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A conspiracy from sore throat will speed recovery

Sore throat is a very painful disease that is very dangerous and requires compulsory treatment with medication. For successful treatment it is important to follow all the recommendations and prescriptions of your doctor.

But you can speed up recovery and recover faster with the help of magical rites.

A conspiracy from sore throat will speed recovery

Of course, any conspiracy from a sore throat should be read only if the main treatment is carried out using traditional medicine methods. It is important that you can use magic at any stage of the disease, there are no restrictions on the use of magical healing rituals.

They can not be harmed, but if you do not believe in the power of magic, then the magical effects will be simply useless.

This is a very effective rite, which is easily carried out independently at home. First you should make a special tea. It is better for its preparation to use herbs that suit you, that is, do not cause allergies.

You should wait until the tea has cooled, then put some honey in it and stir it thoroughly. May honey is best, but any floral product can be used, as long as it is natural.

After that, tea speaks with such magic words:

A warm, spelled honey drink should be sipped and immediately went to bed.

A conspiracy from sore throat will speed recovery

If the disease could not be cured at the initial stage of development, then for the treatment of angina in severe form, along with the methods of treatment offered by traditional medicine, you can use magic. Very effective is the rite in which the egg is used.

For the ritual, twelve eggs should be boiled. They should be left in hot water.

And at this time over a sick person to utter such a magic spell:

This magic spell should be pronounced in full concentration on the desire to help the sick person. Speaking the words can not be distracted by anything.

During the pronunciation of words in your hand you need to hold a knife, the blunt side of which should be led in the throat zone at a distance of several centimeters from the skin.

After honoring the plot and performing the described actions, the sore throat should be lined with warm eggs. After they have cooled, the pain should be released and the healing process should begin.

A conspiracy from sore throat will speed recovery

Plots from sore throats will help in the treatment of babies. Moreover, the use of magic in this case should be necessary, because angina is a very insidious disease that can cause serious complications on vital organs.

In this regard, it is necessary to make every effort to, as soon as possible, to cure the child.

Moreover, doctors very often have to recommend various folk remedies for treating tonsillitis in children. This is due to the fact that young children often suffer from allergies, so medication should be used with great caution.

The healing rite is performed by a close relative of the baby, optimally if the mother’s words are spoken by the mother or grandmother. Speaking a magical conspiracy you need to constantly swallow saliva, if possible it is necessary to persuade the sick child to do it.

Healing words are:

This magic spell is repeated three times a day with an approximate interval of about five hours. As a rule, such a rite greatly enhances the effect of other medicines prescribed by a doctor.

In addition, it should be remembered that a very effective remedy for treating angina in children is the well-known “Our Father” prayer. It can be read many times during the day.

Any conspiracy from a sore throat is a very effective means, so you should not neglect it, because in order to quickly get rid of the disease, all means are good.

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