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A conspiracy for youth, freshness, beauty

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that every woman dreams of being attractive. And beauty, as it is known, is always connected with youth. Therefore, many women and girls are wondering whether it is possible to maintain attractiveness for a long time, using magic to do this.

Of course, the magic conspiracy in the field of beauty is very effective, but it should not be forgotten that youth prolongs a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

A conspiracy for youth, freshness, beauty

There are many rituals in which conspiracy for youth is used. But the main condition for the effectiveness of all rituals, without exception, is sincere power to magic. Speaking the magic words, you need to be aware of their power with every cell of your body.

The choice of a certain ritual should be carried out by listening to your inner voice. What ritual will be more to your liking, and that should be done.

Any conspiracy to youth should be read in solitude. The ceremonies aimed at rejuvenation associated with the lunar cycle are considered very effective.

At all times the power of the moon and its special influence on female beauty were emphasized. An important condition for the effectiveness of the lunar conspiracies on youth was considered that the night light during the magical action had to be in the sky.

Very effective for the preservation of youth was considered a rite, involving swimming in a natural pond. Of course, this magical action can be carried out only on a warm moonlit night.

The night chosen for the ceremony should be calm. There should not be a single cloud in the sky and the full moon should be clearly reflected in the calm water.

You need to go into the water and say these words:

After pronouncing the plot, you need to slowly get out of the reservoir and let the water drops on the body dry naturally under the light of the moon. Only after that should get dressed.

A conspiracy for youth, freshness, beauty

At full moon, you can also speak water. She will need to lubricate further skin areas where age spots and wrinkles are formed.

To perform a magical event, you need to collect spring water in a bottle and put it at night on the window sill under the moon’s rays. In the afternoon, a bottle of water should be removed in a dark place so that the sun’s rays could not neutralize the healing lunar energy received by water.

You can use water charged by lunar energy after the end of the full moon period.

And each time, rubbing it with problem areas of the skin, it is necessary to pronounce the following words:

White magic offers a very effective conspiracy, which allows you to adjust the body to youth, and, consequently, slow down the aging process. The power of the ceremony is that it should be held regularly.

Once a week in the late evening, you need to light candles and sit in front of a mirror. The ritual should be carried out in complete calm and positive mood.

Speaking the words you need to feel the idea of ​​youth and delve into every spoken word.

Before uttering the plot, sit for about ten minutes with your eyes closed, fully concentrating on your desire to look young and attractive. Nothing and no one should distract you from the rite.

It is important to imagine how the energy of youth envelops you, and the healing light penetrates into every cell of your body.

After you feel the lightness and complete independence from the whole world around you, you should say this spell:

After that, you need to sit, peering into the mirror in your image, trying to focus your attention on its attractiveness. After the candles burn out, the stubs can be collected and discarded.

A conspiracy for youth, freshness, beauty

Every woman in adulthood begins to use special creams to slow down the aging process of the skin. Strengthen the properties used by the cream, you can use a special conspiracy.

After buying a new cosmetic, you need to substitute it under the rays of the midday sun.

Next, speak it in these words:

It is necessary to pronounce such magic words three times. After that, the cream can begin to use.

In a similar way, you can talk and other cosmetics.

Of course, magical conspiracies are very effective and will help to prolong youth. But it is important to remember that it is more important to preserve the youth of the soul, because it is much more important than external beauty.

In addition, it is necessary to smile more often, because a smile illuminates the face of youth with the light of youth and naturally masks wrinkles.

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