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A conspiracy from prison: to not put

Human life is filled with all sorts of surprises, it is unpredictable. And sometimes circumstances add up in such a way that even law-abiding citizens can end up in prison.

The modern justice system cannot be called perfect, therefore no one can be insured against undeserved punishment.

In this regard, magical rituals that allow you to defend yourself, to avoid unfair punishment and win the court are very popular.

A conspiracy from prison: to not put

It is very important to read the prison plot in full confidence that it will be effective. In addition, by resorting to magic, one should have confidence that you or the person to whom the influence is directed are absolutely innocent.

A conspiracy from prison is not a talisman; it is used when a person has already come under suspicion or is under investigation. With the help of magic words you are connected with the heavenly higher powers that can turn the situation in your favor if you or a person close to you is innocent.

Otherwise, conspiracies of this kind are simply useless.

If you suspect that you may be sent to prison as a result of a slander, you should hold a ceremony, popularly known as the “Prison Shield”. This ritual can be performed even if you want to help a loved one to avoid imprisonment.

The rite should be held in full moon. For the ritual at midnight you should boil a hard boiled egg.

He needs to be wrapped in a new handkerchief. If the impact is directed at another person, it is necessary that he held a handkerchief in his hands before the rite.

Late at night, you need to go to the nearest bridge, and it must be across the river. Next, the egg should be buried in a place near the bridge so that it does not reach the water. The ground taken out of the fossa must be put in a bag and brought home.

It is important that all your actions are carried out without witnesses. The earth must be scattered in front of its own threshold or in front of the threshold of the house of the person to whom the impact is directed.

A conspiracy from prison: to not put

When he or you go to court, you should say the following words:

After that, you need to collect the land in the palm and throw at the nearest intersection.

In this case, you need to whisper or mentally utter such a conspiracy:

After such a ceremony, the trial must necessarily go in your favor, or in favor of your loved one.

To avoid unfair punishment and persuade the jury or judges to their side, a strong conspiracy should be read immediately before the beginning of the trial. Words are pronounced mentally at the moment when you enter the courtroom.

It is necessary to walk slowly and confidently, to pronounce to oneself, slowly, such a conspiracy:

After the end of the mental pronunciation of the words, the right hand should be strongly squeezed into a fist, and the right foot should be tipped.

A conspiracy from prison: to not put

Very often, a prison threatens people who, by virtue of their professional activities, are connected with finances. Therefore, in order to mitigate the punishment or win the case, it is necessary before the court hearing to speak to yourself a magic plot.

His words are:

In the process of mental pronunciation of words, it is necessary to twist a fig, with a hand in the right pocket of clothes.

If you are afraid of conviction, and think that your lawyers will not be able to protect you, you should definitely take advantage of jail conspiracies. But it should be remembered that this can be done only with your innocence.

Otherwise, rituals, especially those that refer to certain heavenly saints, may exacerbate punishment.

The effective help to an innocent person is the prayers uttered not only in the temple, but also at home. To protect against any troubles in life that can lead to various undesirable events, including the risk of going to prison, you should always carry the icon of your Guardian Angel with you.

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