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New Moon July 4

New Moon July 4th year

New Moon on July 4, astrologers are looking forward to. The lunar calendar will tell you what to do on this day so that luck won’t leave you.

So the 29th lunar day has arrived, which means that the New Moon awaits us all. This is the time of the long-awaited renewal of all life, when the night star begins a new cycle of its growth and decrease.

The positive point is that at this New Moon you should not be afraid of anything new and unfamiliar: to help the Moon will be the constellation of Cancer, which will make this day quite enjoyable and stable for all people. Of course, there will be warnings, which we will tell you further. New beginnings — that will be favorable.

Women (and men, if necessary) can start a series of diets. Earlier we wrote about how to lose weight without any effort on New Moon.

Finance and Career on New Moon July 4

Monetary and business issues can be solved not by the Moon, but by Cancer, which is ideal for streamlined teamwork. The more reliable each link of the chain will work, the better for each link.

Legal affairs will be very good today, so do not be afraid to go to court and resolve your problems through legal disputes. If the trial begins exactly today, then it is more likely to be successful.

Beware lending money. Stars and the Moon are not advised to borrow as well. Increased sensitivity and emotionality of people may adversely affect the material condition.

Astrologers note that the priority should be the decision of only the most important cases. If you feel free from duties, you can start something new. In the New Moon, acquired interests can turn into a profitable hobby.

As for July 4 specifically, your new hobbies are very likely to help make more money in the future or find a new source of income.

Love and relationship in the new moon on July 4

The initial stage of the relationship can be very successful for those who will not rush things. Stars recommend listening to the voice of the heart, but do not put pressure on the gas with both feet. Let everything go neatly and slowly.

For those who have been in a relationship or in marriage for a long time, the stars and New Moon prepared good news — it will be much easier to come to an agreement and mutual understanding than usual. Try to take the initiative and offer to change something in your life together. Astrologers recommend planning a joint vacation or going on a trip together.

Today, privacy will be your enemy, not an assistant.

In relations with loved ones and with people in general, today it is desirable to be more diplomatic than usual. New acquaintances will help to overcome apathy and depression, so forget about loneliness by challenging him.

Emotions and health on July 4 at the new moon

Today there is a great chance that negative emotions will prevail at a crucial moment. To prevent this from happening, read our article on how to quickly cheer yourself up. Today, energy is updated, so people lack it.

Many people mistakenly believe that New Moon is a bad day by definition, but this is not at all the case. You just need to properly assess the situation and follow the lunar calendar to know where and how to look for luck.

Astrologers say that on July 4, many people will also have problems with the manifestation of symptoms of chronic diseases. The overall tone of the body decreases, and with it the ability to resist negativity, stress and the effects of other factors also disappears.

Do not overdo it today to feel better by the end of the day. Beware of anything that could adversely affect your health. On July 4, there will be little caution in any case.

Stars are advised to give up bad habits and try to get away from them forever.

The lunar calendar advises not to risk neither health, nor money, nor relationships. It is better to concentrate on something more important: for example, read about the New Moon ritual for wish fulfillment. Let it help you get closer to your dream.

We wish you success, good luck and more luck on this day. Meet New Moon with a smile and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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