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A conspiracy on the castle will attract the love of the chosen one and wealth in the house

The castle is a very frequent attribute in magical rites of various kinds. This symbolism is rooted in antiquity and means that certain feelings and actions are securely fixed with such an additional attribute.

The castle is widely used as an attribute in the rites of love magic, as well as in rituals aimed at attracting wealth and success in life.

A conspiracy on the castle will attract the love of the chosen one and wealth in the house

There are no special rules for performing rites with locks. The main thing that is needed is to follow the recommendations of a particular ceremony exactly.

In addition, it is important, very clearly and clearly spell the conspiracy on the castle. You need to feel every spoken word and sincerely believe that the impact will reach the goal.

For the ceremony you will need to prepare the following additional attributes:

  • New small padlock type;
  • A metal chain, the length of which should allow to embrace the trunk of a tree, previously selected for the ritual;
  • Own hairs and hairs from the head of the chosen one;
  • A pair of ribbons, and the color combination should be chosen as pink-red and blue-blue;
  • A narrow strip of white sheet, approximately 1 x 15 cm;
  • A small handkerchief.

The rite is held on one of the nights three days before the full moon appears in the sky. It is necessary to retire in a separate room and put all the prepared attributes on the shawl spread out on the table.

Then you need to take the hairs, twist them, fixing ribbons from different sides. In the process, you need to think only about your chosen one and how much you want to be with him.

A conspiracy on the castle will attract the love of the chosen one and wealth in the house

After the improvised pigtail is created, you should say these words:

After that you need to tie the ribbons from different sides of the pigtails. Then on a strip of paper you should concisely write a desire related to the fact that you want to be with your chosen one.

Next, paper tape must be put on the key lock, and on top of the pigtail. All this needs to be tied up in a scarf and put under a pillow.

Three days of attributes can not be touched, and sleep on a pillow, without turning it over. The chain should be put under the bed and also not to touch it for three days.

On the first night of the full moon, you must take the chain and all the attributes that have lain under the pillow. The handkerchief should be spread again on the table and the ribbons removed from the improvised pigtails.

On the pink-red ribbon you should write the name of the woman, and on the blue-blue — the name of your chosen one.

Next, you need to re-read the above plot and in the process of reading, a pigtail of hair, must be tucked inside the lock. This can be done both through the holes at the brackets, and through the keyhole. It is very important not to damage a single hair.

There also need to push and a strip of paper on which the desire is written. This can be done after it is twisted into a thin tube.

After carrying out all the actions you need to go to the tree, which you previously looked after for the ceremony. The chain is put on it and fixed with a lock.

The key is turned in the lock and the plot on the lock is repeated. After this ceremony is considered to be completed and you need to leave without talking to anyone on the way home.

It is important not to eat or eat anything until morning.

A conspiracy on the castle will attract the love of the chosen one and wealth in the house

With the help of the rite in which the castle is used, you can attract well-being to the house. This is a very effective ritual, but it is imperative to believe that with its help it will be possible to attract wealth.

In the ritual should use a new padlock.

It is necessary to open it and say the following words in the keyhole:

After pronouncing the words, lock the key and, the next day, take it and throw it into the nearest reservoir, as far as possible from the coast.

The rites in which the lock is used are very strong, and it is very difficult to remove such effects. According to the magicians, to remove the most simple love spells need the help of professionals.

That is why you need to use this magic carefully.

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