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Lunar eclipse in january

Lunar eclipse in january

January of the year is a special month, if you look at it from the point of view of astrology. It will end with an important event — a lunar eclipse, which will occur on the 31st.

Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar one is less dangerous for human energy. When the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, but is blocked by the Moon’s shadow, this leads to great problems in various aspects and areas of life. January 31 will be not just the Full Moon, but the Full Moon with a partial eclipse.

Moreover, it will be the second January Full Moon, also called Blue Moon in astrology.

Characteristics of the Full Moon January 31

It will pass under the auspices of Leo, so do not wait for a simple resolution of problems and conflicts. It will be a day of great discord, which can lead you to difficulties and misunderstandings with others.

A full moon in Leo is a factor that provokes egoism, a desire to harm others, and at the expense of others’ misfortunes, to elevate oneself. This is a difficult time when ambitions run ahead of us, leaving behind a train of problems and troubles. Chaos occurs in all spheres of life when the full moon interacts with Leo.

In love, quarrels and conflicts begin. In a relationship with other people comes a period of difficulty. New acquaintances in the Full Moon on January 31 is better not to start. People will only take care of themselves, not thinking about the consequences and those around them.

In business, this will be fraught with financial losses, and in love you can step on a rake at all, disappointed in yourself.

The mood at the January Full Moon can be surprisingly good, but emotional people will be overwhelmed by defeats on all fronts. It will be very strange to feel happy in a period when everything around you collapses and burns with fire of emotions. If you keep a small share of optimism, then everything will remain in its place.

Eclipse January 31 of the year

The eclipse will bring even more interesting things to our world. Confronting the sun and the moon will make people more capricious. We will want more attention, more money.

All people will become more callous. The mood will be jumping up and down, and this is perfectly combined with the fact of the Full Moon itself. Keeping afloat will be an incredibly challenging task, which only the most skilled can cope with.

There will be a huge number of hidden processes occurring within us and around us. Many things will be independent of our feelings, actions, desires. This means that you do not need to blame yourself for the failures of this day.

Good people will be more depressive, and evil — more irritable. A lunar eclipse is a time of imbalance at all levels. It will be difficult for people to resist their emotions.

The weakness of the moon will lead to the emergence and development of phobias. Fears will rule the weak. Those who are stronger will be able to leave everything as it is, but you still have to pay your price.

The sun will be stronger, therefore it will be necessary to extinguish the fires of failure by generosity, striving for individuality and hard work. Only these ways and qualities can contribute to your success. If you feel that the usual ways the problem can not be solved, then you can resort to using intuition.

Better to listen to your heart than to give up.

Blue Moon in January

January 31 will be the second Full Moon of the month. This phenomenon is called astrology Blue Moon. It affects energy waves very ambiguously.

At such periods, there are very large, but quite well and deeply hidden changes in the lives of people in a global sense.

In addition to January, the Blue Moon will meet in March of the same year. This is extremely rare, not more often than once in 30 years. Another very important and interesting fact is the absence of the Full Moon as such in February.

The month is short — only 28 days, and the lunar month lasts 29 calendar days, therefore, starting on February 1, it will not have time to end, so the climax will only be at the beginning of March.

One way or another, but January will end enchantingly. An explosion of emotions is assured, so no one will be able to get bored. Lift your spirits in the right way, and also eliminate all unnecessary things from your life.

January 31st is a wonderful day to become better in your own eyes. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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