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Lunar eclipse january 31

Lunar eclipse january 31

Such phenomena as a lunar eclipse, often affect the emotions and health of people. Use the recommendations of astrologers to calmly go through this period.

The lunar eclipse will begin on January 31 at 13:51 Moscow time and will end at 19:08. The satellite of the Earth will acquire red color at this time. The eclipse will not last long, but it’s worth preparing in advance for such a significant event.

The effect of a lunar eclipse

A full moon in Leo and a lunar eclipse will affect mood. On this day, all emotions are exacerbated by the strong influence of the zodiacal constellation. Astrologers recommend to take this into account when dealing with people and by all means avoid conflict situations. The lunar eclipse will help to get rid of the past, as this event is always the culmination and the final stage of any difficult circumstances.

On this day, you will be able to understand yourself, get rid of everything that depresses you, in order to begin the path to a happy life, without looking at the blunders in the past. During the Full Moon and the Eclipse of the Moon, all feelings are exacerbated, so you should trust your intuition. Also during such a significant event, you can engage in bringing love and well-being into life.

All ceremonies receive additional energy impulse, which will help you achieve your desired as soon as possible.

Carefully consider health and well-being. During eclipses, chronic diseases are often exacerbated, especially in people with cardiovascular problems. The eclipse of the moon by the sun provokes magnetic storms, which will have a negative impact on meteosensitive people.

It is important for them to take care of their health in advance, to follow the recommendations of the attending physician, to eliminate fatigue and negative emotions.

January 31 will be the positive aspects of the impact of the eclipse. On Wednesday, patronage takes Mercury, which will help solve all the pressing problems, if you act without delay and other people’s advice. Having developed activity and attentively following all the nuances, you can achieve well-being. However, astrologers do not advise starting new cases.

It will be good if during the Full Moon you can summarize your work.

Astrologers’ recommendations

First of all, astrologers recommend to do their emotional health. Eliminate all factors that can adversely affect your mood, start the morning with positive emotions and avoid communicating with people who can upset you.

Carefully pay attention to the management of vehicles. The best would be to refuse to drive a car. So you eliminate any troubles that may happen to you on the way.

During the eclipse and the Full Moon the risk of accidents and accidents on the road increases, which means that even for pedestrians it is important to be vigilant and attentive in order to maintain their health and life.

31 numbers you can do planning responsible business and tasks. Eliminate the rush, so as not to make a mistake, and connect the intuition that will help you to set priorities and successfully implement your project after the completion of the Full Moon.

Meditation, relaxing baths and massages with the use of essential oils will get rid of a bad mood. In the Full Moon, it is important to pay attention and health. Strengthen immunity and do not ignore physical activity. Even light exercise will increase the tone of the body.

New diets at this time should not begin, but to limit the use of fatty and heavy foods is necessary to maintain health and activity.

During the eclipse, increase your energy and eliminate any contact with aggressive people. Use protective amulets to avoid becoming a victim of the evil eye, because on such days any energy promises have double the power. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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