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New Moon March 28

New Moon March 28

Each New Moon has a special energy. It can be constructive and destructive. Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar to make this period the beginning of a new and happy life.

The New Moon on March 28 will be held in the zodiac Aries at 05:57. The event will also be accompanied by the influence of the planets in the same constellation. During this period, you can start all over again, even if it seems to you that everyone is opposed to you. Aries not only tunes for optimism, but also awakens the desire for new achievements, victories and gives courage.

The energy of the day is such that you can get out of your own comfort zone and make maximum efforts to achieve your own well-being, showing individuality and an extraordinary approach to business.

Finance, Work and Business March 28

The fateful changes are influenced by Uranus, the planet that is in the constellation Aries on this day. Its energy allows you to use all your potential to achieve career dreams, as well as success in business. Mars, which rules Tuesday, is also energizing, able to help complete important matters and begin to implement bold plans and ideas.

The square of Saturn and the Moon in Aries provides an additional stimulus for cardinal changes in life, tests for strength and helps to destroy stereotypical thinking that inhibits active development. At this time, the struggle for material well-being is reinforced by a persistent desire to overcome obstacles to the achievement of our plans.

The day is filled with impulsive energy, therefore, when making important decisions, one should not be guided by momentary impulses, but by analysis and evaluation of actions taken. On Tuesday, you should refrain from contacts and spend time at a single job. Such behavior will relieve you from irritation and reduce the likelihood of conflict situations.

March 28, with the right choice of purpose, you will have the opportunity to change your life for the better. Your attention and restraint will be the key to success not only in career growth, but also in achieving material well-being.

Lunar love and relationship

In this New Moon, retrograde Venus, located in the zodiac Aries, can both help and harm in personal relationships. Her energy is reversed, and this makes it possible to renew old dating. However, before you take this step, weigh all the pros and cons.

Perhaps your feelings have not faded away, and you need a second chance to start a new happy life.

Reducing energy and vitality on March 28 — not the most favorable conditions for action. However, this test of strength hardens the character and gives you the opportunity to fight for your happiness. To cope with emotional impulses for the good of their undertakings today is simply necessary.

This will help you practice meditation, which restore the internal balance and contribute to making the right decision.

In order to make the day successful in terms of relationships, use your best qualities and also listen to the words of your partner. Your care and attention will be the key to trusting relationships, which is so important for maintaining peace and love in the family.

Health and Emotions in New Moon

Unstable emotional background in the New Moon — a common phenomenon, and given the impulsive Aries, this day will become critical. Your behavior strategy should be based on the arguments of reason, not emotions. Otherwise, everything that you have painstakingly created may collapse overnight.

Astrologers recommend carefully using sharp and cutting objects — on Tuesday there is a high probability of injury. On this day, the beginning of a new diet will be successful, which will improve the functioning of the body, as well as save it from toxins and toxins.

In the New Moon, astrologers predict the beginning of a strong magnetic storm, which negatively affects their well-being. To avoid the negative effects of aggressive solar influence, take timely measures of protection, do not enter into conflicts and rest more often. Meteosensitive people will help the tips of traditional medicine.

New Moon on March 28 provides an opportunity to use all of its internal reserves to achieve well-being and happiness. Remember that impulsiveness and lack of restraint is not your true state, but the influence of many factors. This is the Moon, which starts a new cycle, and the zodiac Aries, able to confuse your plans.

Show patience and courage, and in order that luck does not turn away, attract her to the assistance with the help of a personal amulet. We wish you success in all areas of activity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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