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A conspiracy from drunkenness: options for rites

Conspiracy from drunkenness, unlike most other magic tricks, is more than just good help in personal affairs, not just a way to solve a problem. For many, this is the only hope to get rid of the disease, no less terrible than the plague or cholera.

The drunkard slowly but surely destroys not only himself, but everything around him, everything that loves and everyone who loves him.

The problem of alcoholism appeared as long as alcoholic beverages. And people learned to fight it with magic for thousands of years before the advent of special clinics.

Often and now the magical treatment is stronger than the medical one.

A conspiracy from drunkenness: options for rites

Conspiracies to get rid of alcoholism can be divided into two types: the first are pronounced by the drinker himself, the second by those who want to save a loved one from drinking. In the second case, the effects may be less effective, so it is advisable to reach the person and persuade him to try to stop drinking with magic.

Conspiracies from drunkenness of the first kind are pronounced by the drunkard himself, who has decided to get rid of his terrible habit, but who does not have sufficient strength and, therefore, needs support. Such a conspiracy from drunkenness can be made as follows.

Take a new, not yet opened, a bottle of vodka.

Drink a little bit from it, but do not swallow, but spit it out on the ground and repeat these words three times:

Saying these words, gradually pour the contents of the bottle on the ground, to the same place where you spat out a sipped sip. After that, spit again, rub your leg and leave without turning around.

If you do everything right, shortly after this ceremony you will feel that your craving for alcohol has noticeably weakened.

The second category of conspiracy is intended for those who want to get rid of drunkenness of a loved one who himself cannot or does not want to get rid of his illness. A conspiracy from drunkenness of this kind requires special thoroughness and responsibility, as well as the presence of certain magical abilities. Indeed, in this case it is necessary to overcome the resistance of the consciousness of the “patient”.

One of the most popular conspiracies of this type is this.

Take a glass of clean water and say the following words to it:

Sprinkle with a spirited water sprinkling an alcoholic who is sleeping drunk or give him a drink in the morning after a binge.

A conspiracy from drunkenness: options for rites

A very powerful ceremony involves reading a special conspiracy for an unlimited period of time in the morning. That is, the magic words must be pronounced, until a clear positive result is seen.

The ceremony can only be successful if you have a strong faith in magic and a sincere desire to help get rid of drunkenness to a loved one.

The magic words to be pronounced every morning are as follows:

Very effective is the turn-away potion of drunkenness. It must be prepared in accordance with a special recipe, and then speak in special magic words.

It should be noted that the selection of components for the collar potion is a very difficult and time-consuming exercise. This is due to the fact that if you skip at least one ingredient or do not exactly withstand the rules of preparation, the potion will not be effective.

On the other hand, if you prepare the potion in strict accordance with the recipe, then it will be possible to awaken a persistent aversion to alcohol in the drinker for the rest of your life.

Be sure to make potions should be collected such components:

  • Crayfish, which need to be caught in the full moon at what should be done in the period when the phase of the moon coincides with the last calendar day of the month. Arthropods intended for ritual should be dried in a Russian stove, and then ground into powder;
  • The root of the plakun-herb, which for the preparation of the potion must be thoroughly washed, cleaned and dried;
  • Grass from a nest abandoned by birds needs to be washed under running water and dried;
  • Root is a grass that is processed like plakun-grass;
  • Flowers and seeds of wormwood;
  • Thyme herb;
  • Petals of white snowdrop flowers.

A conspiracy from drunkenness: options for rites

As a rule, the greatest difficulty is the extraction of cancer. All components, after complete drying and drying, are ground into powder, but only by hand using a mortar and pestle.

Do not use any household electric kitchen appliances.

On the birthday of the person you plan to get rid of alcoholism, all components must be thrown into the water and boiled. Water for this you need to pre-dial in three different houses.

In this case, you need to come up with any reason, but do not admit why you need it.

During the preparation of the potion, the following plot is pronounced:

Cooked broth to cool naturally. Cool potion you need to wash a person and persuade him to drink twelve sips at once. If after that the drunkard starts to shake and the state of health deteriorates sharply, therefore, the potion was prepared correctly and worked.

And this means that in the near future the craving for alcohol from the person who ate the potion will disappear forever.

We live in a world where a lot depends on the support of each other’s people. Therefore, all the rituals aimed at getting rid of drunkenness are good deeds and are the means of white magic.

Therefore, they can be used without fear of any negative consequences. It is proved by time that all the rituals of drunkenness when believing in magic are absolutely effective.

But it should be understood that the reluctance of a drunkard to get rid of craving for alcohol, can reduce all your efforts to nothing.

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