new broom, how convenient it will be for you to sweep your own housing and keep it in perfect order. On the same day, waiting for midnight, sweep the yard of your own house, and if you live in an apartment, then you should sweep the entrance.

In the process of such cleaning should say these words:

It is important to remember that words must be spoken an odd number of times. And at the same time, the more thoroughly the cleaning is done, the more powerful the impact will be.

All the collected garbage must be collected on the scoop and brought into the house. It should be poured into a canvas bag and put in one of the corners of the house. Above him you need to read the prayer «Our Father» nine times.

A bag of trash should be left in your house until the next full moon.

Soon you will be able to meet different men and you will have a chance to choose the most worthy of them. After that, the garbage must be taken out of the house, as far as possible from your home.

All actions should be carried out without witnesses.

A conspiracy to bring love into your life

For the ceremony will need a small pebble. It must be taken along the road on the way home.

Having brought the favorite stone to your own dwelling, it should be thoroughly rinsed under running water seven times.

In the process, the following words are pronounced seven times:

After that, the stone must be heated on the stove or in the furnace. Then with this attribute you need to leave the house and walk around your own home seven times. After that, you need to head east to the nearest strong and tall tree.

It is very good if it turns out to be oak or birch.

Turning to the tree, it is necessary to say other magic words:

The stone must be left near the roots of the tree so that it does not attract attention and no one takes it. After that, you need to briefly touch the stone and make yourself feel the flow of light energy.

She will allow to look attractive in the eyes of men and will contribute to the fact that soon you will find personal happiness with a kind and strong man.

After that, you need to go home the shortest way. Upon arrival home, you must retire, drink a sip of holy water and read the prayer «Our Father.»

For the success of any ceremony aimed at attracting love, you need to have full confidence in the correctness of their intentions. Any doubt in your soul will lead to the fact that the ritual will be simply useless, and you will not be able to change anything in your life.

It is categorically impossible to try to attract love into your life out of curiosity, this can lead to negative consequences, most likely to the fact that in the future you will no longer be able to change anything in your destiny with the help of magic.

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