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A conspiracy in the new moon for money and prosperity

On the Full Moon, ceremonies are often held to attract money. The first day of the new lunar month has a special energy.

The time when you can hold an effective rite is just a few hours.

A conspiracy in the new moon for money and prosperity

A conspiracy on a new moon for money will be effective only if you truly believe in magic. With all the variety of ceremonies you need to choose the ritual that is closest to you.

This you must feel on a subconscious level.

On the new moon, you can hold a ceremony, which involves the cultivation of money. This ritual is very simple and quite comparable with growing vegetables in the garden.

It is important that none of the households guess that you are raising money in your own home.

In order to grow money, it is necessary in the phase of the new moon to decompose bills and coins of different denominations on top of all the cabinets. It is very important that, at least on some of them, the moonlight falls. Perform this action should be in a positive mood and faith in magic.

You only need to think that prosperity will soon become an integral part of your life.

Having laid out all the bills and coins in places invisible to prying eyes, you should say the following words:

Money must be left to germinate for three days, after which they must be collected and spent immediately, having bought, some useful thing in the house. This rite very well attracts money, if it is carried out at every full moon.

A conspiracy in the new moon for money and prosperity

To attract well-being to the house, you can conduct a ritual involving the use of coins. For the rite, you must first prepare seven yellow coins and one church candle.

This conspiracy in the new moon on money is so strong that if everything works out, then you will always live in prosperity.

At midnight, you should retire in a separate room, sit at the table and light a church candle in front of you. It is not necessary to shut the window in the room, and if the season allows, then it should be opened.

Taking the prepared coins in your right hand and looking at the month that appeared in the sky, you should say the following words:

Magic words are spoken seven times. After the conspiracy is last uttered, you should carefully look at the conspiracy coins.

Next say the words:

Conspired coins should be left overnight under moonlight. In the morning they need to be put in the wallet and on the same day they must be spent.

In ceremonies aimed at attracting money to life, can be used a variety of attributes. Very effective is the ritual in which rice is used.

It is very simple, so it is easy to hold at home.

To effect money, you should take a handful of rice and speak it with these words:

Conspired rice must be gradually scattered in the places where money is stored in the house. A few grains should be put in the wallet and never lay out.

A conspiracy in the new moon for money and prosperity

There is a very strong prayer, which is pronounced on the third day after the new moon. With its help, you can improve your well-being for a long time.

To do this, late at night, when the new month will shine in the sky, you need to put some coins in your pocket and go outside. It is necessary to find a place where no one will see you and worship the new month.

Then, ringing the coins in your pocket, say these words:

Conspired coins need to hide in a secluded place and save until the next new moon. And when it comes they should be distributed as alms.

It is noteworthy that the rites in the new moon for money can be repeated every month. They belong to the means of white magic and can not harm.

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