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Lunar eclipse of August 7th: what can and cannot be done

Lunar eclipse of August 7th: what can and cannot be done

Such a bright astrological event, like a lunar eclipse, always highlights all the secret. The appearance of the bloody moon is an ominous and dangerous sight. To protect yourself from trouble will help the correct behavior in this period.

The lunar eclipse will take place on August 7, at 21:00 Moscow time. The range is quite extensive and spreads out for several days before and after the astrological event.

During the period of the bloody moon, the peace of mind is disturbed in the first place, and then the negative impact extends to the human mind, emotions and actions. Astrological knowledge about this phenomenon will be useful and partially save your energy from the negative influence of the moon.

Astrological features of the lunar eclipse

The summer lunar eclipse will occur in the Full Moon, and this tells us that all destructive and destructive waves will exceed the permissible rate of negative. On August 7, the Moon is marked by being in the constellation Aquarius relative to the Sun in Leo. The eclipse can be observed with the naked eye.

To the fore the dark side of the personality. The lunar eclipse under the zodiacal Aquarius will suddenly remind a person of what one wants to forget. The subconscious will be under the blow of uncontrollable emotions, torments and inner fears. Do not be surprised flashes of rage and desire for frank conversations.

Aquarius is a freedom-loving Zodiac sign that will spread to all people. Want a sip of freedom and new change. The union of the Sun and Leo, who also participates in the lunar eclipse, will exacerbate selfish intentions.

Representatives of the zodiacal circle born under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces will feel the most negative impact on themselves.

The effect of a lunar eclipse

The period of a dangerous astrological event will be marked by increased irritability, self-criticism, touchiness, capricious and conflicting behavior, a tendency to neglect. Communication with people can lead to scandals, contradictions and nervous breakdowns. Mental instability, inadequacy of actions, exacerbation of chronic diseases are likely.

People can act to the detriment of their own happiness. Selfishness reaches its climax, it will be difficult to listen to the needs of others. The quest for benefits and devil-may-care attitude will prevail over fortunate circumstances, which will not allow spiritual growth and progress.

On such days, the number of accidents increases on the roads, in public places attacks and assassination of personal property are possible. Gullibility during a lunar eclipse will be severely punished. Alcohol, narcotic and drug poisoning, including death, is not excluded.

What can be done during the lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse has its own personal character and mood. Knowing how this astrological event will manifest itself, you will be able to direct the destructive energy into a more peaceful course, away from your biofield and personal life. The advice of astrologers will help you live a dangerous period and preserve well-being.

  • It is necessary to complete everything started. You will be able to close all long-term projects and important tasks postponed earlier. The lunar eclipse will give a powerful energetic impulse to people who are used to putting everything off for the last moment.
  • In the period of the astrological event, the unnecessary is easiest to screen out. You can cross out the exhausted relationship and open the heart to a new novel.
  • It will be easy to get rid of addictions and addictions. The easiest way to stop smoking is to stop eating and drinking alcohol, to get rid of emotional and drug addiction.
  • It is useful to search for lost things, new information and renew old relationships.
  • Best of all is the debriefing, rethinking of their experience and analyzing the mistakes of the past.
  • During the lunar eclipse, it is convenient to concentrate the vital forces on moving, rearranging furniture, and ending repairs.
  • Astrologers advise to make plans for the future, to indulge in dreams, to make a list of desires.
  • Debt and cash exemption will increase your chances of material profit.
  • Spiritual practices, harmonizing exercises and the search for their destination will give a sense of integrity and self-confidence.

What should be discarded

There are a number of common mistakes that people make during a lunar eclipse. Actions that are not coordinated with the lunar energetics carry dangerous and destructive programs that attract misfortunes and a black band.

  • In the period of the astrological event should be abandoned important meetings, negotiations, initiatives and taking responsibility.
  • It should be less on the street and breathe fresh air, as the body is vulnerable and most susceptible to the negative effects of the Moon and the Sun. In this way you can deprive yourself of good luck, prosperity and abundance.
  • Long-term travel and travel is best to shift a few days in advance.
  • You should not play a wedding on this day: a family union concluded during a lunar eclipse can be very problematic.
  • It is not recommended to quit your job or look for a new position.
  • It is undesirable to give and receive gifts.
  • Major financial transactions and organizational issues are under the auspices of ruin and decline.
  • Do not trust gossip, advertising, advice unfamiliar people, engage in intrigue or lively discuss someone else’s life.

The energy of a lunar eclipse affects for a long time, so practices in strengthening the biofield and getting rid of the negative impact are strongly encouraged. By following these simple rules, you can avoid a series of failures, taking only the best from the dangerous period. We wish you good mood, good luck and success. take care of yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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