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Rituals to raise money for the growing moon

Rituals to raise money for the growing moon

Recently, interest in everything unusual and unexplored has increased. People in pursuit of happiness and well-being are increasingly turning to rites and conspiracies. Effective material rituals on the rising moon will help attract material wealth.

Energy night lights affects all living things. Its phases can wake up not only sleeping feelings, but also contribute to active actions. To bring stability to life, as well as to open money channels, you can use proven rituals. To do this you will need confidence in yourself and your strength, as well as the period when the moon is gaining strength.

The only satellite of the Earth plays an important role in many rituals. No wonder the force of the moon was used by our ancestors.

Ritual to attract wealth

The method tested by centuries does not take much time. For him you only need a bill or a coin, as well as moonlight. At dusk, go to the window, put a coin or bill on the window sill and say the following:

“The moon went up in growth, gave strength to all living things. The lunar path to the house leads, opens a cash pass. Light money will charge in purse put.

The power of magic will help me, my wealth will increase. «

Leave the money until the morning and then put it in your wallet. It is advisable to use a separate compartment. This talisman will protect you from financial losses, as well as contribute to attracting wealth.

Money Rite of the Rising Moon

Prepare a small basin with clean running water. Put a silver coin on the bottom. If not, use a silver ornament or foil circle.

Put it on the window in which you can see the growing moon, at night. In the morning, before sunrise, wash it with this water and say the words of the conspiracy:

“Mother Moon charged the water, considered the wealth. I wash my face with water, i’m dying with happiness. As drops in the pelvis, I will have coins.

Dear, I will find a treasure under my feet. ”

The water charged by the night luminary is capable not only of attracting monetary well-being, but also of providing beauty and health. The value of the basin should be removed and carried as a talisman, bringing good luck and well-being, not only in money, but in all spheres of life.

Moonlight path of money

In the period when the growing moon appears in the sky, choose a place in the house where its rays can be seen. Run a small coin path from the window, change into a spacious light, but rather a white dress or shirt, dissolve your hair. Walk a few steps barefoot on the coins in the direction of the window. At the same time say:

«I go to the moon for money, over the moonlight by the road of wealth, by the cold light of warmed.»

As you approach the window, open it with the words:

«I let the moon into my house, let it pass for money, leave me my strength and multiply wealth.»

Collect money in a bag or purse and leave it open all night so that the moonlight will fall on them. Repeat this ritual for three days, and then remove the coins in a secluded corner, so that they attract financial well-being to you.

Burning poverty

On the growing moon, prepare a list of your negative qualities that do not allow you to get rich. This may be laziness, and unwillingness to work hard, and absent-mindedness. At the end of the list in capital letters write the words “Poverty”, “Poverty”, “Ruin”, “Failure”, “Disappointment”.

Go out to the street or to the balcony and burn the sheet, develop the ashes in the wind. Say the words of the ritual:

“The moon sees everything. My efforts and aspirations will be supported by its growth. Despondency and poverty in the wind will scatter.

I burn a negative, I attract the blessing. I will give a few coins to the moon. They will come back to me and multiply.

As said, so be it. My word is strong. Confidence is strong. ”

Throw a few coins in the direction of the lunar disk and go to sleep. If you dream of something pleasant, then the plot has begun to work, and soon you will have plenty of opportunities to stabilize your financial situation.

Attracting wealth through photography

Find a photo where you are in close-up. The image must be only you. In the evening, put a picture on the window sill and let it recharge from the moonlight. After some time, place around the coin.

Having enclosed a photo in a money circle, light a green candle, and in the center of a circle put a large bill. Circle a candle and drip wax on four sides of the coin. Say the following:

“I show my photo to the Moon, I invoke wealth, I associate myself with money. Where the candle wax dripped, from there the money will come to me. From the south, west, north and east — everywhere is waiting for me good.

Coins are marked, seen by the Moon. «

Coins, which got wax, hide in places where the money is stored. For each growing moon, lay them on the windowsill to charge from the energy of the lunar disk.

Use these simple rituals to attract monetary prosperity into your life. Believe in yourself and that you will be able to achieve material stability. Remember that excessive greed does not lead to anything good, so during the period of the growing moon you do not need to use all the rites at once. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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